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My Cold War


eBook (PDF), 300 Pages
"On a day in the spring of 1956, my parents dressed my brother and me in brand new outfits, my mother put on makeup and her best, camel-hair coat, and we all went for a drive in the countryside near Montreal. We took along our puppy, Smokey, wrapped in a blanket in case he peed on the seats of our new car. Not long before, my father had agreed to enrol me in a special program, whose directors were very interested in bright little girls like me." So begins Ann Diamond's terrifying tale of growing up in Canada during the Cold War -- an era when secrecy ran rampant, ruining careers and lives. This is the true story of one family caught in a dangerous web of deception. Ann Diamond is an award-winning Canadian writer.


Moriah reviewed My Cold War

My Cold War is a riveting read. August 20, 2017
My Cold War is a riveting read.  NAZI experiments were performed on children, to gather information on mind, brain and body control. Ann was included in these experiments, some of which lead to termination (children who did not survive the experiments). Eugenics “selective breeding and culling of the human race to favor the insiders and club members over the common herd (Diamond)” was their foundation. Ann asks, “What were they really trying to do?... Was the plan to create a future race of slaves? Is that why they performed lobotomies and drugged the children into a vegetable state? Were they trying to see how far they could go in destroying a soul in order to create a human robot, a functioning zombie who could be used as a disposable, unpaid labor force? Were they prepared to go that far?”
The answer is YES and they are achieving their goal.
     ... The entire planet is at stake.  Moriah Morningstar, author of A New Vision.Show Less
An Important Memoir July 3, 2017
Not many people know anything but the vaguest details about the MK Ultra experiments, and that orphans were locked up their entire childhoods, experimented on in unimaginable ways. Even stranger is that members of the army were blackmailed or intimidated into selling their children to the doctors at the same Montreal hospital for these experiments.

Sobering tale that answered questions about my life and filled gaps in my childhood memories August 21, 2015
I was led to this book via series of websites and I bought it after reading the first chapter-- Ann Diamond could have been writing about my father, my childhood, and my life. My father was also in intelligence in the 1960s and I spent a lot of time in military hospitals from 1963 to 1970, as I had Guillain Barre Syndrome paralysis....  Although my mother took a lot of photos, I am missing from many of them. Where was I? I am starting to put pieces together now and seeing glimpses of myself in a hospital bed, at night, with people around me --I couldn't move because I was paralyzed, and being in cold water (maybe that's why I have always hated being cold), and other strange memories of people, situations, and experiences, that have started cropping up in the past few years.

I was a perfect test candidate, highly intuitive, intelligent, curious, and from a 'perfect bloodline' on both sides of my parentage.... The sheer depravity of these experiments makes me sick and I hope that the courage of people like Ann Diamond, who come forward with their stories, will help bring understanding and peace to those, like me, who were part of these experiments, to bring these criminals to justice, and to stop these experiments, and all actions like them, forever.Show Less