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Friday, September 2, 2011

Mind Control 101

The man in the photo, taken at McGill University in 1951, is 17-year-old Leonard Cohen. He's wearing a blindfold, and his ears, fingers and hands are encased in padded restraints which prevent movement and cut off all sensory stimulation. This is one of Dr. Donald Hebb's famous/notorious sensory isolation experiments, for which student volunteers were paid the then-princely sum of $20 a day. Some of the volunteers were unable to stand this torture for more than a few hours. Some tore off the bandages and banged on the door of the isolation chamber, screaming and crying to be released.

Back in the 1980s, when I lived next door, Leonard Cohen once told me he enjoyed these experiments. He said he learned to dissociate, leave his body, and go on long voyages through the universe. The experience was so pleasant that later he volunteered to be placed in a flotation tank while on LSD. He enjoyed that, too.


We now know that D.O. Hebb's sensory isolation experiments became the foundation for torture techniques used by the CIA etc. in its secret prisons around the planet. Hebb, a neurologist, had CIA clearance, and also allegedly experimented on small children, mainly orphans and aboriginal children who arrived in his laboratory courtesy of McGill and the RCMP. Having access to human guinea pigs made Hebb's research that much more impressive. He also, of course, worked with rats and monkeys. It seems quite likely that his famous "rat" study on the effects of sensory isolation on IQ, would have been based on his experiments with children. McGill, at the time, was controlled by a network that included many British-trained, mind controlled pedophiles with an interest in eugenics -- and probably still is today.

In 1951, when this photo was taken, Leonard Cohen was 17, i.e. still a minor. One wonders who signed the permission slip -- his mother? Or perhaps they just didn't bother with those little details, back then.

Leonard Cohen went on to become a poet of note. In fact, that same year, 1951, he published his first book, Let Us Compare Mythologies. It would be interesting to do a textual analysis of all of Cohen's writing - someday when I have more time I plan to do that (:  -- combing his poetry and novels for references to the secret program that he has been part of for most of his life. Up to now, his biographers seem to have overlooked all the references to hospitals, (Nazi) doctors, psychiatric experiments, electroshock, etc. They also have failed to adequately explain the missing years (mid-1950s, i.e. peak years of the MKULTRA program) when Cohen did some sort of graduate work at Columbia University in New York.

McGill and Columbia happened to be co-epicenters of MKULTRA research into mind control. As were certain studios and film-making teams at the NFB, the arm of British intelligence that brought our Leonard to national attention in 1966, with the film LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MR. LEONARD COHEN. As was the Silva Mind Control organization, where Leonard met Suzanne in the late 1960s. As was Nashville, where his musical career took him later. And let's not forget the Chelsea Hotel, where he hobnobbed with musicians and CIA programmers like Kris Kristofferson, always mentioned whenever Cohen introduces his song "Chelsea Hotel" about the time he had sex with mind-controlled singer Janis Joplin. That night Janis was apparently looking for Kristofferson one of the "handsome men" she preferred, according to the song, one of the creepiest in Cohen's repertoire in my opinion.

It's very obvious to anyone who happens to have followed Cohen's career, that the singer-songwriter who composed I'm Your Man has spent most of his life surfing the mind control circuit that took him from McGill to New York and then Europe where he connected with the Rothschilds.

Let's just say that early on, he "volunteered" and the rest is musical history. This is a topic for a long article, but for now I'll keep it small and personal. Lately I've been thinking back to times when I witnessed Leonard Cohen's programming either in operation, or failing to operate properly. That is, when I lived next door to him and one or more of his handlers. By the mid-80s had many people grouped around him who seemed to be there to smooth things over. He also once told me depended heavily on doctors and psychiatrists at the (notorious MKULTRA hospital) Allan Memorial Institute, a half hour walk from his house near Saint Laurence Boulevard. In fact, during those years, he frequented the swimming pool behind the Allan, where doctors, nurses, and other hospital staffers hung out with people from the Entertainment scene -- I was told by a former orderly that the purest cocaine from the hospital pharmacy could be bought beside the pool on just about any summer day.

It is one thing to meet and get to know Leonard Cohen. It would be hard to imagine or find a more charming, generous, affable, funny guy to have as a neighbour. Unfortunately, though, that's only one of many personae, or "alters" -- Cohen has many. I wouldn't like to guess how many. I suspect there may be hundreds. What this means is, getting to know him is virtually impossible, because his various alters are not necessarily aware of one another. This explains why, while living next door, I witnessed events that sometimes made no sense, and would have been impossible if Cohen were a normal person, with a single core personality.

Mind controlled entertainers and public figures -- and this also applies to certain mind-controlled politicians, like Pierre Trudeau, a friend of Cohens -- require handlers to help them manage situations caused by their having various alters that don't all work together. These handlers, e.g. Kris Kristofferson, who likely was Janis Joplin's programmer -- are there to coordinate and conceal the fact that these public figures are "programmed multiples."

An incident comes to mind that occurred in about 1985, when I had been living next door to Cohen for two years. During that time, I had rarely seen him. I was busy, in those days,making a living by writing and editing. I also had a weekly program on local community radio, went out with friends most evenings. I had little to do with my neighbours who, in many ways, behaved like members of an exclusive club.

The incident I'm thinking of happened out of the blue, one day. I got a phone call from Leonard, whom I hadn't seen in several months. He invited me next door for tea. Cautiously pleased with the invitation, which seemed to suggest we were back on a friendly footing, I rang his doorbell, he opened the door, and we drank tea in his kitchen. We chatted, he may have played me a new song or two, or showed me a drawing. Just like in the old days when we'd been friends.

Then he said he had an appointment somewhere and needed to take a bath. I offered to leave. He said, No, just sit here for a few minutes in case the phone rings. He got in the bath, I sat in the kitchen, and sure enough, the phone rings. It's Hazel, the woman next door. I tell her Leonard is in the bath, and to please call back in a few minutes, which she does. At this point, the story becomes a bit extraordinary. I am standing a few feet from the phone, and I can hear Hazel shouting. I can't make out what she's saying, but she is screaming what appears to be verbal abuse, and Leonard, who has his ear to the phone, becomes rigid and just listens. The screaming goes on for, maybe, half a minute during which he does not move, does not respond, or react. When the screaming stops he says "OK" and hangs up. The phone rings again, He picks it up. More of the same shouting. Once again, he listens without affect, without moving, and says "OK." Then he hangs up, turns to me, and in a blank tone says "You'd better go now." Which I do.

But I'm upset with Hazel, so I phone her when I get home, and leave a one-line message on her answering machine suggesting that she stop doing whatever it was she was doing when she phoned him, shouting like a drill sergeant.

Later that night, there is a meeting in his front room. I happen to walk by, and unusually, the blinds are up and I see Leonard, encircled by the people I thought of as his "cult followers". He is speaking to them, gesturing dramatic. I only get a glimpse of this meeting as I pass the window, but my snapshot impression is that he is asking for their help in some difficult matter that is causing him great anxiety.

And sure enough, half an hour later, I get a phone call, from a woman called Birgit, whom I know quite well, but consider to be a fairly hardcore Cohen groupie. She has come from the meeting. She arrives as I'm cooking supper, sits in my kitchen, and goes straight to the point. I have to move from the neighbourhood, she says, and stop harrassing Leonard Cohen. I'm, well, stunned. It's the first time anyone has spoken to me in two years about how I came to be living next door. The first time anyone has suggested it might be a problem. But I'm not stupid. I'm quite aware that my presence in the neighbourhood has caused concern for certain people. The fact, however, is, that I am there as the result of a peculiar coincidence. That there is no way I could have found this apartment on my own -- I'm there, and I can't really explain how it happens, in a city of 1 million people, I manage to move in next door to Leonard Cohen -- it just happened. That's it, that's all.

I also knew, back then and today, that nobody in Cohen's circle believed this. And neither do I, to this day, really understand how things like that happen. But that day, he had invited me over, as if letting bygones be bygones, and it had appeared, for about an hour, that relations were back to normal -- until Hazel called, that is, and shouted into the phone, and he went numb.

And who called the meeting? And what was it about? No explanation was ever given. Another cult member, Charlie, phoned me the next day and invited me across the street to his place, for tea. We sat in silence. I didn't feel like talking until someone explained to me what was going on on that block.

No one ever did.

Looking back, in the light of what I know now, but had no notion of back then, I would say: yes, there was a cult. Leonard seemed to be at the head of it. His word held great weight, then and now. But the man who invited me over for tea and chatted normally earlier that day, was not the same man who addressed the meeting later that evening.

These were separate "alters" that might not have known of each other's existence. The alter that addressed the meeting did not recall having phoned me that day, and may not have recalled the two phone calls that came from Hazel -- which was when they "switched" --

A few years later, when I had all but forgotten this incident, Leonard phoned me again from next door. This time, he told me, he was in very bad shape. "I can't get from one second to the next," he said. "Can you come over? You're the only one who understands me."

Worried, I rang his doorbell and he let me in. He asked me to go shopping for him, to buy food because he didn't feel able to leave his house. "I'm on this new anti-depressant, but it's not working. I'm in an incredible state of anxiety."

Remembering that other day, five years earlier, I said "You must be doing something wrong. You need to be in some kind of therapy to figure it out."

That suggestion just seemed to alarm him. "The doctors at the Allan are doing everything they can for me. Drugs are the only solution."

That was in about 1990. It was one of the last times I saw Leonard in person. Every so often, I'd read an interview with him, but over the next 20 years it seemed he just kept giving the same interview over and over.

We live in an age of totalitarian Mind Control, and entertainers like Leonard are front-line soldiers -- as well as victims. We listen to them at our own risk.


Ann Diamond said...

The more I watch events unfold on Wall Street, and witness the global financial meltdown being orchestrated by the global super-rich who are devouring our planet, the more I think Kelley Lynch's story is an extreme representation of how it all works:

Carol H said...
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I Love You said...

Wow, Ann.

That is messed up. But fits with everything I've read and witnessed about mind control.

Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Papermac said...


If your story is true, it doesn’t alter the fact that his contribution to music and literature are incredible and irreplaceable.
Even the mind of a totally natural, undamaged individual has different "faces" and "voices".

Ann Diamond said...
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Ann Diamond said...

I'm not debating his contribution to music etc ... but I do wonder how different that contribution might have been had he not been so thoroughly controlled.

It's much more interesting to look behind the curtain at the reality of an artist's career rather than remain focused by the careful facade ... doncha think?

Ann Diamond said...
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Papermac said...

As an artist he’s clearly driven by an urge to courageously explore his darkness, so with a more harmonious inner life he may not have created such an impressive body of work.

Since his songs have this depth, clarity and almost spiritual beauty, it is unavoidable, that a segment of his following isn’t content with LC just being their singer and expects him to be their Guru, Saviour or Chirst. It’s their mistake to see him this way. Putting someone on a pedestal is always immature, sometimes cruel. He’s certainly not responsible for it…
No, I don’t think there’s a façade that needs to be torn down. Unlike Rupert Murdoch and his soldiers, I don’t think that we are entitled to know the private lives of those who create beauty for us.

Ann Diamond said...

I dont think we are entitled to know an artist's private life, either. That's not why I wrote this piece, which is not about his private life although it happened in a semi-private context. Cohen has said he has no private life. One possible reason is that he is being mind controlled for the purpose of controlling an audience.. those, like you, who think he is a conduit to truth. I would argue his work is a conduit to partial truths, those that our rulers are prepared to permit. Or as he said on the Jay Leno show: "Thank you for allowing me to cut my song in half"

Papermac said...

I hear a man who sings about his emotional turmoil and the disharmony between the inner and the outer world. They are very personal accounts. Only a handful of songs reflect upon society and they can be quite critical.

It is terrible that he took part in MK-Ultra. And of course, it must have caused damage. Thank you for revealing this. I do find it odd that it was never mentioned before. But the idea that a secret government wanted to program the minds of future entertainers and artists is simply not believable.

Driving the Trance Canada said...

You can choose not to be believe it but it's well documented that after the Second World War, the CIA undertook a program of psychological warfare against the population of North America. Sub-projects like Operation MOCKINGBIRD targeted the media, with the aim of placing all news sources under CIA control. The entertainment industry was infiltrated by the MONARCH program, aiming to create mind controlled performers who would carry out the NWO agenda. There is ample evidence of this wherever we look, and if you want to read an informed account, google Fritz Springmeier's work which is readily available on line.

Anyone who wants to know about this subject can easily find thousands of pages of information on line. After you've done the research, you can decide whether it's believable or not.

I chose to write about some of my experiences as an acquaintance and next door neighbour of Leonard Cohen because much of what happened during those years is incomprehensible unless you figure in some form of mind control. Leonard just happened to have all the right connections, and to have been in the right places at the right times to have been inducted into the CIA-MKULTRA matrix -- beginning at McGill and Columbia, the Bay of Pigs invasion, and later in Europe where he visited a Rothschild early in his career, then gravitated to the island of Hydra, which is among other things a place for intelligence operatives retire to "cool off."

His early writing is also filled with references to drugs, psychiatry, genocide, pedophilia, Nazi doctors, hospitals -- all the trappings of the MKULTRA program. Reading them in hindsight with the kind of detailed knowledge now available thanks to the internet, it becomes clear that as a young man he witnessed and participated in things that at the very least could have embarrassed the government of Canada, or made him a "security risk."

Listen to his early interviews with a critical ear and you will see how he skirts around the issue of what he is doing as a public personality.

In my opinion, all this makes his work much more difficult to dismiss as just the personal, idiosyncratic ramblings of a disturbed Canadian poet who decided he could sing --

His on-again off-again career is also incomprehensible without the presence of invisible backers who promoted him for years despite his tiny following -- the Southam family being one example. In my opinion, he was used to further a conservative agenda and to pacify a generation that believed in change and political activism. Leonard's example -- withdrawal from society, passive acceptance of authority -- served to convince many to turn inward and stop working for social change. More than anything, his Zionist and neo-conservative beliefs endeared him to Canada's ruling elite and turned him into the indispensable, avuncular guy who could be counted on to give the same interview over and over for 20-odd years.

Canada wouldn't be the same without him.

Ann Diamond said...

You are free to find it "not believable" that artists and entertainers are being programmed, but there is ample evidence and documentation if you care to look it up. You could begin by reading Fritz Springmeier's books on Illuminati and MONARCH programming, in which he names a number of famous people in the music business, including Kris Kristofferson.

Or you could check out Dave McGowan's excellent and very readable history of the Laurel Canyon music scene, in which he demonstrates how just about every big name in rock music at the dawn of the hippie era, from Jim Morrison to Charles Manson, came from an Air Force intelligence background.

From there you could read about how British military intelligence created the EMI record label and recruited young bands to help promote the very same mind control drugs that the military was testing on orphans, mental patients and others.

Or you could actually investigate the history of MKULTRA, beginning with its precursor ARTICHOKE and moving through later programs like MKNAOMI and MKSEARCH -- and the infamous MOCKINGBIRD program by which the CIA took control of North American news media.

Perhaps you think you live in a free society, and that your musical choices are entirely your own, or that it's common for a disturbed poet who thinks he can sing to build a 50-year career on a handful of songs without powerful people in the background setting the agenda, which in Leonard's case is a very conservative one.

But then, you didn't know him. You weren't there observing the bizarre and contradictory world that this man inhabits.

It's no longer a private matter, really, when he appears in your living room or on the front page of your daily paper, and his thoughts are lapped up by millions of people who think he represents some special sort of enlightenment.

I just thought to provide a little context for all this, since I was a witness to it for about 20 years. Sorry if you don't find it believable, but then you didn't live it, either. If you find meaning or consolation in Leonard's songs, then fine.

Canada wouldn't be the same without him.

Ann Diamond said...

Ann Diamond said...
Inside the hippie movement and how the military set up a generation to be controlled

Ann Diamond said...

A website discussing MONARCH mind control, based on Fritz Springmeier's research:

Ann Diamond said...
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Ann Diamond said...

A 1965 interview in which LC demonstrates his dissociative programming:

Everyone is familiar with Leonard's odd little trait of checking and in and out in mid-conversation. In fact, this is typical of victims of trauma-based mind control programming.

One role he has played as a public figure is to help condition us all into accepting this form of programming as something normal and even indicative of special "genius" -- not that LC not a genius, but he has been programmed by a series of handlers, probably beginning in childhood.

Ann Diamond said...

The above-mentioned "Hazel" appears in a photostream montage dated January 10, 2008

Interestingly, she's seen here attending an elite Montreal gathering, hosted by a Westmount couple who began holding weekly Wednesday Night salons in 1982. These are some of Montreal's globalists, with a strong hint of a Washington-CIA hovering over their activities, which have been written up in the National Post and the Globe and Mail.

Some of the regular guests include members of Montreal's military/medical gang. Interestingly, sitting next to Hazel in this photostream is Dr. Marc Roper, son of Dr. Peter Roper, the McGill psychiatrist known as "Dr Cameron's most enthusiastic disciple."

In 1962, Peter Roper was electroshocking Montrealers, including my father. His son Marc continues in that same tradition, and heads the committee which will be building the new McGill University "super hospital."

And here's Hazel, my next door neighbour for years, whom I came to know as Leonard Cohen's handler. Sitting at a meeting with Roper. Well -- what are the odds that the Roper father-son duo were among those indispensable "psychiatrists at the Allan" Leonard mentioned to me back in 1990.

Ann Diamond said...

Another shot of Hazel, from the same Wednesday Night Club meeting:

Wednesday Night Club guests also have included Westmount Mayor Peter Trent, jailed media mogul Conrad Black, Quebec Premier Jean Charest, Gazette editor and journalist Alan Hustak, and many other people of local (and international) renown.

Ann Diamond said...

The Wednesday Night Club has given birth to a globalist group called The Club of Athens, presumably an alternative to the Club of Rome:

Papermac said...
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Papermac said...

Dave McGowan quotes a hypothesis from a History Channel show that is thought-provoking: namely that drugs transformed a potentially subversive generation into a bunch of navel gazers. The implied idea is that this could have been orchestrated. It’s a plausible thesis, but it’s not more than that.
His comment that the corporate music industry would not have allowed truly eye-opening or subversive messages to be expressed in songs, seems plausible. Yet a lot of songwriters, even prolific ones, were free to do just that: e.g. John Lennon, Curtis Mayfield, Roger Waters and Randy Newman.
Dave McGowan says that the Ertegün brothers could be considered as part of the power elite, being the sons of the Turkish ambassador. But he ignores the fact they built a formidable platform for black artists, thus transforming America in a radical and positive way.

One recurring theme in McGowan’s anecdotes is that a number of entertainers who were perceived to be liberal weren’t. This is true of course. Singing protest songs was very hip and whoever wants to be hip is essentially a conformist. The irony is that the opposite also occurs: people like Burt Bacharach and Barry Manilow may appeal to a more conservative audience, but they privately have very progressive views.

McGowan points out that a lot of artists came from military families. This is intriguing but not exactly reason to assume a conspiracy. One of the driving forces behind the hippie movement was precisely the urge to revolt against daddy. At the time Krishnamurti commented that everything that is a reaction against something, eventually becomes a copy of what it reacts against. And this is of course what happened to the so-called counter-culture.

PS: The first “author” you mention is an ultra right-wing convicted armed robber, who just made a lot of unsubstantiated claims. This cannot be considered a source of information. As far as the last link is concerned… LC said it best : “The rich have got their channels in the bedrooms of the poor”.

Ann Diamond said...

Fritz Springmeier is a little heavy into Christian fundamentalism, but if you read his work you would notice he is anything but an "ultra rightwing convicted armed robber." He's a highly articulate whistleblower who has done more than just about anyone to study, analyze and expose what he calls "illuminati mind control".

He was in jail, but the circumstances are unclear to me and I understand there is a considerable effort to silence him.

I would suggest you take time to read some of his writing which is available on line before dismissing him on the basis of Wikipedia or whatever disinformation you may have googled.

re: the Air Force spawning most of the hippie generation via some ordinary process of "rebellion" -- I don't think so. Children of the Air Force were selected during the Cold War for special mind control research through a network of hospitals, universities and military bases around North America. One of the most active was McGill in Montreal. That is what MKULTRA was, in fact -- an Air Force mind control operation involving the kids who grew up in the 60s, some of whom were promoted into "stardom." My father was Royal Canadian Air Force and my twin brother and I were in that program which I wrote about in a memoir, MY COLD WAR which is available at

No Canadian publisher would talk to me about this story -- for the same reasons no one knows that Leonard Cohen is a programmed multiple -- so I self-published it.

No one, including me, "assumes a conspiracy" - there is a vast amount of evidence accessible by anyone that during the Cold War extraordinary measures were taken to develop psychological and chemical warfare, using domestic populations as guinea pigs.

You and I are among them.

Ann Diamond said...

re: John Lennon, it's hard to see him as a singer who was free to express himself, given that he was targeted by J. Edgar Hoover (and later Ronald Reagan) for assassination by Marc David Chapman who had all the characteristics (including Air Force family background) of a MKULTRA programmed assassin.

At the time of the shooting, Lennon and Mick Jagger were planning on launching a new "peace movement" that might have galvanized the sixties generation, who were their fan base. Instead, we got Ronald Reagan and the neo-cons.

Leonard Cohen was a huge fan of Reagan, by the way, as well as a dedicated Zionist. He also seemed quite happy when Lennon died, since he believed Reagan was taking America and the world in the right direction. I have written about that elsewhere.

Ann Diamond said...

Ann Diamond said...

And more background on MKULTRA which is anything but a "conspiracy theory" -- it's been too well documented to be called that.

Ann Diamond said...
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Ann Diamond said...
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Ann Diamond said...

Speaking of beliefs, at the end of this video LC points to a well known symbol on his briefcase. It's blurred on my screen but he used to advocate combining the Star of David with the swastika... however the Raelians beat him to it. They are apparently a mind control sect as well

Ann Diamond said...

And although for some MKULTRA is just a 'conspiracy theory' - the practical results of it are all staring us in the face:

If the military are going berserk on psychiatric drugs, doesnt it stand to reason that entertainers who admit to taking these same drugs would be suicidal and/or prone to wild mood swings, violent behavior ... or be controlled by their psy handlers?

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

Once again, the Wednesday Night Club demonstrates the Montreal elite's continuing support for the eugenics-based "mind control" programming practiced in McGill's hospitals since the Cold War.

In 2006 they devoted a special evening to celebrating the work of CIA and Air Force-funded psychiatrist Dr. Peter Roper, aka "Dr. Cameron's most enthusiastic disciple." Interestingly, they seemed to be focused on his theories about "terrorists," "brainwashing" and "hypnosis" - not surprisingly, since Roper's colleagues in psychiatry are deeply involved in producing mind controlled operatives for use in NATO-sponsored wars around the planet:

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

It's time to say something nice about Leonard:

jglover said...

Thanks for sharing this article. I never thought I would see Leonard Cohen looking like he does in that photo! Do you mind if I share a link to this on my blog/forum?

I think I have a few users that would be interested!

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

Thanks, jglover
Feel free (I see you already did). There is much more to say about all this -- and I think much of it is worth sharing, cautionary tale-wise.
Wake up, world.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.

- Aangirfan

Mark A. O'Blazney said...

Wait'll you see what happens next.

Unknown said...

Funny I stumbled upon this post. I've been reading VigilantCitizen for some time now, after several mainstream videoclips set off an alarm via the blatant display of symbols associated to both the occult Illuminati (generically) and MK-Ultra.

That mainstream entertainment is meant to stupidity the masses has never been much of a question in my mind, but such tight, dark control of artists (a lot of agony is clearly going on on behalf of so many who "sold their soul" in exchange for material wealth) and blatant symbol-flashing came as a shock to me...(bear in mind the fact I don't own a TV, and am not usually exposed to mainstream media/tv/music, etc).

Today I looked up Leonard Cohen in youtube, after a friend suggested he was an amazing songwriter (as surprising as this may sound, I'd never heard a single song of his before).

The very first song I heard, "Going home", made my eyebrows arch:

"But he does say what I tell him
Even though it isn't welcome
He just doesn't have the freedom
To refuse"

I listened to the lyrics intently, while repeating a silent "WTF?" to myself. Could this acclaimed artist, who came so highly recommended by [alternative lifestlye-leading] friends be forced into a specific agenda, as so many others?

So I put on another song: "Master Song". And yet again...

"Darkness". I listened intently, trying not to be biased, as I know that once you begin to see things from the point of view of a hammer, everything starts looking like nails...

"The Stranger Song"; "Sisters of Mercy"; "Stories of the Street"; "Teachers"...

It all sounds like the tormented soul of a man trapped in the dark world of mind-control; every song seems to be telling a part of his story...a different stage of the process, from wanting to fight back, to surrender, repentance and desperation.

In many songs, he addresses some unspoken HE or THEY towards whom he's both grateful, like a guilty child who has indulged, and bitter. In others, he appears to be addressing someone/thing
that he misses, longs for, or wishes he had never known.

If often times feels like he's singing to his inner child, to his innocence, to his lost freedom...and is caught in an unbearable and confusing duality, accusing and confessing in almost every song. There's a particular guilt and tone to his songs referring to women that sounds as if he were both a slave and a handler: a slave, being controlled to use his fame to handle young women who will, in turn, be handled by him.

Bear in mind that I knew NOTHING about Leonard Cohen until a few days ago, and waited to look up connections between his person and MK-ULTRA until about half an hour ago - at which point I stumbled upon your blog.

Why would he be allowed to sing about his handling/captivity? - Many might think? "What difference does it make?", I'd say. Even if anyone picks up on his hints...He's not setting them free with this knowledge, but rather confirming that even an acclaimed, wealthy public personality is unable to escape the clutches of those who set the agendas put into motion in the world.

If they can allow themselves to be as bold as in Azealia Banks' "Yung Rapunxel" ( or Kesha's "Die Young" ( it's because they know there's nothing anyone can do about it at this point...The message beign conveyed across the entire music/movie spectrum, is "This is the way things are; resistance is futile, no matter who you are".

What are YOUR thoughts, Ann Diamond?
Thanks for so bravely publishing this. People need to be informed...

Unknown said...

P.S. I highly recommend watching the documentary (in three parts) "Century of the Self" by Adam Curtis.

It speaks in depth of how Freud's theories of the unconscious instincts and desires driving men began to be applied in the marketing of consumer goods; of Edward Bernays' - the inventor of public relations and modern marketing - theory that people are too stupid to govern themselves and need to be rules by an elite; and of how these techniques came into the political spectrum...

It sets a good foundation and historical context as far as understanding what's going on in terms of social engineering today...

Ann Diamond said...

Hi Cunico -- I will respond in more depth later (I hope) but after finding your messages (just now) I wanted to say you have expressed exactly what has been on my mind these last few weeks, as I only recently arrived at the realization that the whole truth is in the songs. In fact, somewhere in my journal these past few days, is an entry that is eerily similar, in so many ways, to what you have written here. YES. He has mapped out the history of his slavery in one song after the other, and the ones you name are exactly the ones that I believe speak loud and clear about the abuse he suffered as a child of a father who died 1943 and may have handed him over to the military doctors for "training" (THE STORY OF ISAAC, I believe, tells this story in Biblical metaphor).

It does and does not surprise me that, listening to him for the first time, in the light of what many of us know know about these secret programs and agendas, you hear the message clear as a bell. This has been happening to me, too, but only lately. As if this information is suddenly ready to be shared with many --

In the end it could redeem a very strange and convoluted career as an agent/spokesman for the darkest people on the planet. Their time is coming to an end, and I truly believe he has helped us reach what I hope is the final stage in the Illuminati game.

Thanks so much for posting your amazing insights here.

Unknown said...

Hi Ann,
All of your MK stuff is right on, imo, especially as regards "entertainment".

Russ Dizdar works w people to deprogram them and has interesting youtubes.

Where I differ w you is I have researched the Bible and Jesus Christ and understand how you might jump to the conclusion that this is part of the "problem" I would like to say that the best protection from evil is Jesus Christ. The reason his name is used during exorcisms and has been shown to end ufo/abductions is because Christ gives us authority over evil here. This is a very important piece of the puzzle, imo, when considering how and why the powers work, especially that they use secrecy so much…just enough to keep people from praying for them and prevention them from channeling demons and manipulating demons, which is a huge part of MK.

anyway, some good sources to understand just the scholarship of the Bible:

yt: Lee Strobel - The Case for the Resurrection
yt: The Bible Is True! ~ The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict
yt: Walter Veith (13) Battle of the Bibles /Total Onslaught
youtube: The Resurrection Argument That Changed a Generation of Scholars - Gary Habermas at UCSB
yt: The Forbidden Book - History of The English Bible (Documentary Film)
yt: A Lamp In The Dark:untold history of Bible ~ Full Film

yt: Jesus: Evidence, ancient historical sources



Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

Thanks Tyndale -- I just found your post. To clarify, I don't think I ever said Jesus Christ is part of the problem. I know from personal experience his name is a protection from evil. His teachings are my foundation, but I do think certain Christians have narrow, dogmatic interpretations of what he taught.

I also believe we have to investigate the dark side of the world, without becoming trapped by it of course.

All the best to you in 2015 and ever after.

Unknown said...

Thank you. I ran with Ted Joans in London and Paris. Strange things happened to Ted and Michael XwasHanged.I knew and disliked Dennis Hopper and had weirdness happen in Taos. I never worked for Life but was banned from their property. May be it had to do With chester Anderson amd Emmet Grogan. Be well and thank you Cordley

Unknown said...

The story of Jesus Christ instructs us in so many ways, like his revulsion for "the money-changers". "Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar's". Jewish currency was shekels that did not display any images of Caesar. That currency did not belong to Caesar.
I particularly identify with the advice he offered as to how to deal with an unreasonable neighbour -- To paraphrase: if the neighbour refuses to be reasonable when approached, personally, then "take it to the congregation". I applaud you, Ann, for doing just that.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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al spense said...

I was just thinking of The Master Song as I strolled through the comments and I realised that he was talking to himself. We have been led to believe that his songs are directed at ex-lovers, but they are all directed at himself. And then there is the song First We Take Manhattan.

al spense said...

I believe that you heard your master sing
When I was sick in bed.
I suppose that he told you everything
That I keep locked away in my head.
Your master took you traveling,
Well at least that's what you said.
And now do you come back to bring
Your prisoner wine and bread?
You met him at some temple, where
They take your clothes at the door.
He was just a numberless man in a chair
Who'd just come back from the war.
And you wrap up his tired face in your hair
And he hands you the apple core.
Then he touches your lips now so suddenly bare
Of all the kisses we put on some time before.
And he gave you a German Shepherd to walk
With a collar of leather and nails,
And he never once made you explain or talk
About all of the little details,
Such as who had a word and who had a rock,
And who had you through the mails.
Now your love is a secret all over the block,
And it never stops not even when your master fails.
And he took you up in his aeroplane,
Which he flew without any hands,
And you cruised above the ribbons of rain
That drove the crowd from the stands.
Then he killed the lights in a lonely Lane
And, an ape with angel glands,
Erased the final wisps of pain
With the music of rubber bands.
And now I hear your master sing,
You kneel for him to come.
His body is a golden string
That your body is hanging from.
His body is a golden string,
My body has grown numb.
Oh now you hear your master sing,
Your shirt is all undone.
And will you kneel beside this bed
That we polished so long ago,
Before your master chose instead
To make my bed of snow?
Your eyes are wild and your knuckles are red
And you're speaking far too low.
No I can't make out what your master said
Before he made you go.
Then I think you're playing far too rough
For a lady who's been to the moon;
I've lain by this window long enough
To get used to an empty room.
And your love is some dust in an old man's cough
Who is tapping his foot to a tune,
And your thighs are a ruin, you want too much,
Let's say you came back some time too soon.
I loved your master perfectly
I taught him all that he knew.
He was starving in some deep mystery
Like a man who is sure what is true.
And I sent you to him with my guarantee
I could teach him something new,
And I taught him how you would long for me
No matter what he said no matter what you'd do.
I believe that you heard your master sing
While I was sick in bed,
I'm sure that he told you everything
I must keep locked away in my head.
Your master took you travelling,
Well at least that's what you said,
And now do you come back to bring
Your prisoner wine and bread?

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

Thanks, al spence -

The Master Song is another elusive Cohen masterpiece -

At the current exhibition on Leonard Cohen (A Crack in Everything) at the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, there is a wonderful film/poetry piece by John Rafman that uses excerpts from Cohen's early writing (although I'm not sure where it was published or what the title was) juxtaposed with filmed landscapes taken directly from video game. I found the writing - which seems to be based on an elaborate dream - very evocative of an inner voyage, possibly a real one he actually took inside a flotation tank in Hebb's experiments. It also reminded me of John Lilly's descriptions of the experiences he had in sensory isolation pods, including encounters with non-human entities he thought were camping out in our ionosphere, controlling our thoughts and spiritual capacities.

Cohen's dreamscape took him to a bleak land where there was knowledge, power but no chance of redemption or resurrection. On completing his journey, he met a military commander from this interdimensional world who kissed him on both cheeks and congratulated him for his bravery and willingness to sacrifice himself for the hierarchy and accept the devastation that awaited those who choose that path in life... I'm going by memory but that was the message ...

Duty rewarded with death by machinery. "He didnt leave you very much, not even laughter" is an apt summary. I think Cohen's deepest beliefs went back to childhood and a world where there was NO CHOICE.

agent william said...
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kelvin billy said...
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francamaven said...
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theindividual21 said...

High profile targeted individual reveals all @

Unknown said...
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Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

Great review of The Man Next Door:

Thomas55 said...

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keith said...
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keith said...
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keith said...
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keith said...
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keith said...

i apparently met the civil rights activist and music producer john hammond, who discovered leonard cohen, in a bar in north adams, mass because he was a vanderbilt and raised during the summers in lenox, mass

lona cohen was born and raised in adams, mass and her husband morris cohen worked for amtorg which apparently helped smuggle the a bomb secrets to soviet russia

amtorg sold all of soviet russia's exports to the outside world through chase bank, which was owned and controlled by the rockefellers, who dr earnest lawrence credited with the creation of the atomic bomb and who promoted nuclear proliferation

the cohens were venona spies, which i found out by looking up suze rotolo, dylan's famous girlfriend from 'the free wheelin' bob dylan' album cover, 'it ain't me babe' etc...and suze's mom's former boyfriend had been a venona spy

the rockefellers funded the allan memorial institute at mcgill university where the mk ultra experiments took place

both morris cohen and leonard cohen attended the rockefeller built and funded columbia university where the uranium atom was first split and the a bomb was conceived

jack kerouac had a football scholarship to columbia (where he met allen ginsburg and william h burroughs) when the columbia football team had been conscripted to carry the uranium ore to the university's labs