Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Failed Sex Slave

Not long ago I did this podcast interview with Jasun Horsley of "Liminalist" fame. We were sitting in his kitchen, talking face to face. We were talking about our "alters" : subconscious personalities, or fragments of ourselves, that we think may have been programmed into us as children. Jasun spoke of his "sociopath" alter, which had surfaced in a dream that same week, and asked if I felt I had any experience with alters. I talked about the fact that as a child, I had conscious memories (although at the time they appeared to be complex fantasies) of being sexually tortured with hundreds of other children in an underground facility. The torturers were dressed as witches, and used electric cattle prods on the children who were immobilized on a conveyor belt. This same bizarre scenario, which I tried (at age 4 or 5) to describe to my mother, turned up nearly 50 years later in accounts I found online by MKULTRA survivors. The details were too similar to overlook: scientists dressed as "witches and clowns" ... children strapped to a conveyor belt in an underground facility, which some suggest was at China Lake military base in California, in the 1950s. Here is the interview with Jasun Horsley, from last April. Part of me thinks I only scratched the surface.

We know -- or at least some of us know -- that children are being "sexualized" early on. We haven't been told that this programming has been going on for decades, and was something the scientists who ran the MKULTRA program were interested in. The purpose: fragmenting the human personality in early childhood to create alters -- unconscious parts -- that can be programmed in useful ways. For girls: prostitution was always a primary option. We're seeing the results of this in fashion and media.

As for me, I didn't end up acting on my programming -- as far as I know. But I believe it's in there, somewhere, and has influenced my life at times. It's a subject too strange and personal, maybe, to delve into here. But I hope to, elsewhere.

Meanwhile, I notice there are TED TALKS on "transgenderism" but none on MKULTRA. That's something that needs to be addressed. It is now okay, in fact fashionable, to come out as a transgendered person. But it remains taboo to talk about secret experiments on children that happened right here, in our lifetime, that continue to change our world in mainly unconscious ways.