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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dr. Ruth

This photo shows a group of doctors standing on the steps of a notorious Montreal orphanage, ca. 1960. Circled, from left to right, are Dr. Ewen Cameron (CIA-funded head of psychiatry at the Allan Memorial Institute), Dr. Ruth Kajander (Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital, Toronto) and Dr. Heinz Lehmann (Head of Research at McGill's Allan Memorial, Director of the Douglas Hospital, Verdun, Quebec).

A survivor of military mind control now living in Ontario helped identified Dr. Ruth, the only woman in the photo. I later learned more about her through another survivor living in Thunder Bay, where Dr. Ruth, now in her mid-80s, still practices psychiatry.

If you google her name, you can find out what her patients think of her here:

According to survivor advocate Lynne Sharman, Dr. Ruth (Koeppe) Kajander's career began in Nazi Germany where, as the grand daughter of the "father of German pediatrics," and daughter of a Nazi physicians, she studied medicine at the University of Gottingen. An auspicious beginning: Gottingen had an interesting relationship with Columbia University in NYC, where much MKULTRA research was conducted. After the war she moved to Finland where she married her husband, Arthur Kajander. She emigrated to Canada in 1951, taking a job at Toronto's Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital, which she soon left for a better position in research.

Why does a young Dr. Ruth Kajander appear in a photo on the steps of a Montreal Orphanage in 1960, along with another Nazi-trained psychiatrist (Heinz Lehmann) and MKULTRA programmer Ewen Cameron? What kind of "research" was Dr. Kajander doing on children in Canada at the time?

Allegedly Dr. Ruth Kajander has programmed children at Lakeshore Psychiatric in Toronto, and elsewhere around Canada, including Thunder Bay where she recently celebrated her 50th year in psychiatry and was honoured for her contribution.

Lynne Sharman says: "When the False Memory Syndrome Foundation emerged, it came out of nowhere and formed in every state in the United States and also here in Canada. At the time Dr. Kajander was quoted saying she did not believe what children say about sexual abuse. She joined a breakaway group of psychiatrists in Ontario who believed the children lied and that false memories were being implanted. Therapists across Canada were being sued by the F.M.S. Foundation. I believe this foundation was a C.I.A. funded operation, because it rose up so quickly, and the funds and legal monies they had access to were unheard of."

Dr. Kajander was awarded the Order of Canada on June 30, 2011, only days after this blog post first appeared.


Dr. Ruth first surfaced on my radar during a remote viewing experiment I participated in with Harley Monte in Montreal. At the time, I had never heard of her -- and neither had anyone else in this remarkable remote viewing session. Harley and other remote viewers described a group photo in which a woman bearing a remarkable resemblance to Dr. Kajander appeared with several other MKULTRA doctors associated with McGill in 1960.

Harley even came up with her husband's first name: Arthur. With amazing accuracy, Harley and others described her as looking very much like Cruella DeVille in Disney's 101 Dalmations -- due to her severe hairstyle, and pronounced widow's peak. The information he and the group spontaneously channelled suggested she was involved in experiments on children, along with Lehmann (named in the session as "Leeman") and several others, possibly part of an international team of scientists conducting lethal experiments on Canadian children.

Remote viewing is used by the military for various purposes, and one of MKULTRA's covert aims was to train children as remote viewers. I view information that comes through remote viewers as a form of witness testimony, not a substitute for fact-checking. In my experience, Harley and his group score high in accuracy. Here is a sample of their work from that session:


Just let me take one more look around here. Oh! On the wall there’s a picture of six men in white coats. You want to meet the doctors?

There’s a Chinese doctor. The names aren’t there that I can see, they may have been added later but at this time when the picture was taken they’re not there.

There’s a short man, wide shouldered, blackish grey hair, glasses.

The older woman, the shape of her face. You know the 101 Dalmations? The actress? Very similar there, the eyes... there is a situation in her own family at the present time and she’s not bearing up very well, rumour has it she will be leaving in the next month or so.

She’s not Canadian is she?

She looks very British but it’s more just how she has made herself up to be, and her shoes are weird, I have never seen shoes like that before, you know the old type that button up the side, she has a mark on her hand, right here.


No it’s an injury. I don’t know if she had her hand crushed or something to an extent, and when she writes she writes like this. And there’s something happening to a child in her family at the present time. The time, wherever I am (1960).

I’m getting a name Leeman...

Arthur. There’s an “Arthur” here.

Cold, very cold. A lot of cold air around him. A mean person. I just feel he was totally disconnected, had no empathy, no, just cold, no feelings for these children.

Was he doing a job or was he out to make a name for himself?

I’m not sure, I just know whatever happened did not bother him at all. They weren’t human to him. They were like animals. They were like subject for tests.

I’m getting Russia. I think one of the people, maybe Arthur, I’m seeing a coat with long, buttons all the way down the front, double breasted. I think experiments, lots were going on there, I see snow, I see very wide steps, a very large building, very big square stones and very wide stairs where there are railings not just two on the side, more railings, going on, I got the word “government” -- whoever, someone wore that coat, it’s like an army green. Drab green and brass buttons wool coat

Indications are this was an international program involving secret factions of government and military, that targeted minority children in Canada, especially aboriginal and French Canadian orphans. Since so much of the evidence has been hidden, remote viewing seems a legitimate way to try to gather information. Dr. Ruth is still alive, still honoured by her peers for her pioneering work -- part of Canada's secretive elite which has never been called to account for crimes against humanity. This needs to change.


Ann Diamond said...

I have just belatedly learned that Dr. Ruth Kajander received the Order of Canada back in July

I'd been thinking, recently, that OC recipients should be investigated. And now we have a Nazi-trained psychiatrist added to this list of luminaries.

Heather said...

Hi Ann!

I love your blog and I'm so glad you're doing this. I'm going to do some research into Doctor Ruth.

shea said...

I was a resident of Browns Camps from 1967-70. Smoking was permitted for the older kids but alcohol and drugs were forbidden. I was discharged for smoking pot.I was not beaten, but the treatment methods could be loud. aggressive and frightening. I was not sexually abused but I remember being afraid it would happen. Browns Camps and later Browndale did lasting damage to my life. I have had to deal with anger and self esteem issues for 42 years. I often wonder now exactly what they did to me.

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

Hi Shea

Thanks for posting. I am in touch with former Warrendale people. Some say there was "mind control" involved. I suspect it might have depended on which house you were placed in.

John Brown's writings about Warrendale can appear quite disturbing (and disturbed) even considering that "it was the sixties" -- he may have borrowed them from the Tavistock Institute.

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

When you say you "wonder" what they did to you, what exactly do you mean? Missing memories, or just a general sense something was wrong?

John Brown's larger mission had to do with replacing the nuclear family with an artificial "extended" that included a psychiatrist and a psychologist as well as care workers. It was a plan to transform society through Freudian and Marxian theory and practice ....and looks a lot like brainwashing.

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

should have read "an artificially extended family"

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

When you say you "wonder" what they did to you, what exactly do you mean? Missing memories, or just a general sense something was wrong?

John Brown's larger mission had to do with replacing the nuclear family with an artificial "extended" that included a psychiatrist and a psychologist as well as care workers. It was a plan to transform society through Freudian and Marxian theory and practice ....and looks a lot like brainwashing.

Ann Diamond said...

McGill Daily article on Dr. Cameron's MKULTRA "re-mothering" experiments:

Based on Warrendale's use of methods like bottlefeeding, diapering, and holding, it could appear John Brown was a disciple of Dr. Cameron's brainwashing techniques.

Unknown said...

Okay, we know now. Let's get her Order of Canada revoked.

Ann Diamond said...

I think there could be sufficient grounds for that, if some of her victims were to come forward with detailed testimony. She is now in her 90s. When I was in Thunder Bay two years ago, she was featured skiing in a photo on the front page of the local newspaper. She is a member of the elite of that city, and also the province.

Meanwhile Lynne Sharman, mentioned in my blog, who had met some of her former patients, has just passed away in Thunder Bay, age 67.

Unknown said...

I tried to get Heinz Lehmann's Order of Canada revoked. I was told that you cannot do that once they are dead. So we need to move on it. There is renewed interest in MK ULTRA with the Duplessis Orphans posting videos. Also, I think we are in Phase 3 of MK ULTRA - psychotropic drugs used by normal humans, as outlined in the 1971 book of that name. I have that book "Psychotropic Drugs in the Year 2000 - Use by Normal Humans" and the current generation of psychiatrists is working off the programme in that book. We need victims to make statements and get them certified by a Justice of the Peace and petition to have her removed. According to the Medical Post, 30% of the population is on psychotropics and Canada leads the world. Soon our school children are going to be used as "research partners" for drugs and brain research - history repeating itself.

Ann Diamond said...

Katherine: Can you post some links to Duplessis orphans' videos? I agree MKULTRA is in its third generation but locating victims will be a challenge. Are you anywhere near Thunder Bay? Reply by email if you prefer.

Unknown said...

Isn't it interesting that the Metro newspaper recently carried an article saying that London, Ontario is the serial killer capital of the world. It looks like London Psychiatric Hospital was the first to chemically lobotomize people with chlorpromazine.

Ann Diamond said...

London ON is the most psychiatrized town I have ever visited. MKULTRA reportedly was very well established here in the 60s with some of Dr. Cameron's colleagues practicing here into the 1980s.

Ann Diamond said...

Dr. Ruth was the first to use Chlorpromazine on psych patients, but Lehmann took the credit. Of course they were creating more schizophrenics than they "cured" ... that was the whole purpose of the program. They were not doctors in any real sense of the word. They were operatives.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the right word - operatives. They are medical in name only. In the year 2000, my mother thought she was going to a doctor to help her when she went to the county psychiatrist, an appointment made by the hospital. She was, in fact, going to an operative with legal powers to take away her rights. Wow, what a shock. After poking his finger in her face repeatedly and asking this sick, elderly, blind woman if she felt like killing herself, he involuntarily committed her to Homewood and told her if she wasn't there by 9 pm (an hour's drive away), the OPP would come to her house and embarrass her in front of her neighbours. All of this was approved of by the College of Physicians and Health Review Board. What an operation, indeed.

Ann Diamond said...

Sharman, Lynne
Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lynne Moss Sharman, born April 4, 1947, died peacefully in Thunder Bay on March 14, 2014. She was 66. Lynne's legacy will live on in the many lives and communities she touched throughout her life. She was an activist, an artist, a survivor, and a community builder. Lynne was a person of great principle and profound empathy who was tireless in her fight for social justice. She was known for her intelligence, her wit, her spirituality, her creativity, and her compassion. Lynne is deeply missed by her daughter Zena (Ivan), her siblings Kit (Richard), Bill (Diane), and Wendy, and her nephews Paul, Jesse, Nic, and Alex. She also leaves behind many beloved friends. Lynne's family would especially like to acknowledge the love and support shown to her by Sue McLean and the Pearson family. Lynne's family is also grateful to her devoted team of care providers, including Dr. Heather McLean, Calvin Pelletier, Pirjo Smith, Claudia Malo, and many others. A celebration of Lynne's life and legacy will be held in Thunder Bay in early May.

“If I could give you one thought, it would be to lift someone up. Lift a stranger up--lift her up. I would ask you, mother and father, brother and sister, lovers, mother and daughter, father and son, lift someone. The very idea of lifting someone up will lift you, as well.”

~Maya Angelou

Unknown said...

I am thankful for the story about Lynne Sharman. I had the good fortune of talking to her by phone some years ago about psychiatric abuse. I will never forget that. I am pretty sure it was hard for her talk about. I like her viewpoint on helping. I once read in a medical journal of a physician who always taught his students: "Everybody is somebody's mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother....." If you think of people like that, it is easy to care for them.

Unknown said...

Here is the name and address of a Duplessis Orphan, Mr. Rick Piva, who was experimented on by Heinz Lehmann and Josef Mengele for the first 4 years of his blessed little life. Perhaps those people who are interested in this subject might like to buy and read this very important document of the MK2 PROJECT. Here is Rick's email to me....

It's here now! Americas First Family of
Adoptions- Pivas Portant People is LIVE now on Kindle and in HARD COPY on
If anyone wishes an autographed copy direct from the author simply enclose
a cashiers check or money order made payable to RICK PIVA at 1215 S. Kihei
Road, 0600, Kihei, Maui, Hi. 96753 - for $14.99 plus $10.95 for postage
and handling and sincerest thanks for everyone support. God bless everyone
and aloha with fondest peace and light and love to all RICKY PIVA

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

Thanks Katherine -- have you read it? Bob Hope? Dinah Shore? Rick Piva is the second Duplessis orphan I have heard of who became an entertainer. The other was a woman - can't think of her name right now. She became quite well known in Quebec as a singer, and went to Hollywood after being treated at St Michel Archange Hospital where Mengele reportedly experimented on children. I read about her a few years ago --

Ann Diamond said...

Dr. Ruth has won yet another award:

Unknown said...

I am an American MK ULTRA survivor. Are you familiar with Judy Janzen? She blogs about Canadian MKULTRA victims and lives in Saskatchewan.

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

Hi Grace Rose

Judy Janzen is absolutely brilliant in her dissection of mind control codes and programming as they appear in our media and daily life.

Her blog is now at


truthseeker said...

I also had the good fortune to speak to Lynn on the phone. Great article and 'operatives' is right on the money. Love to you Ann

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

Based on my hit counter statistics, and some messages I have received in the last three months, I have reason to think this blog post has finally been reaching some survivors in Thunder Bay. I also heard today that Dr Ruth, well into her eighties, is still practicing psychiatry.

This blog is the only platform I have. Journalism in Canada is a sham and has been for decades. I am also too far away to do much more that offer this article, now several years old, as a basis for others to start researching and sharing the truth about dark psychiatry and the damage it has done. It's really up to survivors to shed more light and take the necessary steps to expose this ugly reality.

So far, only two former patients of Dr Kajander have managed to contact me privately. I hope others will come forward, and possibly post their experiences here or elsewhere. Fear has been used to divide and silence the victims of mind control, and many of us struggle with feelings of despair and isolation.

If you are a survivor, or know anyone who has information to add to this story, please post it here anonymously, and don't be afraid of it going any further. I do not and will never share information without the source's permission. As far as I'm concerned, this article is my contribution -- and now it's up to others to use the information to bring healing to our communities.

Keeoamna said...

I'm in shock over this.
I just today was on u tube and found a link re Justin Trudeau that Jed back to his father and many others.
It caught my eye because it led bask to P trudeau.....connection with Masonic temple, luminaty ...his wife npbeing sent to a certain MH sanitarium back in the 50's to 70's where Dr mengal from hitlers day was also working and the mind control,experiments used especially in children. At that time.

Dr Ruth just happened to move to Thunder Bay....Port Arthur On at the time to continue her practice.
I suffered from early childhood severe health issues which due to the time in medical history were misunderstood and it was all in your head. So I was sent to a shrink out of humiliation and embarrassment, for I knew the physical pain I endured was real and confirmed later in my Kate teens at the advent of ultrasound. my parents so supportive but lost trying desperately to understand my suffering.

This would have been around 1965 a 1968 around the age of 9-11. I have always been a sensitive and the first moment I walked into her office where she was working out of her home I felt an evilness about her that I could not explain or begin to understand and greatly blocked me from pursuing Amy form of discussion with this woman. And at that time I would agree with her cold German approach, her style of dress, her demeanour she indeed dud look like the evil woman out if 101 Dalmatians.

She instantly at such a young age with very little conversation and or understand put me in Valium
I remember my oldest sibling bring infuriated with my is parents upon agreeing. I refused to go back.

Later on in life I suffered a series of events in a very short period of time that I could not cope with and that Jed to severe depression.
Who's the dr. I'm referred to....non other than Dr. Ruth upon which I immediately refused to seek treatment from
I have a background in energy medicine, the gift of vision, and the aura that surrounded this woman was black.of course how do u relate this back to your dr. Ir anyone especially not knowing her background and what she was a part of.

This past year a decade or more later a friend of mine suffered a mental breakdown and religious psychosis. Who do u think she gets as her shrink at Thunder Bay regional. Dr Ruth, huge warning signs for me even though I discover that she is head of the whole psychiatry department of Thunder Bay. Omg.....she wanted to perform shock treatment on my friend. ...and puked her with do many drugs
I beli eve it spiralled her even further out of control.
We tried to hold an intervention and get her involved. But she refused our request even with the awareness of my friend. She also refused to talk with the psyche in emerge who's viewpoint if the duty still was more succinct than any other at this point.
What is it with these oropendola that they think they r gods and do power hungry.
This summer she retired her position at hospital....with huge expectations she would further her career at a bew building now underway for MH thru St Joseph's care group and order of nuns.
She told my friend she was done with she gated her job and MH people who are suffering greatly... And did not wan anymore connection with my friend. Thank God.

I still see her from time to time and as a woman in her Kate eighties or more her health is fine, and the aura I see to this day remains black. I'm so glad I found thus infirmation and this site that confirms a darkness I'm now beginning to understand.

My heart goes out to all that suffered at the hands of this woman and the group she worked with. May u all be healed and may she get the justice she deserves.

JamesCerveny said...

Maybe this is a stupid question but This is not the same person as Dr. Ruth Westheimer, is it?

I tried Judy Hansen's blog but it seemed to be defunct.

JamesCerveny said...

Janzen. Damn autocorrect.

Unknown said...

Would really like to talk to someone. Was in Lakeshore in Toronto as a child. When out, ended up in military, US Army 82D ABN-INF, then they paid for College and ended up as Canadian Forces Officer. Eventually crashed and burned during military maneuvers. Military stuck label on me of PTSD...but symptomatic response when triggered is suicidal ideation to stop "alter" from getting out...dissociative identity disorder...he's a little kid traumatized by severe abuse of all types, terrible memories, and when I broke, the image in my mind was what I thought was my first memory, a giant green bomb and kids with wires around their hands...then i realized the kid was me and the horrific memories went back a lot further. VA got that part of me squared away back in his box...but now years later, after earning four degrees with highest honours and becoming a child protection worker on a First Nation reserve, I broke again...peter is out...I am in a bad way, and VA is saying they will help, but only if I go to a place they want me to...and if they don't I will be cut from the help program Im in. When I entered military, twice, I passed all psych exams, high IQ,and scored in 99th percentile for military I am stuck with two people in me that are not very compatible. I am beginning to think the man I became is a product of what I went through, and that I am a survivor of personality altering techniques. It would explain why I have cracked the way I have. I need to know if there are records of children experimented on at Lakeshore, records of electroshock therapy treatemtn (I only remember two people escorting me into room and that I peed myself,) a place I can't remember in Burlington, another in Hamilton where testing is done. I am very concerned. the battle between Daniel and Peter is gettign worse, and the VA stopped communicating with me two weeks ago. Please don't contact them, I don't trust the military anymore...I, and my partner, think they are tryig to push me over the edge to lock me up and silence me. I need advice please on where to look to see if I was part of dissociate disorder experiments as a child in lakeshore or one of those other places I mentioned, (the electroshock room was in lakeshore, but they took me to a few different cities, always back to lakeshore around 1973-1975, before suddenly releasing me (I ended up on the street for a few years, from 13 until I joined military.) VA says they are worried about the suicidal ideation thing, but I know that's not the reason...i am trained to identify suicidal clients aand I do not fit that category due to no plans at this time, and a good safety plan (now lost because i had to run.) I very much need to know what happened to me please and why this kid is stuck in our head. Please do not respond to the email address below, its my school email. You can respond to the kids email:

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

Thank you "Peter Smith". I know of one child who was in Lakeshore Psychiatric in the 1960s, and another who was born there. I would not know where to begin to research the records as AFAIK many were destroyed and the hospital has closed. I'm not in Toronto by the way. I know via a German judge that there were genetic experiments being done there by psychiatrists in the late 1950s and early 1960s. This man has reason to think he is the illegitimate son of Dr Martin Fischer (of Warrendale): what he described suggested a "Lebensborn" kind of program involving doctors, patients and babies born out of wedlock and adopted by certain families and brought up to fill high positions in media and government. I am very sorry for what you are experiencing - I hope you can find the support you need. I know you are not alone.

Let me see if I can find out anything more that might be of help to you. Please try to stay strong. And don't forget to pray for guidance and healing.