Monday, September 4, 2017

A Shabby Ending

I told my mother, Mother I must leave you
Preserve my room but do not shed a tear
If rumours of a shabby ending reach you
It was half my fault and half the atmosphere...

Leonard Cohen, The Traitor Song (Recent Songs, 1979)

Endings are difficult. The more I try to wrap up my memoir, the more it adds new twists and turns. Just the other day, I thought I had nailed it when I found Leonard Cohen's obituary posted in the "Absent Friends" column at the website of the Wednesday Night Club, hinting that he was a member of this hidden-in-plain-sight secret society, an offshoot of those early meetings that took place in Montreal in the 1950s, and helped birth our Shadow Government. Along with the singer formerly known as Leonard Cohen.

That same night, Leonard appeared in my dream, and this time he actually seemed happy. In fact, we danced down a spiral staircase and landed in each other's arms. He not only thanked me, he congratulated me on getting to the bottom of it all. "After all," he said, "I'm an eleven" (his birth number). I chimed in, "And I'm a twenty-two." Master numbers, numerologically speaking, adding up to thirty-three, the highest level of Masonic initiation. Our work is complete (haha). So mote it be. Now I sound like a Mason, which I am not - but to understand Cohen, one must learn to speak his language. Fortunately that also includes the language of dreams.

What all this boils down to, in my opinion, is that the background to this story is overwhelming. To understand his career, one must understand the secret history of the twentieth century, which has its roots in ancient history, all the way back to Egypt and Babylon. One must also know something about the political scene in which he grew up, before, during and after the Second World War - as well as details about his immediate and extended family. Call in the astrologers who, I am guessing, understood his birth chart and saw a Messianic destiny culminating in his 80th year. Put it all together - a family embedded in organized crime, government, and the military. A lifetime of volunteering for critical operations deeply connected to the advance of a global dictatorship. A spiritual mission that compelled him to "tarnish the Golden Rule" every chance he got.

Only after the shock subsides, does all this begin to make sense - but I repeat myself. Cohen was a product of an environment in a state of crisis where deception was the order of the day. He adopted the hidden agenda, mirrored all of it, through his personality and his art. By the time I met him, it was too late to exit the Cult he had joined early on, or was born into.

So I became a bystander in a drama that gradually exposed a giant sea monster. Interesting that the only photo I ever took of Cohen was of him dripping wet, blinded by salt water, emerging from the sea on the beach at Hydra in the summer of 1979 -- I'll find it someday among my lost treasures and post it here.

In the meantime, I'll just go with my intuition that we've hit bottom. Cohen has now moved on. It's time to try the criminals who still rule the world, turning it into Hell for personal power and profit.


The Wednesday Night Club is a strange entity. David Nicholson had a 'successful career in the Canadian Air Force' -- and MKULTRA's Air Force links are well known. Their list of Absent Friends includes politicians, businessmen, and military intelligence people including one Israeli photographer who worked for TIME-LIFE. Diana Nicholson, who once worked for the CIA in Washington, became Special Advisor in 2015 to the new President of Pearson College, Désirée McGraw, protégée of Maurice Strong and Al Gore. Before her move to Victoria, Désiree did graduate work at the London School of Economics, and also headed the Jeanne Sauve Foundation, based in Montreal. Just down the street from the Allan Memorial Institute, the JSF trains future world leaders in principles of Diversity, Inclusion, Climate change, Gender Equality, Identity. These are the buzzwords concealing the globalist agenda employing mind control in many forms. Ask Hillary Clinton what they really mean -meanwhile I'm informed that Pearson College is the place to send your children if you want them to have successful careers at the United Nations.

But wait  a minute: Dr. Ewen Cameron was a great believer in the United Nations and its eugenics programs. If he hadn't died in 1967, he would have been an honoured guest at the Nicholsons' salons.

First on Diana's 'Absent Friends' list is Dr. Peter Roper, who was Dr. Ewen Cameron's most enthusiastic disciple, continuing his MKULTRA work until he was fired by McGill, where colleagues described him as a 'sociopathic personality.' His son, Marc Roper, is also a Montreal psychiatrist, and wields great power in medical circles -- servicing the same old masters in the Aerospace industry, those secretive child abusers who run NASA.

Further down the list you'll find the late, scandal-ridden Associate Defense Minister in the Diefenbaker government, Pierre Sevigny, and his wife Clou, whose Edwardian mansion at 33 Rosemount the Nicholsons bought in the early eighties for their intelligence work. Again, that Masonic number 33. (In 2015 they celebrated their 33rd anniversary with an article in the ever-supportive Montreal Gazette). The Sevigny's were instrumental in bringing Expo 67 to Montreal -- the year of Montreal's entry into the Fabian socialist dream. The symbol for "Man and His World" is also used by the Fabians, whose better-known emblem is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

In 2010, Liberal MP and former astronaut Marc Garneau - Aerospace again -- stood up in Parliament to honour the Nicholsons and their Wednesday Night salons - essentially acknowledging their influence over the years on Canadian policy making. It's not a big leap from 33 Rosemount (or Haddon Hall) to Cecil Rhodes and the Round Table, another elite grouping that believed the compliant masses should be ruled by a tiny circle of well-connected experts.

There we have the philosophy of the Wednesday Night Club, in a nutshell. How much more blatant does it get? And why do they consider Leonard Cohen an "absent friend"? Because he exemplified everything Dr. Cameron hoped to create in the Man of the Future: a drug-addicted, depressed, omni-sexual sociopath submitting to authority without question, who can't remember what he did last week.

That's Your Man, their 'absent friend'.  Understand him, but please stop worshiping him.