Saturday, January 9, 2016

Interview with Ellen Atkin

I think we did this about two years ago, jammed together in Ellen's tiny house at Sun Lotus Yoga Centre, near Duncan on Vancouver Island. We talked about our shared history of having parents who were treated at the Allan Memorial by Dr. Ewen Cameron (of CIA MKULTRA notoriety). Of growing up in the 1950s and 60s under this secret program. Of electroshock machines piled to the ceiling in rooms at McGill. Of Robert Pickton and missing women and 'disposable orphans' and great names in Canadian medicine. Of pedophiles and Nazis and British eugenics, and how this society now embodies and practices mind control in every domain.

Ending with the need for a spiritual perspective.

Topics covered in this interview:

how Ellen and I met over the internet in early 2014 because Ellen's mother was a patient of MKULTRA psychiatrist Dr. Ewen Cameron; Cameron's record in Montreal: 10,000 electroshocked patients a year; a room at McGill filled with old electro-shock machines; Cameron's excellent reputation thanks to media exposure; misdiagnosis of patients who came for treatment for other ailments and ended up depatterned; Ellen's mother's broken life after depatterning and on tranquillizers; what is crazy?; Ann's father was a Cameron patient for 6 weeks in 1962; a high school music teacher who may have become aware of the mind control experiments on children; the project to create Manchurian Candidates using children (Project ARTICHOKE); children as 'blank slates'; children of the military were often used; twins as MK subjects; when you start investigating this subject other survivors gravitate to you; Quebec and the Catholic Church and the surplus of war orphans; less adoptable kids sometimes ended up in experiments at group homes, military bases, hospitals; Canada's reputation as a 'nice' country; Ann's research, Air Force involvement in MKULTRA; marginal "schizophrenics" often turn out to have been in MK experiments; media are heavily controlled and many people working in media are actually survivors of mind control programming; a societal problem; trauma-based mind control and bloodlines; ancient roots of mind control; trauma and special abilities like photographic memories; a non-human culture; sado-masochism and cults; pedophilia and sexual perversion; organized pedophilia and blackmail/control; 3000 missing women in Canada; why did the police let Robert Pickton operate his Pig Farm; snuff films; secretive men's clubs; child trafficking in Canada; systemic and controlled at the highest levels; Pickton and Cameron as fall guys; Canadian 'heroes of medicine' experimented on children who were kept in cages; Wilder Penfield; pedophilia as the Achilles' heel of a corrupt society; Ann's amnesia for being in Cameron's experiments; the illusion of growing up normal in a city filled with broken psychiatric patients; poetry and the arts as a gathering place for MKULTRA survivors; controlled schizophrenia at McGill, the aerospace industry uses children for experiments; artificial intelligence; creating cyborgs; MKULTRA is now entertainment and all-pervasive; comparing early mind control programs with today; the Allan Memorial and Dr. Cameron; Cameron's patron Allen Dulles and Roosevelt's death; the secret treaty with Hitler's SS that ended WW2; Operation Paperclip; the Nazi connection; rumours of Dr. Mengele in Montreal in 1967; possible photo of Mengele in Quebec City hospital in 1949; British and American eugenics inspired Nazi experiments with Rockefeller funding; the Tavistock Institute in London; the Tavistock-funded counter-culture; our Brave New World; chances for self-realization despite our MK'ed culture; believing we are 'special'; negative frequencies; rivers of guilt and shame; negative emotions; electronic bombardment; Ellen realization that she was being controlled by external frequencies; hearing voices; voice-to-skull technology going back to early 1960s; 'you're a bad mother' messages; creating schizophrenia while pretending to cure it; alters and multiples; John Marks exposed Cameron in 1977 otherwise he would have remained Canada's little secret; Wilder Penfield's experiments on children at the Montreal Neurological Institute; Carol Rutz describes Penfield's brain-mapping experiments on her and other children; "the fate of the Western World depends on your silence"; murdered children; Dr Cameron's secret behaviour lab that housed up to 25 children; how disposable children were programmed at the Allan Memorial; candies with LSD; unmarked graves in Montreal; 'A family that betrays its ancestors descends into madness.'

Ellen's story is at her blog


Ann Diamond said...

I think it could be important, in future, to explore some of the material that came out of this interview. Ellen recently posted a comment, in response to my own comment correcting the title of THE MAN NEXT DOOR:

For the record: (I plan to unravel this further, soon, and in a bit more depth because we're getting into dangerous territory here)

ELLEN writes:

+Ann Diamond "I think we can all agree that Ellen is a handful". Strategically you are inviting attack when you use WE in your statement. You bring the conversation into society at large which takes on a whole other context. For example, I could say something like, "I think we can all agree Ann's only interest in this subject is to promote her writing career.. She is in denial about her own state of disassociation yet her symptoms are obvious for any observer. " For starters.

Secondly, this is my channel, my interview and my comments section. There is no need for you to chime in with whatever you are trying to do. I handled Ms. Jean Brasher. Perhaps you two know each other?

As far as promoting your self on my still open comment section, please feel free, no problem there. However, in the future please refrain from what smells like a knee jerk reaction to someone stealing your perceived spot light.

Lastly, I do not need, nor did I request permission or approval by you to express myself. I hope you are now well enough informed to understand that healing is an individual thing and you can't pretend the PTSD away. We all have our path to healing. As well, we all have our own path to trauma. There is no cookie cutter experience. We can share and commiserate, but once one of us takes on a tone of grandeur, know it all, self appointed "expert", it is just the programme rearing its ugly head.

For instance, I have learned more in 1 month of actually studying this subject than in all the information that you have disseminated through your books and your interviews. Be well Ann.

Ann Diamond said...

In future, I hope to avoid exchanges like the above -- especially with women. I have a lot of empathy for women, being one myself. At the same time, it's often a relief to talk to men (especially men with Podcasts) -- maybe I've been lucky. Men can be awful too. And women are often brilliant interviewers. Remind me to figure out how to post mp3s of podcasts I did in 2012-3 with the amazing Sonia (Truther Girl) Lefkowski and Deanne Spingola -- which I have shared with very few people, given that audio files are not very shareable.

I generally try to steer clear of anything that calls up images of female mud-wrestling, with all the screeching, squawking and hair-pulling that certain men seem to find so amusing.

So when someone like Ellen Atkin comes out with statements like ' "I think we can all agree Ann's only interest in this subject is to promote her writing career.. She is in denial about her own state of disassociation yet her symptoms are obvious for any observer. " For starters. ' -- I usually just step back and let the mud fly right past me. That usually works, in fact.

This time seems a bit different. This time I actually have something to say. Not in self-defense -- that would be a waste of time.

Last night I listened to Ellen's debut interview on Wolf Spirit Radio. It was two hours of Ellen talking about her recent discovery -- only revealed in the last few minutes -- that she is the 'poster child' for MKULTRA. When she first told me about this back in October, I was skeptical and thought she needed proof. Having listened to her talk for two hours, in conversation with the amazing Laura Croft, a MKULTRA survivor herself, I'm now almost persuaded that this is more than a fantasy or grab for attention.

Ellen Atkin claims her whole family, based in southern Ontario, were 'poster children' for this dark matrix that, officially, never existed -- or if it did, only in Quebec.

I think it's time I blogged about this subject. And I will, very soon. I hope Ellen responds to some of the questions I plan to raise.

Watch this space.

Ann Diamond said...

More food for thought from Ellen Atkin:

"Published on Nov 6, 2015

March 2014, Ellen Atkin interviews Ann Diamond, a self proclaimed "survivor" of the MK Ultra programme out of Montreal Quebec, Canada. Ellen discusses her own ideas of the programme since her mother, father, sister, brother and herself were all involved.

Some very good ideas are introduced like when Ellen talks about frequency as a means of mind control through the emotions. Some good stories are tossed out by Ann.

This interview was conducted 2 years before Ellen Atkin discovered the picture of herself as the child in the famous MK Ultra girl photo. Ann Diamond was suspect, disengaging and unsupportive about the revelation.

It becomes obvious reading the comments below that Ann is very upset that I am Ultra girl. She wishes that she were ultra girl. She drops links by random anonymous mk ultra bloggers in an attempt to steer people away from my message. She tries to add up the inlays as though every word/ icon is authentic. Because, the programme never lies...

Watch for all the masonic hand signals and eye movements that Ann is making during this interview. She is clearly looking up trying to get some information about what to say. She is upset that I am not following her cues.

Is it possible that Ann is so undercover and deeply wounded by her own programming that she is just blind to everything? Or is she offended that another player has knocked her off her block? Or is she angry that a message of hope is offered instead of her offerings of non remedial dead ends?"


I'm starting to love this crazy interview, but Ellen's reaction raise some scary questions. Does she really believe anyone could be 'jealous' of the tortured child in the 'Strain All Urine' photo?? By what twisted logic is that possible, except in the mind of a woman who wants to be 'famous' by any means possible, e.g. by associating herself with a victim of an atrocity? The more I actually look at the two photos, the less resemblance. The eyes and cheekbones are quite different. ated

In a recent podcast Ellen stated she is 53: that means she was born in 1963, and CANNOT BE the child in the photo -- it's nonsensical to think otherwise. "This is not a game" -- as she states at her website. But it seems to be. What's behind it?

BaSH PROMPT said...

The girl in the photo isn't the 'victim' of some atrocity. She is a young girl who was diagnosed with kidney stones, and wearing a whiplash collar, in a public hospital circa 1960's, a decade too late--from the wider view of the shot available on google image search judging from the equipment it is a late 60's hospital--and definitely outside of the age range of the lunatic claiming to be her who thinks people are 'jealous' of the little girl in the photo for some bizarre mentally unhinged reason. People who think they were part of MK-ULTRA are generally mentally ill. I would be honestly surprised if in a lifetime of listening to their interviews we ever even hear the words of ONE real participant in those experiments tbh.

Ann Diamond said...

According to one source, this photo is dated '1962' - the MKULTRA program ran from 1953-64 but in fact never really ended. All records of experiments on children were destroyed by CIA director Stansfield Turner in 1973. Some estimate there were hundreds of thousands of child subjects, some of whom testified at the Clinton Commission investigation into human radiation experiments in the early 1990s. There are hundreds books, articles and testimonials written by MKULTRA victims - and literally thousands of pages of materials available on line, including the excellent series from a 1997 Ryerson University conference broadcast on radio CKLN which you can download.

I personally know a number of people who as children were in MKULTRA experiments at McGill University, and Leonard Cohen admitted to being a participant under the notorious Ewen Cameron - who was only one of many psychiatrists on the CIA and military payroll. Until recently, too few people were aware of this program, and survivors who talked about it were marginalized and misunderstood. That has changed mainly thanks to the internet and the Freedom of Information Act.

Thanks for your comment but you are seriously under-informed.

Ann Diamond said...

Ellen Atkin is fundraising on Patreon where she has posted this video