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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Wednesday Night Club

Not long ago, I "discovered" the Wednesday Night Club. Clearly I have not been paying attention. Either that, or the Club has been operating under my radar, in a zone of weird energy that I prefer to stay well away from.

Actually I don't know anyone else who had heard of it, either, although -- oddly -- I have been sensing its existence for years. It turns out that a number of people I normally avoid are associated with this weekly "salon" which has been meeting without interruption since 1982. Jailed media baron Conrad Black, and Dr. Peter Roper, the psychiatrist who electro-shocked Montrealers including my father in 1962, have both been welcomed and feted by the Nicholsons (David and Diana) who host the Wednesday Night meetings. Their guest list goes on to embrace people in politics, medicine, the media -- some of them famous, others not so much.

Since about 2001, The Wednesday Night Club seems to be out of the woodwork, having been written up in The National Post as well as the Globe and Mail,and most recently Montreal's ultra-Zionist Metropolitain newspaper.

It's fascinating, of course, to note the club's close ties to the new MUHC mega-hospital project, especially via Dr. Marc Roper, who is deeply involved in planning and recruitment for the project. Marc Roper is the son of Peter Roper, the former RAF pilot who helped pioneer military mind control in Canada. In 2003, while I was researching my family's involvement in the notorious MKULTRA program, I had an accidental encounter on the Montreal metro with one of Dr. Marc Roper's patients, a former Vietnam veteran from Manitoulin Island in Ontario, who showed me his drug prescription, written out by Dr. Roper, for his PTSD symptoms which at the time manifested as pacing and shouting during rush hour. In keeping with family tradition, Dr. Roper apparently still works for the Canadian military.

It's nice to know that David and Diana Nicholson have been keeping these old Montreal traditions alive for the past thirty years, since they first opened their doors to receive Canada's elite, at 33 Rosemount Avenue, the former address of Conservative Defense minister Pierre Sevigny, whose famous affair with east German spy Gerda Munsinger forced his resignation in 1963, which was also the year Dr. Ewen Cameron was forced to leave McGill over CIA-funded experiments on unwitting Montrealers, including children.

Interesting, too, that after all these years, people who should have been prosecuted for crimes against humanity still turn up on the list of welcomed luminaries.

I only learned about the Nicholsons, and their weekly salon, by accident when a friend sent me a link to one of their photostream images in which an ex-neighbour of mine appears next to Dr. Marc Roper. I was surprised, to say the least, to see these two "together" even if their togetherness was accidental. On the other hand, how purely accidental is it that they were both in the Nicholsons' living room one Wednesday evening in 2008, given that these gatherings are by invitation only?

The house has a long-standing connection with military intelligence. Its former owner Pierre Sevigny was Conservative Minister of Defence when he was named as the "spy" in the Gerda Munsinger scandal which helped bring down the Diefenbaker government. The Nicholsons, who moved out in 2010, have had to deal with rumours linking them to the CIA, while the same could be said for a number of their guests.

It also strikes me as rather fascinating that, back in 2007, when I attempted to get my own and my father's medical records dating back to the MKULTRA years, I was referred to Lynne Casgrain, the Ombudsperson at the Montreal General Hospital, who I would guess is probably related to the late Pierre Casgrain, another friend of the Wednesday Night Club, and also happened to be the partner of Westmount Mayor and Wednesday Night guest Peter Trent.

Is it surprising that Ms. Casgrain had also been the President of my writers' association back in 1999 when I was on the board of that? I was just as surprised to see her occupying the position of ombudman, giving me all sorts of questionable reasons why I really had no right to my own medical files from McGill, dating back to early childhood when I was first hospitalized for pneumonia, although the evidence suggests I was one of a group of children funnelled into Dr. Cameron's experiments on Montreal children.

A city with so many toxic secrets needs its own underground secret police. Perusing the guest list of the Wednesday Night Club, I see a number of other gatekeepers, including editor Alan Hustak, who stood watch for a good half hour in the library of the Montreal Gazette while I was going through the files on the Allan Memorial in 2003.

Long story short, I have many reasons to suspect that the Wednesday Night Club has its tentacles firmly embedded in the subterranean world of Montreal's medical and political elite, who in recent years have extended their reach into media and publishing. As the secrets of unethical research on humans threaten to pour out, the sons and daughters of medical "pioneers" like Wilder Penfield move into the world of media where they can prevent the public from knowing the truth about covert eugenics programs that have been operating under our collective noses for several generations.

Another Wednesday Night guest is Dr. Nicholas Steinmetz, whose son Andrew Steinmetz is an editor at Vehicule Press, and sent me a speedy rejection of the opening chapters of My Cold War, my memoir about growing up as a child of an Air Force intelligence officer caught up in the secret experiments at the same Montreal hospital for which Andrew worked as a night clerk for nine years.

Small world.

It all makes so much sense, doesn't it, that the funding would continue, under new forms of cover and control? There's nothing new here, really, except the links, and a sense of surprise that so many criminal conspiracies could have come together under one roof at 33 Rosemount Avenue, in Westmount.


Unknown said...

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L.M. Lynn said...

This is good stuff. Keep going!

Ann Diamond said...

(I notice they mention my blog (: ... and say Conrad Black never attended their salons, but I saw a guest list from 2000 that they posted, and he and his lovely wife Barbara were definitely on it - maybe they never showed up)

Damage control?

Ann Diamond said...

Dr. Peter Roper, former RAF pilot and notorious MKULTRA psychiatrist, has passed on.

He was a long standing friend of the Wednesday Night Club. It's therefore not surprising to see David Nicholson was also an Air Force commander who trained pilots in Centralia, Ontario. Or that astronaut and federal politician Marc Garneau stood up in Parliament in 2010 to honour the Westmount thinktank --

Let's be frank: MKULTRA never died. It lives on in Montreal, influencing leaders and setting policy in private. If you don't find all this spooky yet, then I probably need to write an update on Montreal cults.

Ann Diamond said...

And it appears Leonard Cohen was also a member in good standing of this powerful lodge with deep roots in the military, government, and mind control. He appears on their list of 'absent friends' along with Peter Roper, who was likely one of the psychiatrists who depatterned him back in the 1950s.