Thursday, March 5, 2009

On the subject of Decapitation and "Who is responsible?"

There are a number of details in the story suggesting Vincent Li, the man who decapitated Tim McLean and then ate his victim`s flesh on a Greyhound bus last July, may have been a mind-controlled, programmed assassin:

His zombie-like behaviour after the killing, and the fact that he doesn’t recall his actions — suggest he was programmed and/or in a hypnotic trance at the time.

Hearing the voice of God: he may in fact have been hearing the voice of a handler communicating with him in a number of different ways, including an actual “voice to brain” electronic transmitter.

An early report mentioned that in June, Li had disappeared from his job, delivering newspapers for CanWest, for an entire month.

By a strange coincidence, Li’s CanWest supervisor’s brother in law just happened to be riding the Greyhound bus on which McLean was murdered.

Li had left Edmonton on a Greyhound two days before, disembarked at the Manitoba border, and waited 24 hours for the bus on which Tim McLean was a passenger. Was Li waiting for his handler to arrive in the company of the designated victim? Was this scenario pre-arranged?

Was Tim McLean, who was a carnival worker in Edmonton, chosen to be a sacrificial victim in a ritual killing with racist undercurrents. Tim McLean was a 22-year-old Metis man whose nickname for himself was “Jokawild.” He had posted a photo of himself on MySpace, made up like Heath Ledger’s Joker character in the film DARK KNIGHT.

Ten days before Tim McLean was murdered, on July 20, an article appeared in the Edmonton Sun about a noted ethnologist who had written a book on the Windingo: a mythical, humanoid creature with an insatiable appetite for human flesh.

“Windigo Psychosis” involves a fear of being possessed by the spirit of this creature, and going on a cannibalistic killing spree.

It’s not impossible that the newspaper article in the Sun was part of whatever triggered Li to commit this bizarre crime in front of a busload of horrified passengers.

It’s also not impossible that Tim McLean’s MySpace page played a part in his being selected as the victim in a crime that involved decapitation, which is what the Joker does in DARK KNIGHT.

Was this a Satanic ritual killing, designed to traumatize not only the victim, his family and friends, and witnesses on the scene — but Canadian society as a whole, and perhaps most particularly aboriginal Canadians?

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Gwida's Assistant said...

OK, I haven't had time to look into this in heaps of detail 'cause it's so late at night atm, BUT I was wondering if that entire "shock Canadian society with mind controlled assassinations" was not only deliberate, but also an experiment to see how far this sort of shit could go? ??? For some reason, in my mind, it sounds like Lennon's death and McLean's were (to a point) perhaps related? In terms of sending shock-waves through society, but targeting different people, as you said (to see how fine-tuned this technique could get, for whatever sick motives the mind control people have).

Now I'm gonna go to bed before I completely crash and have nightmares. Hopefully I will have enough time to read over more info. sometime during the day and try to suss it out myself.