Friday, May 7, 2010


Here in Greece, my friend and I have been making little orgone generators to try to improve the energy field around our house, because there is so much electromagnetic radiation coming from the cell phone towers and the military, making people sick.

These orgone cones are quite easy to make if you have quartz crystals -- and we do -- and after I had made a few I started "distributing" them around to the tower sites within a 3 or 4 km radius of our house. I used a pendulum to help me find the right spots to leave the generators (also known as Holy Hand Grenades, named by Don Croft who devised the method I am following) -- the first few times, I was impressed at how helpful the pendulum was at directing me to places which turned out to be perfect, and which I could not have found on my own.

We also have noticed a major decrease in the negative energy we are feeling, and since we started doing this the whole area seems to be changing -- it's hard to say if this is really happening, but it just seems that things are more harmonious, and nature is looking more and more beautiful.

So last week, I suddenly felt the urge to visit Samothrace, a 2-3 hour ferry ride from Lemnos. Themis tried to discourage me, by telling me that there is a lot of black magic on that island. He mentioned reports that members of the British Royal Family are frequent visitors to certain sites on the island, where they participate in secret rituals. My intuition still kept telling me to go, and to bring along one of our orgone generators and plant it there, to improve the energy and foil the dark schemes of Charles and Camilla...

So on Saturday June 4 at 6:30 am I took the ferry, and after a very gloomy voyage through fog, landed in the port of Samothrace where the sun finally appeared and the sea was throwing off sparks while the whole island seemed to shimmer with energy and light.

Once off the boat, though, it was just another Greek island, with bars and cafes and men sitting around drinking coffee. I had not done any research, so I bought a guide book in one of the shops and quickly read about the ancient mystery site on the north coast of the island, a mere 11 km. from the port. I found a bike rental place, rented an old clunker for 6 euro, and took off pedalling along the coastal road in the direction of the ruined temple of the “Great Gods.”

These sites on the north coast of Samotrace were used by a mystery cult which was second only to the one at Eleusis, built to the goddesses Demeter, Athena and Cybele (Cybele being another name for Artemis or Diana), with Hades (Pluto) and Persephone in there somewhere. There's a ruined temple on Samotrace, and various circular ruins where initiations were enacted.

It took me about half an hour to reach these famous archaeological sites, but for some reason (it was early June) they were all locked up and the entire mountainside surrounding them was enclosed behind high fences.

It was only 10:30 a.m., and I figured all I had to do was find a path that would get me close to the place where the Royal Family held its rituals. I cycled onward, enjoying the beautiful weather and the waves crashing on the beach until I came to a forested area which was heavily populated by strange black goats, all peering from the hillside as I pedalled past. Normally in Greece I like seeing goats, but these jet black ones were an odd looking breed, somewhat Satanic in appearance. It seemed a bit creepy that they should be showing up on the way to an ancient mystery site known for animal sacrifice.

The guidebook didn’t say anything about human sacrifice. I decided “I will let the pendulum guide me to an appropriate spot on a mountainside, perhaps overlooking one of the ruins.” You can ask a pendulum for anything. I specifically asked to be shown to the spot used for rituals by the Prince of Wales and his sweetheart the Duchess. I had visualized some hilly area in the open, with lots of old stones baking in the sun, but really I had no idea where I was headed or what I would find.

After I'd been cycling for around ten minutes, I got off my bike to consult the pendulum, which gives yes and no answers and also can count. Counting off by tens, I got it to indicate how far down this seaside road I would need to go before I reached my destination: the ritual site.

It said to keep going another 260 meters. I walked the bike so as to pace it out exactly. At 200 meters, I came to a shaded roadside area with picnic tables and a rushing spring. I asked the pendulum if I could drink the water as I had forgotten to bring a water bottle. It said no. So I plodded on with the bike for the last 60 - 70 more meters.

The north side of Samothrace is relatively lush, and has sulphurous hot springs descending the mountains. I was approaching this wild area, thick with spooky-looking plane trees which can grow very big and twisted and often have hollowed-out centres. Some of them look almost human like the Ents in Lord of the Rings.

All this time I was walking alongside the 2-meter high wire fence that encircles the sacred ruins for several kilometers (preventing people from entering from the woods and circling back to the ancient ruins). But as I counted down the last of the 60 pages, the fence suddenly dipped to less than half a meter higher. This was the place.

I was looking up at a sandy cliff, twice my height and covered with small trees and brush. There was a narrow path, possibly a goat track, winding upward from the bottom where the fence dipped down and it was easy to step over the wire, stash my bike behind a bush, and climb the sandy bluff. It was only a matter of grabbing onto bushes and not slipping off the edge.

Up above was all thick forest but I was now standing in a small clearing. Around were low wide bushes that looked like round coffee tables. They spread in circles along the ground and resembled trimmed shrubs set like topiary tables set among large clumps of ferns.

The pendulum told me to hang a right, although this meant walking into some of the taller bushes which were dry with spreading branches that blocked the path in all directions. I had to get past these dead bushes and into another area of very large trees. With each step, the branches made loud snapping noises, and it occurred to me these bushes were there as a natural barrier to trap intruders and spies who could not advance without making a racket. Whoever might be gathered in the space ahead would hear them coming.

It was 11 a.m., broad daylight, and there was no one to hear me and I quickly broke through into a deserted grove which was at the extreme far end of the raised cliff. This had to be the place. Three large granite boulders stood on the ground in a semi-circle, and it was clear they did not originate there but had been there for many years. One was a flat smooth rectangle lying horizontally on the ground. Opposite it was a huge round stone, and a taller more irregular one stood at the far edge of the thicket.

These stones were lined up facing two enormous hollowed-out trees which guarded the cliff edge. Both trees had their backs to the sea, and looked like humans with upraised arms. The hollowed out part of each tree was large enough to hold a fully grown adult. It was impossible to look at them without imagining someone tied to them with arms and legs extended.

On the ground near the boulders were two round pits which had recently been filled with twigs and leaves, neatly arranged.I have never seen or felt anything like what I felt standing in that place. It had to be the site of something awful and ancient. It seemed like a space designed by nature for some twisted purpose -- not nature as we know it, but something Gothic and alien. I've seen similar places in the woods in England, and also in Louisiana, but never in Greece.

The trees might have been 100 years old, or much older. The three boulders seemed to have been rolled or carried in from the archaeological site. The flat rectangular stone looked like an altar -- maybe the twin fire pits were for roasting organs and entrails! My imagination was running a bit wild and there was a horrible vibration in this clearing.

I had been guided to this spot in the midst of a forest overlooking a road used by fishermen and what little tourism there is on Samotrace -- but whatever happened in this grove was not for tourists. Defended on all sides by those strange circular bushes, it was invisible from the road because it was perched on a fenced-off cliff, The likelihood of coming across it by accident while tramping illegally through the forest was virtually nil -- but even if you were lost and happened to stumble onto it, you might not notice what sort of place it was until you were in it. You would have to be led in, or you would never find it.

As I absorbed the weird reality, I broke out in a cold sweat. I had my bicycle helmet on, with the name DAVID engraved on the front -- I hoped it would protect me while I pulled my Holy Hand Grenade out of my knapsack, wondering where to hide it so I could get out of there.

Just then, something behind me shouted "Baaaah!!!!" I nearly fainted on the spot. To my left, 10 metres away at the edge of the clearing, a white long-horned goat stood watching from behind a bush. It didnt occur to me that it was tied there -- I only thought about that later. Up to that moment, since the bushes had stopped crackling, there had been nothing but dead silence. Now, a bird gave out a very disturbing, broken-up noise from one of the treetops. I realized I was surrounded and being watched by fearful animals who had witnessed things here here and now they were waiting to see what came next.

I looked around for an obvious place to hide my orgone contraption from whoever was coming here after me -- I sensed it would be soon. There were several possible spots: I went to the tree, but the pendulum was saying 'negative'. It directed me to the farthest of the three boulders where there was a space with loose dirt and small stones -- a good place to bury a small object, which I did, in about two seconds.

Another bird-call came from overhead – I recognized the pigeon that the Greeks call "Dekaocturo" because it makes a soothing sound like "Dekaocto" which is Greek for number 18. This seemed to be the all-clear signal because then other birds started singing in chorus, and I could feel the fear dissipating.

I backed away and stumbled through the crackling bushes, breaking lots of branches in my hurry to leave. I looked down from the top of the bluff, saw the road and then saw my bike still down in the gully. Getting back down the crumbling sandy path seemed a lot harder than coming up, but before I had time to think, the rocks and gravel simply gave way and I slid all the way to the flowing stream at the bottom. What a relief to get out of there fast, without any scratches.

I jumped on the bike and pedaled as fast as I could along the road till I came to another picnic spot, also totally deserted, and stopped to catch my breath. It was 11:30 a.m. I was in a state of total amazement that all this had happened, and what did it mean? On the way back to the port, I saw only one black goat. It was kneeling by the roadside. This also seemed weird at the time. I had never seen a goat do that before. It seemed to be saying, Hats off to you, Lady, and thanks for dropping by. I wondered if some of those wild black goats are actually human victims trapped in animal bodies.

When I got back to the port, I had a swim near a little roadside chapel dedicated to St. John. For the rest of the day, I did healthy, tourist-y things, such as climb Mount Saos in the scorching sun, arriving half-dead at 3 pm in the beautiful village of Chora which hangs off a mountainside, where I had lunch. For that hour or two it was like being in heaven, and I partly forgot about the Satanic grove by the sea. In general, Samothrace seemed like a wonderful, unspoiled place, full of lovely people -- except for one local man who sat near me in a cafe, who acted bizarrely, inviting a passerby to play cards with him and then cheating -- he wasn't drunk but his speech was slurred and he wore this permanent smirk -- later it occurred to me he might be "possessed." The locals treated him with caution although the waiter told him off after he apparently blurted out something obscene in Greek and scared away an older lady.

The pendulum continued giving me good, accurate directions for the rest of the afternoon: predicting where I would eat lunch, and the reliability of my rented bike, and several other little "tests" that proved it does work. It told me not to visit the sulphurous springs, and also not to try to eat lunch in the village on the south side of the island which has a miracle chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary -- which I later found out was mainly empty and deserted.

So I feel certain that place really is connected to the British Royal Family. I asked to be guided to the site of their secret rituals -- imagining this would lead me to the entrance to some archaeological relic, or maybe a lodge in the hills with sunburned people lawn-bowling then sneaking off at night to some tacky ceremony with torches and silly costumes. I certainly never imagined I would end up in the epicentre of evil.

I hope I don't sound hysterical! I have no doubts about the meaning and purpose of what I saw.

I got back to Lemnos on the boat at 10 pm, exhausted. Themis and I went out to a taverna and I told him all about my strange adventure. He’s never really surprised by anything, so he just said to be careful, as I could “lose power” if I keep this up.

The next day, the energy was a little crazy. We went picking mulberries and Themis had a flat tire. Later, I dreamed about Samothrace and being at the Church of the Virgin Mary in the village of Chora, and everywhere were bright, pink flowers. I also dreamed someone handed me a sealed, thick glass container filled with creepy, crawly centipedes and other poisonous creatures -- they were visible inside, but could not get out. And I hope this is a metaphor for the future: that these dark secrets will be known, but not unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

Today I'm writing this -- later, I'm going to make 2-3 more orgone generators. They clear away negative energy, which I am noticing more and more. They work in spirals. When placed in areas where there is a lot of negative, or even Satanic, activity, they first neutralize the area and then they turn it to positive.

"Buckingham Palace" came up in a couple of remote viewing sessions, as the source of the secret experiments on children and others. I did not try to "remote view" the scene in the grove last night, although I was tempted. Instead I asked for protection and fell asleep. Around midnight, in the opening moments of 06.06.06, I suddenly felt a strong jolt of energy which woke me up. I have no idea what that was -- it was a bit like a gun going off in my head. I'm just hoping the Holy Hand Grenade in the Glade had a dampening effect on the proceedings.

And that Charles and Camilla had a nice weekend, lawn-bowling,


  1. Dear Ann:
    After reading your blog I couldn't help be ask you to check out
    Russ Dizdar talks frequently about "remote viewers". I found your blog from a site, "Let Freedom Rain" which you had posted a comment on. Thanks

  2. Hi, thank you for your story of your adventure on Samothrace. I was wondering: could you send my a photo of your Pendulum? I'd very much like to construct, or purchase something similar. Who knows, maybe there is something to this "divination" stuff?

  3. Hi William
    I no longer have it unfortunately. It was a Swarowski (sp?) crystal about 3 cm long and 1 cm thick, given to me by a friend and meant to be worn as a pendant but also worked very well as a pendulum. I'm sure if you check around you can find something similar or just as good.
    I'm no expert on pendulums and crystals, and in general I don't get involved in divination, but this was an unusual situation and I'm grateful that it happened. I was as surprised as anyone that the pendulum actually 'worked' --

  4. Thanks, Ann.

    Googled for Swarovski crystal pendulum divination:

  5. Thanks Ann. That was a great read! You've got a lot of courage and good energy.