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A Thousand Kisses Deep

For many women, Leonard Cohen represents the perfect imaginary lover.
Multiply those thousand kisses by the 4,000 women he boasted of having over the course of his life. And think about what that does to a man, just for a moment -- not to mention the damage to the women.

I don't always appreciate the worshipful way people talk about him. It's disorienting for people who knew him, as the real, screwed up guy he was -- in fact, without his screwed-up-ness he would have been totally boring. He did not present himself in a superior light to those he met, in fact he preferred to come across as a hunchback or leper -- that was his style, his charm, his peculiar calling in life. He treated people as equals. Except secretly of course, he must have wanted to be worshipped because at the end of his life he had millions of fans around the world speaking of him in breathless superlatives. On the surface, he was well spoken and polite, like some incarnated Buddha radiating holy wisdom with every thought, word and deed. He worked his way into our souls, through a lifetime of misery.
painting by David Wilson
People simply can't fathom his catastrophic negativity, that some could sense from a distance. His criminal mind, disguised in a suit, speaking in rhymes like a page from some Victorian tome. How, for years, almost nobody in his home town liked him, and most avoided him like a rare disease carrier. And how, to this day, although people miss him, many are probably as relieved as I am that he's gone. My relief, on hearing the news, outweighed the shock. I couldn't squeeze out a single tear. I felt his life had been strange and tragic, his success covering up real dismal failure. I felt glad that he no longer had to contain all the contradictions that had dogged him and that in vanishing had finally gone home, to be with the Roshi, and become One. Now we will experience him only through his songs, which will play on -- without needing wonder where those tortured notes originated. His extreme emotions which he hid carefully -- anger, self-hatred, pride, despair -- also are gone with the wind. I'm grateful to have known him, but mostly he was a load of trouble that constantly needed sorting out. He was a puzzle to men and a scourge to women, and lived to disappoint the people he struggled to love. Now he's finally at peace, in the ground where he can't torment us with his never-ending guilt and unspeakable secrets. The truth about him would freeze your heart, or maybe save your life. It's the truth we should be focusing on, not the fairy tale. I'm just glad I no longer have to witness him dying over decades, failing to answer his koan, giving those endless repetitive interviews of elegant profundity as his inner world shrank. He has gone to meet his Maker, or his Mom, in a place that is not heaven. It's probably some workhouse where they'll put him to work repairing broken toys or sewing up souls whose hearts he ripped out while alive. I'm sure he'll be fully employed, laboring among the demons who encouraged and controlled him from the Other Side. If a mythology must be built, let's make it an adult blend of dark and light -- not the Disney version. All this does not prevent me from feeling a kind of love for him in his absence. That's how old I've gotten. He was probably the most ravaged soul I have encountered in this world, and I suspect it's not the last time. But for now I'll just say goodbye, Leonard. Thanks for letting me get that close. I hope you're finally free of that murdering cabal.

And for the trolls who keep spamming the Comments:

* He lied often, e.g. in order to manage situations that he had created. He used his loyal followers to help him manage his complicated affairs. When confronted with his own lies, he was brilliant and elusive.

* He turned his nannies and other women into accomplices in his sometimes unconscionable, secretive behaviour – .

* He was a drug addict and alcoholic – he used drugs and booze to mask his depression. How much of his depression was really guilt caused by having to live with the consequences of his own actions, whether he remembered them clearly or not?

* He lied about Kelley Lynch whom he accused of stealing his money. This has never been proved in a court of law.
* He lied to the Roshi about his real reasons for going to India in 2000. They had nothing to do with 'spiritual enlightenment.'

* While adopting an image as a peaceful, impeccably kind and reasonable sage, he absolutely believed in violence. He owned guns and was trained in using them. How does that align with his public image?

* He had a number of apparently separate personalities – with different goals, different relationships, and secret histories. The likely cause of his dissociative behaviour is the documented fact that he was a victim of CIA mind control at one of the leading institutions where this program was created. He was probably a Manchurian Candidate since he went on missions to Cuba, Greece, and Ethiopia. He hid these facts about his early career while sometimes mentioning them in his writing, private conversations etc.

* He was skilled at psychological warfare techniques including ‘gaslighting’ – which he used on many people including myself, for years. He also understood the uses of gossip and 'fake news', particularly to discredit people he was close to. He both created chaos around him and meticulously managed it.

I'll be exploring these topics further in the second edition of THE MAN NEXT DOOR. Coming soon.


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Truth-Teller said...

I never understood why people have difficulty separating the man from his art. So many great artists are terribly flawed human beings. I have just never seen this as a contradiction, a problem to be wrestled with or reconciled or even an issue. Pablo Picasso was probably a misogynist. He certainly didn't treat the women in his life very well. And he was an egotist. And a womanizer. And none of that affects my appreciation for his art. Not even a little. His paintings stand on their own merit. As with Leonard Cohen's music and poetry.

I am, however, astounded at the depth of emotion that Leonard Cohen must still evoke in Ann Diamond after all of these decades since they last spoke, let alone shared more significant interaction, that she could actually feel "relief" at his death at age 82. Not relief for Cohen as when one is glad that someone who they once loved and who had become ill has ended their suffering in death. But relief for herself.

Relief flowing from the death of a man who she has not even shared so much as a "hello" with in 40 years.

Leonard Cohen must have been, and must continue to be, a more profound part of her life than Ann realizes. Although, alas, not in any reciprocated sense.

And that is what really sticks in Ann's craw.

There are no relationship victims in this world, only willing participants.

If, for instance, working for Leonard Cohen was even half as awful as Kelley Lynch claimed after her fired her, why did she continue to work for the man for 18-years, knowing (allegedly) that he was an abusive "fraud", a "gossip", and who subjected her to sexually harassing conduct, words and images?

If all that is true and she did, who is to blame? Cohen or Lynch?

And so it is with Cohen's paramours, Ann Diamond included.

Ann Diamond said...

I don't consider myself as a victim. I was a witness to a lot of pointless suffering. Not my own -- I was a bystander. He used to talk about "the people who control my career" -- They made him do things that can't even be talked about. I hope he's free of those people now. Unless they're the ones who are building these monuments -- but if you visit his grave, you'll see there's not even a name on his headstone.

The people who idolize him have no idea who he was or what he came from. Now that he's gone, the truth cam come out. That's what we should celebrate. That plus the fact he's no longer a prisoner of their murderous cabal.

Truth-Teller said...

If you do not consider yourself a "victim" why then do you consider yourself to be so "relieved" by the death of a man you have not seen in 40 years and whom you barely know except as a "bystander"? Something does not add up.

I am unaware of any posthumous "truth" emerging about Leonard Cohen.

You and Kelley Lynch have been saying the same things about Cohen for over a decade. Your Mk Ultra book about Leonard Cohen has been in print for a year.

If you refer to the fact that Cohen had many sexual relationships with women his entire life and seemed pathologically incapable of forming a lasting emotional relationship with any of them, that was already well known and few people care.

Nor do I consider the other opinions offered up by someone who knew him casually 40 years ago but seems professionally preoccupied with Cohen or the opinions of a clearly disgruntled former manager who was his greatest standard bearer until she was fired 15-years ago for embezzlement and who was since criminally convicted of harassing the late songwriter to be either definitive or even particularly credible.

Perhaps more to the point, nor do a critical mass of critics, reporters, or the public.

Ann Diamond said...

I'm referring to the ongoing revelations about mind control, child abuse, pedophilia cults, pornography, extortion and blackmail, celebrity murders, assassinations, human trafficking and snuff movies as the driving money makers behind Hollywood and the "entertainment" business- and MKULTRA is part of all that.

But mainly i'm talking about the people who now stand to profit from turning Cohen into a commodity and a deity by pretending he was not controlled throughout his career by some of the darkest people on the planet including the Rothschilds, Buckingham Palace, and their intelligence arms.

Unlike Kelley Lynch I was never at war with Cohen. I'm "relieved" that he's out of the game and can't be a pawn of these killers. I have never wasted time on resentment, but i'm not blind to the ways he misled people while he was alive. His death is another step in a big unraveling - which I whole heartedly support. Now the real stories can start to pour out. That's something you should welcome if you care about telling the truth.

Li Lise said...

A Thousand Kisses Deep
"For millions, Leonard Cohen represents the perfect imaginary lover.

Multiply those thousand kisses by the 4,000 women he boasted of having over the course of his life. And think about what that does to a man, just for a moment -- not to mention the damage to the women."
I don't get the logic of this passage. Besides, it's highly unlikely that he had the time to bestow quite that many kisses on 4000 women!
"his catastrophic negativity, that one could sense from far away. ....How, for years, almost nobody in his home town liked him, and most avoided him like a rare disease carrier."
In Naples (Italy) at least up until the 60s, that of the "jettatore" [jinx] was considered a profession. Such people would dress all in black -sometimes even wearing dark glasses - and hang around some particular place or person. Neapolitans believed that coming across one of them in the street, being stared at, or looked in the eye by one them brought bad luck on you. So they were paid to keep away.

Ann Diamond said...

If you want a more nuanced approach, here's a podcast from last year where I discuss these issues with Jasun Horsley on his podcast series:

I'm less judgmental than others because I knew Cohen early on in his career - in fact I probably first met him when I was a child at the Allan Memorial where I was part of MKULTRA's huge child trafficking and pedophilia "project" -- which is only gradually being exposed.

The truth is much too shocking for most people and Cohen lived with it for decades. That's an achievement imho. I know he tried to talk about it in his early poems, novels and songs but the world was blind and deaf back then too. So many fans still think of him as a romantic figure who led a fascinating, enviable life dedicated to art. That's a myth that needs to be exploded. His artistic career was secondary - it was a cover for his real work which was mostly over by the time Kelley Lynch came on the scene at about the same time I ended the relationship I. E. 1984.

I can tell from his final album that Cohen was listening in, and he has responded. That's all we can ask of him.

Li Lise said...

The above comments are ironical, while abelling one "criminal mind" obviously isn't. But even if it were true, who knows, maybe some day this dark side, will only add extra charm to his art. People enjoy watching scary movies because evil "in absentia" causes no harm....or does it? :)

Ann Diamond said...

And FYI I didn't stop seeing him altogether until 1996, and in 2005 i gave him a copy of my memoir My Cold War.

He would phone or we would run into each other. I saw him on Mount Baldy in 1994, and in Los Angeles in 1996. There were some very strange things going on in our neighborhood in Montreal including character assassination and all kinds of abuse, and the local petty criminals hung Leonard's "swastika inside a Star of David" symbol in their front window. There was a cult-like scene that was a dark mirror of the Roshi's in California, and the MKULTRA psychiatrists at the Allan were running things in the background - but all this has taken decades to untangle. I think it's time for all the players in this drama to come forward as we're finally in a position to understand what we have been part of - mostly unwittingly.

One thing i've learned is how so much of this traces back to Aleister Crowley whose "teachings" have spread through popular culture in our era. Cohen was no stranger to Do What Thou Wilt - but in his case I don't think it was the whole of the Law.

Jonathan Deschênes said...


Truth-Teller said...

"Now the real stories can start to pour out."

You will let us know the minute a single source who is not Ann Diamond or Kelley Lynch comes forward with a single alleged fact directly linking Leonard Cohen to an overarching conspiracy of CIA and Buckingham Palace string-pulling and murder won't you?

Ann Diamond said...

The facts are there for anyone to see if they bother to look. They're in the biographies, they're documented. You'll have to do your own research unfortunately, which would involve reading the history of the CIA takeover of post-war popular culture including the media and publishing. Them you'll have to read up on the Tavistock Institute in London, its origins with the the Rothschilds and MI5, and how it came to America in the 1960s and launched the careers of influential academics and culture heroes who influenced the generation that worships Leonard Cohen. You'll have to study the Pedophocracy and how it rules public life in the English speaking world. Once you start, it's hard to stop. Eventually you'll get to the MKULTRA program at McGill which programmed a number of Manchurian Candidates, most of whom you never heard of, who died young. By the time you've spent as long as I have absorbing all this frightening information, you'll also understand why it never made it into mainstream consciousness while the principal actors and perps were still alive: because it's a program designed to dumb you down and keep you focused on trivial distractions and believing in lies the media told you.

People who think an artist and his work can be separated have been trained not to look below the surface.

Odzer Chenma said...

Ann, I don't know much about the British royalty angle here apart from the fact that Cohen's distant cousin, Lord Janner, was accused by the UK government of sexual misconduct with children. In any event, I find Cohen's role in the Bay of Pigs even more intriguing than his LSD experiments, comments about his participation in MK Ultra, etc. Leonard Cohen himself has said that Castro's forces viewed him as CIA recon, one of the first members of the American landing party, and arrested/interrogated him. He then wrote "Field Commander Cohen" and noted that he was our "most important spy." For the time being, I'll assume Truth Teller is a Stephen Gianelli moniker. I embezzled nothing from Leonard Cohen. He, on the other hand, stole millions of dollars in corporate assets, failed to pay taxes on $8 million in income, funneled income - for years - into off-shore accounts, etc. This evidence has been submitted to IRS, numerous courts, and there are very serious tax implications to all of this. A fraud default judgment will never prove otherwise. I will note that LAPD's report, of my alleged emails, confirms that my requests to Cohen were generally requests for tax information. Of course, Cohen and his cohorts lied on the witness stand extensively about "harassment." Leonard Cohen, using an army of professionals, spent hundreds of thousands - if not millions of dollars - targeting me and attempting to explain away his role in what appears to be egregious criminal tax fraud. I suppose it's also our fault that Cohen - Canada's national treasure - cannot live in Canada due to tax and residence issues that pre-date our meeting him? One thing that has been put to bed is Cohen's ability to use his slanderous and abusive tactics to evade the actual legal and tax issues that have not been resolved.

It seems to me that, as is true for Gianelli and his cohorts, that Truth Teller is attempting to elicit information. Perhaps he would like to discuss Cohen's fantasies about men holding guns on him. Those are well documented. That would include, but is not limited to, Cohen's three versions of the bullshit Phil Spector story before LA Superior Court.

Odzer Chenma said...

In one telling, Cohen went to Cuba because he was “fighting on both sides.” In another, he went because of “a deep interest in violence. I was very interested in what it really meant for a man to to carry arms and to kill other men – and how attracted I was exactly to that process.” And in the the third, he went, he got drunk (on rum, Cuba libre, or mojitos, quien sabe; déjame en paz y me deja escribir), spent his time with late night movie operators and hookers, was woken up by an official from the Canadian embassy, taken to said embassy, and politely and firmly informed that his mother was worried about him.

Ira Nadel – the biographer quoted above – explains: “Wearing his khakis and carrying a hunting knife, he was suddenly surrounded by twelve soldiers with Czech submachine guns. It was late at night and they thought he was the first of an American landing team. They marched him to the local police station while he repeated the only Spanish he knew, a slogan of Castro’s: Amistad del pueblo, ‘Friendship of the People.’ This made no impression on his captors, but after an hour and a half of interrogation, Cohen convinced them he was not a spy buy a fan of the regime who wanted to be there.”

Ann Diamond said...

It's a colorful story that had never been explained, so until proof emerges (i'm not holding my breath) i'll just add it to my list of questions. One thing I do know: Allen Dulles who organized the Bay of Pigs invasion drew on a small army of trained CIA soldiers of fortune, and was a close colleague of Dr Ewen Cameron whose MKULTRA project was designed to create mind controlled operatives who could be used as spies and for other sensitive missions. You have only to listen to Leonard's 1970 song "Field Commander Cohen" to know he was familiar with such assignments and wanted his audience to get the message, otherwise why would he write:

"Field Commander Cohen was our most important spy
Parachuting acid into diplomatic cocktail parties
Urging Fidel Castro to abandon fields and castles
And (like a man) come back to poetry..."

But like so many others of my generation I had no clue, back when I heard this song, what it was really about.

"I know you need your sleep now..." he went on. This is one reason I give Leonard credit for trying to warn us. Unfortunately he was singing to dummies

Ann Diamond said...

If we all had to answer for everything our distant cousins are up to, the prisons would be overflowing. I'll leave Lord Janner out of my narrative -- it's an interesting but gratuitous detail that proves nothing and opens you to charges of slander.

Just saying.

Kelley Lynch said...

It is a colorful story and Cohen is known for his masterful stories and embellishing them. That's an interesting note - Allen Dulles organizing the Bay of Pigs. I do know that Cohen was also fond of telling stories about hanging out with CIA agents at Bill's Bar on Hydra. He personally wrote that he was "our most important spy." That's undeniable. I do know that he longed to be a revolutionary like Garcia Lorca and frequently referred to Lorca and Spanish Revolution. That's one of the reasons Cohen was obsessed with the notion of dying by firing squad. This issue arose when he was interviewed by Mikal Gilmore for Rolling Stone. Gilmore's brother had been executed by the government before a firing squad in the U.S. I can still visualize Cohen telling me the various last meals he would have, the cigarette he would smoke, the blindfold he would wear, and so forth. I don't know if he personally wrote anything to me about this particular issue but I'll review the documents I have.

I don't believe Cohen or anyone for that matter should answer for their relatives. I am simply aware that Cohen's distant cousin, Lord Janner, was charged by the UK government for sexual misconduct with minors. I thought that might be one of the matters you referred to re. royalty and sexual misconduct. It doesn't open me up to slander. This issue is well documented by BBC, etc. In fact, BBC wrote in October 2016, that the child molestation charges were not dropped. I believe I was clear that the UK government brought forth the charges - and investigation actually. I personally wondered if this was one of the issues raised in the comments here. Just wonderin'.

December 2, 2016 at 10:58 AM
Blogger Ann Diamond said...
If we all had to answer for everything our distant cousins are up to, the prisons would be overflowing. I'll leave Lord Janner out of my narrative -- it's an interesting but gratuitous detail that proves nothing and opens you to charges of slander.

Just saying.

December 2, 2016 at 11:02 AM

Jonathan Deschênes said...

Exactly. How crazy people can be.

Ann Diamond said...

Leonard always admitted he was crazy, Jonathan Deschenes. That's why he was so prolific. Had there not been so much confusion and darkness pressing on his mind, he would not have needed to write all those poems, novels and songs. I only get worried when people put him on a pedestal, or try to paint him as totally evil.

Ann Diamond said...

@ Kelley: Leonard was probably downplaying rather than embellishing. Hydra was known as a place for intelligence agents to retire, or lie low between assignments. While I lived there in the early 80s, I knew people who had worked for MI5, the CIA, international oil companies and middle eastern dictators. One Bill's Bar regular had been a Swiss mercenary in the Congo during the civil war there. Leonard was there in the period leading up to the Colonels' CIA- and British-backed junta -- in fact many pop stars including the Beatles considered moving their operations to Greek islands in the late 60s. Greeks know and are mistrustful of Hydra's reputation as an elite hangout and centre for espionage.

Truth-Teller said...

Your imagination has run away with you, Ann. Hydra is a fictional terrorist organization appearing in American comic books published by .... The original Hydra Island was invaded by the Leatherneck Raiders and the Japanese Samurai Squad, and the base was destroyed.

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, I think one of the issues with Cohen is that strangers glorify him. I personally do not view him as thoroughly evil. I simply happened to know him exceedingly well. I am well aware of what Cohen told or wrote me. He said precisely what you have written - that Bill's Bar was an elite hang-out and a place where global spies hung out. I know there are bars in Georgetown where people in the industry hang out also. It doesn't sound particularly over the top. I believe Truth Teller is actually Stephen Gianelli. Your piece on him was resoundingly spot on. And, although it may surprise people who didn't know Cohen at all, he is exactly the type of clown who Cohen relied on to advance his less than noble goals when necessary.

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, Cohen spoke extensively about his depression which he would refer to as a type of "mental violence" which stopped him from functioning properly. I don't think strangers, who never met him, have any idea as to the extent of his psychiatric ailments which were exacerbated by his over-indulgent use of drugs, psychiatric medications, and alcohol. He has been quoted as explaining that his drug and alcohol use was a reason he decided to spend time on Mt. Baldy. Jonathan Deschênes should ask "How crazy can people be" about Leonard Cohen who never tried to hide that he was an entirely tortured soul.

He provides more details in a 1997 radio interview:5

“Well, for me personally, depression has been an issue with me for the whole of my life and I’ve tried, like everybody else, various ways of dealing with that depression. You know, drugs, women, art, religion… you try everything … . Well, you know, there’s depression and depression. What I mean by depression in my own case is that depression isn’t just the blues. It’s not just like I’ve a hangover for the weekend… the girl didn’t show up or something like that, it isn’t that. I’m trying to describe clinically like an acute depression. It’s not really depression, it’s a kind of mental violence which stops you from functioning properly from one moment to the next. You lose something somewhere and suddenly you’re gripped by a kind of angst of the heart and of the spirit.”

Ann Diamond said...

Hydra was a mythological nine-headed monster slain by Hercules who tossed one of the heads into the Saronic Gulf where it grew until it formed the island known as Hydra, a playground for wealthy pleasure-seekers and their friends in intelligence agencies. When Leonard first went there he was working for Victor Rothschild, who secretly ran MI6, and whose ex-wife was living on the island with the famous Greek painter Ghikas. The Ghikas mansion burned to the ground soon after Leonard attempted to visit but was turned away at the door.

Kelley Lynch said...

Leonard Cohen's official fan site has covered this, as have many biographers, over the years. Here's an excerpt from Ira Nadel's biography that Cohen approved. I worked very closely with Nadel (and Cohen) on this biography. I don't know if he worked for Victor Rothschild but do know - from Cohen personally - that he heard about Hydra from Jacob Rothschild. That's what led Cohen to visit Jacob's mother. Gianelli/Truth Teller obviously does not know Cohen at all. It's embarrassing.

It was actually the island of Hydra that attracted Cohen. English was spoken and an artists’ colony was flourishing. He had first heard of Hydra from Jacob Rothschild, whose mother had married Ghikas (Niko Hadjikyriakos), one of modern Greece’s most important painters. They lived in his family’s forty-room seventeenth-century mansion perched on a hill some distance from the port with a striking view of the sea. Jacob Rothschild encouraged Cohen to visit his mother, promising to write to her to say that Cohen was coming. Layton had predicted Cohen’s departure. “I suppose when he’s finished his novel,” he told Desmond Pacey, ”he’ll leave London for the Continent, where he’ll make love to all the beautiful French and Italian women, and then leave for Greece and Israel!”

Ann Diamond said...

Bottom line: an artistic career is a great cover for a spy.

Ann Diamond said...

I just would add that there was no other way to have a music career in the 1960s and afterwards than to work for those very agencies. Had Cohen chosen to remain 'pure' we would never have heard from him again. That was the choice, which was no choice at all. It's eye-opening to read the hidden history surrounding the Beatles, just for perspective. The Fab Four were subject to the same kinds of pressures including blackmail and threats from their real "managers" -- not Brian Epstein who, like Paul, was likely murdered. Anyone entering that world had to be ready for everything.

Truth-Teller said...

I have spent time on Hydra and never ran into a single intelligence agent or former intelligence agent. I married into a Greek family of professional people (medical doctors) and no one in the family has ever heard of any Hydra/intelligence connection.

I cannot find a single internet reference to Hydra as a place populated by current or former intelligence types.

Never believe what a guy you have never met tells you in a bar, Ann.

Truth-Teller said...

Almost any career that involves international travel could be a great cover for a spy. If that is your "bottom line" regarding an alleged Cohen-"murderous" CIA connection, that is utter speculation. Hardly a floodgate of "the truth coming out".

Truth-Teller said...

Ha! "No other way to have a music career in the 1960's" than to work for the CIA?

Totally ridiculous and unsupported claim.

Truth-Teller said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ann Diamond said...

You visited Hydra and didn't meet a single intelligence operative? That settles it then.

You could start by reading the list of writers who lived and produced books on Hydra. It's a long list but you could start with Australian novelist George Johnston who was a war correspondent and worked for military intelligence and knew Leonard and Marianne. I could name others who are alive and/or have families etc so I wont. Jackie Kennedy, the Beatles, Marianne Faithfull, Mick Jagger, Princess Diana -- all came to Hydra. When I lived there I went to parties where people reminisced about the Suez crisis or flying bombers over Yugoslavia. There were ex prostitutes and former oil company executives drinking in Bill's Bar. People who had negotiated with the IRA. And so on. Just scratching the surface because in those days I wasn't clued in to any of this and gathered information unintentionally at dinner parties etc. But you can research it if you're curious - doesn't sound like you are, though.

Ann Diamond said...

Definitely, Stephen Gianelli is back, repeating himself as "Truth Teller" -- same old disinfo and spam. But not for much longer.

Ann Diamond said...

Here's today's Guardian article on Hydra: https://

Truth-Teller said...

Not a word in the liked article about any intelligence operatives on Hydra (past or present).

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, I know a very famous composer who ha strong ties to the military and intelligence. He mentioned that Ian Flemming, who was UK Navy intelligence, spent time on Hydra. Perhaps Gianelli's well connected friends on Greece are simply unaware of Hydra's background or the fact that it's a hub for people from all walks of life. In fact, this composer met with Ian Flemming in a bar and provided him with information, such as the details about the golden Rolls Royce, used in Goldfinger. Sometimes interesting conversations arise in bars. It's irrelevant if Cohen was affiliated with intelligence or not. This is what he informed people and that includes re. Bay of Pigs and MK Ultra. I view it as a mere aspect of Cohen's personality. In any event, I think we've covered this topic sufficiently. Gianelli, of course, is on an information seeking campaign, as always. One thing is clear: Gianelli is not intelligence but most definitely appears to be a dangerous clown with motive and a 24/7 job targeting people over Leonard Cohen and Phil Spector.

Truth-Teller said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ann Diamond said...

Right. That's why I posted it. Intelligence agencies don't advertise their activities in the Guardian.

Kelley Lynch said...

Take a listen to Goldfinger.

Ann Diamond said...

Comments will be deleted when they repeat propaganda already posted on numerous other sites and discussion boards by the poster Stephen Gianelli under his latest nisnomer Truth-Teller.

This post is getting an unusual amount of traffic which tells me it has attracted attention from people close to the above-mentioned cabal. Maybe some of them would like to come out from behind their mouthpiece and disinformation agent, and answer some questions?

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, Gianelli most definitely uses monikers to post. I have seen this repeatedly. He creates fake email accounts, etc. I believe this individual, on Truth Sentinel may also be Gianelli. I think your blog readers should listen to your, Paulette, and my interviews on that internet site. They can decide for themselves. Gianelli wants to drive the conversation as we have seen on his "law blog," other blogs, throughout the internet, in his harassing emails, etc. We've seen the Israeli leaderships comments on Cohen. Our military also liked Bob Hope. I find Gianelli's ties to Kory & Rice most interesting and very telling.

truthseeker44422 minutes ago

You seem to have misunderstood me, I do not doubt that he was MK, I never looked into the possibility until after he died though. He was certainly in Israel during the Yom Kippur war, and after he died various Israeli dignitaries commended him. I accept that he probably was part of the mind control programme, so it follows that he would have taken part in the experiments, however I do not think that the pic presented of him during sensory deprivation tests is him, and before I made that statement I carefully studied pictures of him when he was young.

As for my "spouse", I have never been married and I have no clue what you are talking about!

The best evidence of him being MK comes from the lyrics of his own songs, especially the early ones. "I walked into a hospital where none were sick and none were well" etc.
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Mytube7774 days ago

A very articulate description of what I have witnessed just from reading your blog. I also believe others see this as well and I am glad for that. I'm amazed at what you went through due to not only him messing with you, but everything as a whole.

Ann Diamond said...

I don't believe those other comments are by Gianelli. If this silliness goes on, I'll be taking down this post. I originally wrote it (very quickly) in response to the deification of Leonard Cohen, and to stir the pot.

When you deify a flawed man, you deify his errors -- you blur the line between good and evil and promote the kabbalistic notion that God is a bit of both, and 'great light only comes out of great darkness." That was Leonard's downfall, in my opinion. I doubt he really believed in it at the end of his life. Songs like "It Seemed the Better Way" make it clear he had serious regrets and was finally putting his house in order, but it's not for me to judge.

I think my little rant has served its purpose. The goblins are coming out of the woodwork and maybe they'll eventually get up the courage to speak their lies and gossip out loud and in public, where they can be dealt with openly. That would make a nice change.

Kelley Lynch said...

We differ on that, Ann. I suppose targeting people is silliness from a certain perspective.

I think Leonard Cohen understood who he was. It is difficult to know what he grappled with at the end. I know what he was doing in court which was not especially enlightened behavior and that is a crucial element of his character.

Whether you take your blog post down or not, the goblins are cowards and will never crawl out of the woodwork to permit open confrontation. It's not in their nature and change is very very difficult for most.

Ann Diamond said...

One of his traits was, when pushed into a corner he would never back down. When he felt slighted, he didn't take prisoners. There were people who got close to him who understood how to manipulate him with lies and flattery. He could be unstable, bordering on delusional - especially where women were concerned.

Kelley Lynch said...

We agree on this front. I recall Cohen, furious at one point, feeling slighted by a journalist. He wrote to say "You see right through me." He also didn't recover from criticism. Cohen's encounters with women have been glamorized. I was quite happy to hear from his former paramour's recently. I must give her a call. Glad she connected with you as well.

Ann Diamond said...

Years ago, the Roshi talked about the difference between Satori ("enlightenment") and the Christian idea of virtue. He said they are distinct: you can be awakened and have deep insight without being a good person. Becoming enlightened would not alter your basic nature if you are a criminal. He spoke of a famous Zen master, possibly Kyozan (?) who was a person of dark character, but that didn't prevent him from being a "great teacher of human duplicity."

What is the point of whitewashing a person who has been extremely destructive in his lifetime, but still made exceptional achievements? Why not remember him as he really was, and draw realistic lessons? Death might put an end to careers on earth, but it doesn't sanitize histories.

This has nothing to do with "bitterness"- it's about taking responsibility for our own failure to prevent a friend from running amok on our watch.

Truth-Teller said...

Pretty hard to prevent a "friend" from doing anything after they are already dead. Nor have I seen any evidence of the "white washing" of Leonard Cohen's life or career.

If you refer to the allegation that Cohen was "mind controlled" by some intelligence agency, there is zero objective evidence to support that assertion and the only two persons who are saying that is true have also advanced other, highly implausible conspiracy theories that are also devoid of factual support.

Ann Diamond said...

There are no "conspiracy theories" mentioned here, just facts and real personal experience. The real Leonard Cohen was best understood as a multiple personality - then the inexplicable contradictions make sense and he can RIP.

Truth-Teller said...

One more comment regarding the update to this post, stating incorrectly that "Cohen lied about Kelley Lynch stealing from him. This has never been proven in a court of law."

All of this was proven in the form of written declarations submitted to Judge Kenneth Freeman of the Los Angles County Superior Court under penalty of perjury by Leonard Cohen and a forensic accountant who examined Cohen's account statements (from which the money was taken by Lynch) and Lynch's account statements (into which the stolen money was deposited).

Kelley Lynch was notified by email of this 2006 hearing, and she replied to that email - stating that she would not be attending.

The proof consisted of 1. Cohen's testimony that Lynch's agreed compensation was 10% of his income, later raised to 15%, as well as forensic testimony and banking records demonstrating that the total amount that Lynch paid herself from Cohen's various accounts exceeded the agreed compensation by over $5 million, which embezzlement took place over many years, from 1999 through the point in 2004 when Lynch's theft was discovered.

I am aware than Lynch now claims that all of the witnesses "lied" at the 2006 hearing. But that is a different claim than the allegation that Lynch's theft "has never been proven in a court of law". Indeed, the claim has been proven. Otherwise the court would not have issued a judgment in that amount.

I am also mindful of the fact that since Lynch made a deliberate decision to stay away from the hearing, the court had no choice but to accept the testimony offered by Cohen and his forensic accountant at the time judgment was entered, since it was presented in proper, admissible form.

It is also more than a bit suspicious that Lynch failed to appear at the hearing where all of this was decided - when she could have presented evidence of her own to challenge the charge, instead electing to wage a campaign of email and voice mail harassment against Cohen, followed seven years later by a belated series of ineffective and untimely legal challenges in 2013 and 2015, as well as an ill-fated (immediately dismissed) lawsuit filed in 2016 (twelve years after Cohen fired her for embezzlement).

Ann Diamond said...

Thank you Mr Gianelli for your dogged efforts in self-repetition under various aliases.

Truth-Teller said...

"Gianelli" is Kelley Lynch's Moriarity. Yours too, apparently. But that does not change the fact that an evidentiary showing was made in support of Leonard Cohen's embezzlement claim at a 2006 hearing that Lynch could have attended to present whatever she had to say and chose not to. For almost a decade (beginning in 2006) she blogged that the judgment was "fraudulent", then seven years after the fact decided to serially go to court and try to reopen her long closed case (conveniently after banking documents were destroyed and memories faded.) Like her defense in the 2012 criminal case against her (claiming that emails berating Cohen's penis size and accusing him of molesting his daughter were only to obtain "tax information"), nothing about Lynch's claims withstand scrutiny, and her only apologist is you. Probably because she also supports your own view of "reality" regarding Cohen that no one other than Lynch agrees with.

Ann Diamond said...

Gianelli, you are in no way qualified to comment on Leonard Cohen's behaviour over the decades. You never met him. You haven't even read his work.

Truth-Teller said...

The only persons here who have commented on Leonard Cohen's behavior over the decades are Ann Diamond and Kelley Lynch.

I have addressed a very narrow statement that you have made that "Leonard Cohen lied about Kelley Lynch stealing from him. That has never been proven in a court of law."

Yes it has been proven. There was a lawsuit filed. Kelley Lynch says she was not served, but Judge Hess found otherwise (in addition to the obvious fact that waiting seven years to come into court to set a judgment aside is unreasonable).

A March, 2006 court hearing was held of which, by email, Lynch acknowledge she was aware of the time, date, place and that she decided not to attend to give her side.

Evidence was submitted and considered at the hearing that Lynch embezzled $6M.

The complaint (that judge Hess would later find in 2014 that Lynch was in fact served with) only asked for $5M, so the judge reduced the award to that amount.

Judgment was then entered for $5M + prejudgment interest after the court found there was in fact evidence of Lynch's theft presented to it.

That is all that I corrected. Not the manner in which Cohen behaved for 82 years, about which I could care less.

Ann Diamond said...

Please find another venue for your repetitive compulsion disorder.

Truth-Teller said...

No problem. But this comment is not cumulative to anything I posted here. And, Ann, if you want to speak ill of the dead in the interest of "truth" you might as well be accurate. You have no way of knowing whether Leonard Cohen and his accountant lied about Kelley Lynch's embezzlement and also submitted forged banking documents to support the lie or whether he was telling the truth as the banking records establish. The only thing that is certain is that the issue was in fact determined a hearing in a "court of law", that Kelley Lynch decided not to attend even though she was living in Los Angeles at the time.

Ann Diamond said...

Some people care about "being right" in an argument or "doing the right thing" - Leonard only cared about not getting caught. That's why his mantra was "They'll never catch us" -- this is what he said when meeting someone for the first time, or chatting with an old friend. Leonard was a programmed multiple who often did not remember what he'd said or done the day before. Hence his need for managers and assistants to run his affairs - up to and including his love affairs. If you think such a man was capable of fidelity or honesty, you have never dealt with Leonard, who had a lifelong reputation as a liar and crook before the media turned him into a sain't sage. It's simply in character for him to defraud and defame his ex-agents, lie to biographers, go back on agreements, cheat, lie and beg forgiveness -- all the things he sings about, in the state of "holy guilt" for which he's famous.

Truth-Teller said...

" If you think such a man was capable of fidelity or honesty ...". I think no such thing. I have never met or spoken to the man, let alone had enough interaction to form an opinion about his character.

I have never expressed an opinion about Leonard Cohen's character - ever, at any time on any forum.

I was only addressing your (incorrect) claim that Cohen's assertion that Kelley Lynch embezzled $5M from him from 1999 through her firing in 2004 "has never been proven in a court of law". It has.

And it is possible that Cohen did make the whole thing up, although it would have been difficult to forge YEARS of Cohen and Lynch's bank statements, front and back copies of canceled checks, and other documents bearing complex banking account, date, routing and time stamps and also difficult to persuade a forensic accountant with a nationally known firm to blatantly commit perjury.

I also know the cash flow that it takes to support an expensive house with a pool, grounds and a tennis court (mortgage, tax, insurance, maintenance ), two kids in school, an imported car (maintenance, gas, insurance), a personal assistant to help with the kids, restaurant tabs, clothes, food etc.)in an expensive city in California (Brentwood) and the approximate $100,00 in legitimate income that Lynch was entitled to while Cohen was off drinking red wine and gazing at his navel at the Ashram was not enough to support that lifestyle.

I is not my place to weigh in on the "he said, she said".

Only to correct the misstatements here on the subject of the Cohen vs. Lynch lawsuit resulting in a May, 2006 judgment for embezzlement.

Cohen showed up in court armed with evidence and testimony, Lynch stayed away, and the predictable happened (she lost).

The end.

Ann Diamond said...

Okay. I think most people understand "proof" as not the same as a default judgment. Default judgments are rendered all the time but they don't establish the deeper truth of a case in the sense of an actual trial, with two lawyers debating each piece of evidence and point of law. Kelley Lynch was tried in the media and judged guilty long before the court date was even set. The winner was Leonard Cohen, who hired a PR firm to present his side before the story made international news. So there are many possible reasons why Lynch did not appear, the main one being she was destitute and couldnt pay a lawyer --

Ann Diamond said...

To say he 'didn't treat the women in his life very well' is a fantastic understatement. When it came to women, Leonard was medieval. Men who met him all seem to think he was a very Godly person, whose mind was fixed on spiritual matters, swaying "in the arms of the High Holy One."

Obviously, he never asked them to spend the night.

Thinking back what we talked about, way back then. Not God, not religion -- comforting topics that men like to discuss -- although they also came up, occasionally. With me, he brought up subjects like child abuse. He brought them up, not I.

In fact, he often talked about his daughter in intimate detail, although she was still a little girl. He shared secrets about his mother, and how she died. Rarely, he recommended books to read: like Margarita Karapanou's novel Kassandra and the Wolf. That one sticks in my mind because it was all about incest and abuse from the perspective of a little girl.

The only time he took me to a movie was in Los Angeles -- he chose Frances, about Frances Farmer, who was locked up in a mental hospital, raped and lobotomized.

He lent me a copy of Hermann Wouk's The Winds of War -- and Norman Mailer's Ancient Evenings which he liked for the pornography.

He showed me some nude photos of his wife, posing in a chapel. And so on. And I was not even a girlfriend by then -- I had learned to keep my distance, after watching him tear through a series of younger victims. Sometimes I ended up consoling them. It was like volunteering in a military field hospital in wartime. There was blood everywhere.

Truth-Teller said...

First, even in default, the court in CA must (and did) verify that the judgment is upported by addmisibe evidence. Second, CA law does not recognize degrees of truth. A default J has thesame effect in establishing facts as a jury trial. Third, lynch STILL cannot afford a lawyer, but that has not stopped her from going to court in 2014, 2015, and 2016 with foral pleadings to try to (belatedlly) contest the case after it waa too. Late to do so, therefore the lack of money defense to not showing at the 2006 hearing does not hold water. Nor has public opinion changed - so that does not explain it either.

One could argue that he stayed away in shame.

Truth-Teller said...

A judgment of default in a civil proceeding is res judicata (meaning, binding as a factual determination) as to all issues aptly pleaded in the lawsuit and defendant is legally precluded from denying in a subsequent action any allegations contained in the former suit. (Fitzgerald v. Herzer (1947) 78 Cal. App. 2d 127, 132 [177 P.2d 364].)

In addition, in California personal service of the suit is not required as long as a copy is left with a person who appears to at least 18 and who answers the door, and a second copy is also mailed to the residence.

In August of 2005 when Lynch was served at her Brentwood home she apparently (mistakenly)believed that as long as she did not give her name to the process server, the service would be invalid. She was mistaken. (Note that Lynch was also served in the month of August 2005 with a $76,000 lawsuit to collect the unpaid balance on her Neiman Marcus account and in a Colorado federal district court proceeding relating to Cohen's retirement funds. In both instances a "Jane Doe" was served at the same residence who refused to give her name.)

Lynch apparently also believed that if she simply absented herself from the court proceedings in Cohen vs. Lynch that she could always argue - as Ann Diamond appears to here - that the default really does not count as a determination of what really happened. Again, not so.

Finally, Ann, if a jury verdict is the preferred method to determine "truth" in the courtroom, I assume you concede that the 2012 jury of 12 citizens who unanimously found that Kelley Lynch committed six criminal counts of harassment and restraining order violations by sending Cohen thousands of abusive and threatening emails and by leaving him dozens of abusive and threatening telephone answering machine messages found that "deeper truth" about Kelley Lynch that you refer to?

Or do you believe that Lynch is credible when she says that emails to Cohen referencing his penis size, the alleged molestation of his daughter, and stating that he should be "taken out and shot" were all "legitimate requests for tax information" and not "harassment"?

I was copied with many of the email messages that Lynch was convicted of sending to Cohen (she emailed me 20,000 times over the years) so I have first hand knowledge of these matters. And the jury verdict and her related 18-month jail sentence, as well has her 2014 violation of probation consisting of threatening to kill her trial prosecutor and related 6-month jail sentence are all common knowledge.

Ann Diamond said...

When the FBI discovers a crime, they open an investigation and question all the involved parties. They don't consult lawyers. A "victim of theft" who hires a PR firm before pressing charges and uses the media to advance his side, is not a credible witness. This case was rotten from the beginning.

Ann Diamond said...

I agree with your typo, Gianelli: "One could argue that he stayed away in shame." I'll leave your comments up for now, but this blog entry is about Leonard Cohen, not Kelley Lynch (who is mentioned in passing). This blog entry is also about how women collaborated with Leonard Cohen in covering up child abuse. Your legal arguments are tangential, irrelevant, and of neglible interest. Kelley Lynch was one of a series of women who witnessed abuse while working for Leonard Cohen and who, for one reason or another, were forced to remain silent about it. I was another in this series. That's the real crime here -- and since it's unspeakable, it has to keep being covered up. The truth about Leonard is, he was abused as a child and repeated that abuse throughout his lifetime although he was clever at concealing it behind a veil of poetry, rhetoric, lies, intimidation, and even blackmail -- this is what the world of pedophilia demands of its many participants, some of whom live in the public eye, exposing their addictions in plain sight and inviting others to imitate them.

People close to him witnessed that abuse, and its many-sided consequences, over decades, and most are still covering up their own complicity. That's the real subject here. Now that he's dead, we have a new reason to keep quiet. So instead we are seeing a string of news stories and personal reminiscences and blogs claiming to offer us true insight into the real Leonard Cohen, and in almost every case he is portrayed as someone having a Heart of Gold.

I also encountered his golden heart and was taken in by it. I am not a rejected groupie, but a personal friend who walked away from an unbearable mess that involved his daughter, for which I was slandered and threatened, literally for decades. And now, I'm being asked once again to collaborate with the Cohen PR machine that says we must all accept the "Default Judgment" heard around the world, that he was a great soul and an impeccable saint who never harmed anyone.

In defiance of all patriarchal institutions that are set up to conceal and justify crimes against children, I'm calling bullshit. Leonard Cohen did a lot of harm in his lifetime, and his songs are not sufficient atonement. Where is it written in the Old Testament that "songs" are recognized by God and his judges as proof of good intentions? Think you can sing your way out of Hell?

Ann Diamond said...

Ann Diamond said...

Ann Diamond said...

Continuing this train of thought ... what no one seems to get, and I mean the biographers, fans, critics, journalists and others, is that Leonard was an artist all his life but art was not his only career. Almost nobody makes a living as a writer anymore, and that was certainly also true back in the 1950s. Lacking a family fortune to fall back on, Leonard lived at his mother's house until he was 25, when he finally left for England where he finished his novel. So, yes, he was writing but he was not making a living off writing. He had turned his back on the family clothing business. So that left what? At the time his McGill (and Columbia) University connections were heavily funded by the CIA -- and Leonard also happened to be a graduate of Dr. Cameron's program to create Manchurian Candidates. So that became his first career: he travelled to countries where the CIA was active, and followed orders. That explains the theme of "military discipline" that appeared in his stage performances, songs, and interviews. He is a fan of the military, because he got his early training in secret military projects that left him with plenty of experience to process through his art. That included much guilt and regret because the life of a mind controlled operative can't be very pleasant. Add to that the need for total secrecy and obedience, and you can see why Leonard chose to express himself in songs and metaphors. His lifelong quest for Beauty was also a struggle to find a safe haven in the dangerous world he entered at 25. And yes, the songs are beautiful, complex, tortured as we would expect from someone who spent his formative years hanging out with killers, crooks and global power-brokers --

He was fascinating not only because he knew so much more than most of us about how things work, but because he stayed within the limits set for him by his secret profession. That was the cause of the unbearable tension that makes his work so dark and memorable.

Truth-Teller said...


Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, this was an appeal re. my motion addressing Cohen's fraud and perjury including with respect to service. After consulting numerous parties, I've decided not to appeal further. It's quite clear that the court system approves the use of fraud and perjury as a means to obtain judgments. I am currently appealing both Cohen's fraud domestic violence order and the renewal of judgment (that contains millions of dollars of fraudulent financial interest) and those will indeed be appealed to higher courts if necessary. Stephen Gianelli continues to harass me and others over Cohen.

Truth-Teller said...

“Leonard Cohen was a well-known singer and songwriter. Cohen employed Lynch as his personal manager for 16 years. He terminated Lynch’s employment in October 2004 because *she embezzled millions of dollars from him*.” This is how the appellate court begins its opinion dismissing her appeal from the order denying her motion to set aside the 2006 default J. Given this factual observation, and the fact that the same 3-judge panel will be hearing lynch’s two remaining appeals, how or why she believes herself likely to achieve a successful outcome with the same court seems counterintuitive.

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, I posted in response to Truth Teller's link. I assume Truth Teller is Stephen Gianelli. While this blog post was most definitely not about me, Gianelli has a pattern of stalking me and/or hunting down information about me and then attacking and slandering me online. Leonard Cohen did not terminate my employment. Cohen told me he understood I planned to report allegations related to tax fraud to IRS which I did by April 2005. He offered me millions of dollars, and this is documented including an offer of 50% community property, to testify (including in secret mediations) that he was defrauded by his representatives. I didn't embezzle from Cohen. Leonard Cohen obtained a fraud default judgment by failing to serve me the lawsuit. Leonard Cohen personally stole over $7 million from one corporation alone and his heirs are obligated to repay them. I just want to address Gianelli's slander. He's also on the Truth Sentinel site, emailing me and others, and generally engaging in the harassing conduct he has for over eight years now.

Truth-Teller said...

I was notified of your comment (and follow up comment) by email from blogger. You miss my point, which is not what I thin happened or what you claim happened, it is what the 3-judge panel who will decide your two remaining appeals believes what happened - and that is that Cohen terminated your employment because you "embezzled millions of dollars from him". In light of that harsh factual assessment from this court, it is hard to see how they will all of a sudden view you as anything other than a fired embezzler who waited seven years to contest a judgment that she was (again, according to the opinion) well aware of. All of these machinations on your part seem an exercise in futility. Additionally, you approach your 17-count criminal case like there was some upside for you in being super nasty to your alleged victims, the prosecutors, and the LA court - when in fact you only have downside, that being up to ten years behind bars, of which you will serve an actual 5-years of it behind jail walls. Your defenses (the order is fraudulent; I was only seeking 2004 tax information) are like Déjà vu. The same defenses + a lack of remorse earned you an initial 18-month sentence + another 6-months tacked on after your release when you started emailing your prosecutor. And you are repeating the same pattern now. Why do you expect a different result? That is what bobbles the mind.

Kelley Lynch said...

I was notified of your posts by email from this site and You Tube. I and others have received your deranged email to the IRS Commissioner's Staff although you personally informed me, Gianelli, that the IRS blocked your emails as harassing and sent me the email you received from IRS re. that issue. You have now posted the identical comment under your own name on the Truth Sentinel site. You continue to represent the interests of Leonard Cohen, Robert Kory, and others. You continue to harass people relentlessly. The Court of Appeals repeated what Leonard Cohen has fraudulent argued. Leonard Cohen embezzled over $7 million from one corporation alone and that's not that he embezzled. I am merely responding to your slanderous, harrassing online posts and not have a dialogue with you. We shall see what happens with the City Attorney who lied throughout the 2012 proceedings and continues to lie throughout the current retaliatory proceedings. The California domestic violence order is fraudulent and was issued without service or a hearing. It is not the Colorado order that Kory & Rice unlawfully attempted to modify after the death of the protected party who was represented, although deceased, by lawyers who are not representatives of the estate. I've discussed that issue with an investigator from the Colorado Supreme Court. I see you remain interested in federal tax matters. Perhaps the City Attorney can once again attempt to elicit information about IRS, federal tax matters, and then lie to jurors as happened in 2012. Gianelli, you started emailing my alleged prosecutor and harassing me and many others with those communications. This is well documents for IRS, FBI, DOJ, and other authorities. Call the prosecutor and ask him to pose your questions to me in court since I won't speak to them.

Truth-Teller said...

The problem as I see it is that Family Code section 6401 defines "foreign protection order" to include the 2008 Colorado order and section 6404 required the LA Court to register any foreign protection order in CA with the domestic violence computer system (for rapid police response) upon filing of court form DV600 without notifying the restrained person (in this case you) or holding a hearing.

This way of doing it is no doubt designed to shield out-of-state victims of stalking who register their out-of-state protection order in CA from their stalker learning that they are present in the state, let alone that they will be present at a hearing that the stalker is invited to attend where the stalker might be able to follow the victim as she leaves court.

One can agree or disagree with using the domestic violence computer system to also register anti-stalking orders (although both kinds of cases share a high risk of serious bodily injury or death to the protected person), but that is the system in CA. If you have a problem with it, take it up with the California Legislature that set it up that way.

But Cohen's CO order was properly registered in CA as Judge Silverman held in 2015 when he denied your motion to set aside the 2011 registration.

Nor does the legal discussion explain why, given the fact that you were arrested, jailed awaiting trial, put on trial, convicted, then sentenced for violating the order in 2012 - then sent back to jail for 6-months in 2014, you would continue to violate the order by sending letters to Cohen as you apparently did in July and August of 2016. (I say apparently did because you contemporaneously posted those letters on your blog, and they got into Cohen's possession somehow for him to give to LAPD TMU investigators who requested prosecutors to charge you in the new case).

Give the recent history here, how likely was it that sending letters to Cohen and emails to Kory and Rice in 2016 would have netted you the 2004 tax forms you have been demanding for over a decade, let alone millions in cash + intellectual property - in the face of certain prosecution in front of a court system that apparently does not see things your way?

Do you want to keep going to jail? Because when you keep violating a court order that the Colorado judge refused to set aside in 2009 and a California judge refused to set aside in 2015 that is what happens.

Help me understand your thought process here.

Ann Diamond said...

Listen, you two. Please don't use this Comments sections to rehash details of this endlessly self-replicating legal torture chamber. For the record, Truth-Teller: I don't believe Kelley Lynch embezzled $7 million from Leonard Cohen. I think it's much more likely Kelley's version is the truth: he spent the millions himself, ended up in financial difficulties, tried to square a debt to his agent by offering her a toxic financial entity, freaked out when she rejected it, then turned to his legal team for a response that entailed her destruction via media and psychiatric assault but all of these conspirators seriously underestimated her resilience. So he then found himself in a life-and-death battle that he won in the courts but ultimately lost -- and we're now looking at the Aftermath. I'm fairly certain he's not in a good place now, as a result of a life spent working for the dark side. So arguing on his behalf is like representing the Mafia -- it's an ironic position that usually ends up at the bottom of the sea.

I think this mess began long ago when some members of the Jewish elite decided to break their own ancient Laws and go for Broke. Since then, the system has become Satanic. Leonard knew this and attempted to downplay it to his many fans, posing as their Messiah - but he failed because his whole career was based on a lie. Kelley Lynch is telling the truth, which gets one nowhere in a counterfeit universe.

Truth-Teller said...

רשת עדיפות קוד: סופי ליישם שלב

Kelley Lynch said...

I have no intention of using the comment section to do anything. I clarified what the link Gianelli/Truth Seeker posted. First of all, Ann, the fabricated damages totaled $5 million. LA Superior Court has now provided Cohen with $9 million in fraudulent financial interest. In any event, Gianelli is on Truth Sentinel, this blog, emailing me harassing communications, etc. The operative functions as a member of Cohen's team. Hope you're well, Ann.

Ann Diamond said...

Kelley, I agree the case against you is fraudulent but I'm not the legal system that is perpetuating the fraud. I'm going to delete future harassing posts by TRUTH-TELLER who seems to have conceded: " Network Priority Code: Final Implement Phaseרשת עדיפות קוד:

I'm using this blog to try to clarify who Cohen was, and whom he worked for, from his earliest days. When all this comes to light, it should be clear why he was a fake whose career exposes a whole vast project to enslave humanity.

Kelley Lynch said...

No one thinks you're the legal system, Ann. I merely commented on the link Gianelli/Truth Teller posted. I think that's a good idea: delete future posts because Truth Teller has nothing to add to any conversation about Leonard Cohen. While he may represent his interests, and has a job slandering and harassing people, he most certainly did not know Cohen the entire 20 years I did. I saw the Final Implement Phase. As you know, I think it's quite helpful to clarify who Cohen was. People simply do not know. One thing we know he was - a master with the media who regurgitated his carefully crafted comments ad nauseum and without challenging them. At the end of the day, I personally believe Cohen was a slave to his own narcissism, greed, and arrogance. I am well aware of the fact that Cohen told people, including my mother and myself, that he was a participant in MK Ultra. That is something that people should feel free to mull over, dissect, and explore. Hope all is well and looking forward to your new book. XXOO

Ann Diamond said...

I found this yesterday just by chance. Scrolling down, the section on EVIDENCE reproduces 45 pages of cheques written by Kelley Lynch to herself from 2002-2004, totaling over $2.5 million. Most are labelled "Shareholder Loans" - i.e. it appears Kelley was "borrowing" from Traditional Holdings to finance her business, starting when Leonard was away in India.

I'm a bit shocked. I see this site only recently appeared, along with the evidence. All along I've just been waiting for proof -- this seems to be it. Quite a lot of the money (around $700,000) was turned into cash between February and May 2004 - ? Next question: where did it go?

Any comments?

Truth-Teller said...

The checks total $3.5M, Ann.

As to "what happened to the money" I know that Kelley Lynch was, during the time the cash disappeared, December 2001 - September 2004, living (and paying mortgage, taxes, insurance, and maintenance on) a large home with a pool and a tennis court in Brentwood, California (OJ Simpson's old neighborhood in LA)and (according to the declaration she filed in court by a friend who visited her there at the time (Daniel Meade) Lynch was also paying a "domestic assistant" to cook and watch the kids after school while Lynch was working.

I spoke to a former Lynch friend named "Betsy Superfon" who was an independently wealthy retired businesswoman who was introduced to Lynch by her ex-boyfriend Steve Lindsey who thought they would hit it off. They did. Superfon found Lynch bright, funny, and good company.

Superfon told me that she introduced Lynch to her favorite jewelry store and was floored one day to see Lynch frop "six figures in jewelry purchases" in a single spree. Superfon told me that Lynch would also buy 8-pairs of very expensive ($800 a copy) woman's shoes in one afternoon.

I spoke to a former Lynch friend who called himself Sean Wilson. He told me he had since been through rehab, and that when he was hanging out with Lynch she was entertaining her Buddhist friends at a korokke restaurant, and treating 8 guests to sushi and sake several nights a week. Sean told me of an incident wherein Lynch and the group were leaving the korokke place one night and Lynch was so intoxicated she almost came to blows with another patron.

I am also aware that Lynch helped her parents buy a home in expensive Pacific Palisades - a seaside community north of LA.

While all these funds were being siphoned, Cohen was not recording or touring, and his income was way down, so Lynch's legitimate commission income as his manager was barely into the six figures and not enough to cover these lifestyle expenditures.

While the idea of spending this kind of cash is unfathomable to most people who are of ordinary means, if one is over their head financially, and perhaps drinking ore than they should and not paying attention, it is easy to go through a lot of cash.

I am told that when Cohen was first informed that his retirement nest egg was gone except for %150,000, he too refused to believe she could have spent that kind of cash, and was convinced for a long tome that she must have rat holed the cash somewhere. But it was later determined that all the cash Lynch withdrew was spent.

In 2004, when Lynch could still afford legal representation, she was urged to mediate, and told it would be awkward for Cohen to press her too hard on the missing funds because he was exposed to potential tax fraud liabilities in connection with the setting up of Traditional Holdings to shelter the $5M from US taxes.

Rather than mediate, though, Lynch decide to play the tax fraud card, Cohen made his peace with the IRS, and then came after Lynch in court.

To this day Lynch claims that Cohen, not she, siphoned the cash from Traditional Holdings. But if the two Kelley Lynch signatures on those $3.5M in checks are "forged" (along with all of those elaborate bank account markings and time stamps showing they were deposited into Lynch's personal bank account) it is a master conspiracy of the first order.

In any even, Ann, that is what I believed happened after looking into every source of information I could find.

Ann Diamond said...

What I don't understand is why this evidence was not published earlier. It's the first time I've seen it. Kelley now says she was instructed to label all expenditures as "Shareholder Loans" -- can someone explain that?

Truth-Teller said...

These checks have been available on-line through the LA court website (subscription required) since they were originally filed as an exhibit to the Declaration of Kevin Prins (Cohen's forensic accountant) in 2006 in support of Cohen's default judgment.

The Prins Declaration (and the attached checks) were also available through beginning in April of 2010.

The Prins Declaration + attachments (which includes documentary support for the entire $5m+ lynch stole, not just the $3.5M in checks she made out to herself, is quite voluminous, and most people just don't have the patience to wade through the entire filing and digest it all.

Note that in addition to the checks Lynch made payable to herself, there were also electronic funds transfers from Cohen accounts to her personal account. She was able to do this after Cohen gave Lynch a general power of attorney over his financial affairs before he left on an extended trip to India.

As for the "shareholder loans" that is what Lynch wrote on the memo line of the checks, but clearly the checks were made payable to Lynch herself, she endorsed the back of the checks with her own signature, and she deposited the checks into her own account.

This, of course, is completely at odds with Lynch's inconsistent claims that made at various times that this was legitimate commission income Cohen owed to her (why then call it a "loans" and not "commissions") and, more recently, that Cohen himself was the one who siphoned out all of the cash from Traditional Holdings.

The site is the first archive to attempt to centrally archive all of the various transcripts, pleadings, and evidence into a more accessible (and less argumentative) form to aid researchers.

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, thank you for questioning these issues. The Fact Check website, blessed by Leonard Cohen, is being used to influence potential jurors, news media, and other third parties. As this website is replete with slanderous, false allegations and information (including legal pleadings) I am reviewing it privately with a division of IRS. Many of these documents were transmitted to IRS. The site refers people to Michelle Rice's email. Rice has made a living targeting and lying about me.

The so-called checks, which are unauthenticated and taken out of context, conceivably represent corporate distributions for corporate taxes, distributions for promissory note repayments (authorized by Cohen and addressed in a declaration of his I have in my possession), confirmed for me and Cohen by his tax lawyer personally, agreed to when Cohen signed all of the valid corporate documents, represent legitimate corporate distributions, include loans that have been repaid with interest, and there are other items such as deposit slips not made out by me, etc. This is all hearsay. Furthermore, it has nothing whatsoever to do with corporate accountings, balance sheets, or corporate tax information due me. Leonard Cohen's loans, from corporation alone, totaled over $7 million at the time of his death and had to be repaid with interest. He signed the agreement confirming this fact. That agreement also confirmed that his heirs would be responsible. Gianelli, Rice, et al. want to overlook these facts and the corporations themselves. They are willfully disregarding the fact that Cohen's tax lawyer and accountants included me as a partner on federal tax returns, transmitted corporate tax forms to me, and I paid taxes on the income. I don't think the IRS will simply agree that Leonard Cohen and representatives fraudulently included me on tax returns. Cohen also collected income related to assets owned by other corporations. He refused to account for any of this. Cohen withheld commissions due me per our agreements. Those are separate from the corporate items.

Kelley Lynch said...

I was in excellent financial shape when Cohen and I parted ways. I didn't have a large home with a tennis court. I didn't have a domestic assistant. I also don't know Gianelli. I had a baby sitter who helped take care of my kids because I worked. This is Cohen's story line that Kory & Rice have advanced with my stalker, Stephen Gianelli.

Stephen Gianelli spoke with Betsy Superfon? I never dropped six figures on jewelry. Betsy Superfon would have Neimans messenger her 10-20 pairs of shoes. She must be talking about herself. In any event, she will have to speak for herself and the fact that this criminal has contacted her is of interest. She is aware of deals Kory offered me and concluded they were illegal.

I don't know who the other nut is and it is irrelevant. I never took eight people or anyone out several nights a week. I rarely went out and didn't even have a glass of wine for a number of years. It upset my stomach. These are just lies Cohen, et al. have created. I know one guy who had a serious meth problem, visited while a Tibetan lama was with me, freaked my girlfriend out, and had to be asked to leave. That's probably who Gianelli is talking about. I didn't really know the individual and he seemed unhinged. He was a translator.

I never helped buy my parents a home. Cohen also lied to people that I bought a home for a Tibetan lama.

Cohen was spending way too much money as his representatives informed him. His tax lawyer prepared corporate minutes confirming Cohen's loans were dangerous to the corporate structure and should be repaid. His investment adviser raised the same issue. What was Cohen's response? Don't tell them about any future income. Leonard Cohen - not I - was the individual with a lifelong history of drug and alcohol abuse.

Cohen didn't simply have $150K left. He could have repaid the $7 million with interest. I can assure you that I didn't withdraw or spent it and have evidence supporting all of this.

Leonard Cohen and his representatives offered me millions of dollars to settle. I have witnesses to that, it's memorialized by people that were present, etc. There were no missing funds. This is fabricated narrative. Cohen and his representatives, and I have this in writing from Kory, failed to report $8 million in income from one sale alone on corporate returns and that's only one of the very serious issues on the tax returns. I had nothing to do with preparing them, corporate books and/or records, legal documents, loan documents, financial documents, accountings, etc.

Once Cohen understood, and I have Kory's emails from May 2005, that I went to IRS, he retaliated with a sham lawsuit. Cohen hasn't made his peace with IRS. I've challenged his tax refunds as fraudulent, spoken to IRS representatives about the tax information he refused to provide me.

In any event, Ann. We're clear - Gianelli represents Leonard Cohen and now represents Kory & Rice. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the corporate tax information Cohen was required to provide me. His lawyers have a fiduciary duty to provide it. Also, Kory submitted a declaration recently raising concerns about his potential role in criminal tax fraud and theft of royalty income. Never overlook the obvious.

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, the individual who would have to explain the Shareholder Loan designation is Cohen's tax and corporate lawyer, Richard Westin. He wanted everything characterized in that manner and advised me personally that he would recharacterize everything at a later date. Cohen and I had an agreement that there would corporate accountings related to all corporations. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to address that designation. It might have something to do with Cohen's loans actually being "disguised income." This is something his financial adviser mentioned in letters noting that IRS could overturn the structure if Cohen didn't repay the loans. Why? The IRS could view it all as self-dealing. Cohen elected not to repay the loans. He, as others have noted, felt entitled to treat corporate accounts as his piggy bank. He has done this previously and stole Machat & Machat's share of a corporation, withheld commissions due them, and even sold Phil Spector's master tapes.

Kelley Lynch said...

As for the rest of Gianelli's comments, the renewal of judgment is under appeal. The expense ledger is fabricated and not something anyone would attach to a federal corporate or personal tax return. I've discussed this with IRS. I am owed K-1s, balance sheets (where Cohen's loans should be addressed), etc. for 2004 and 2005. LA Superior Court, regardless of this fraud judgment, has no authority to advise anyone that IRS reporting requirements and tax compliance were not relevant in 2004 and/or 2005 because they entered a fraud default judgment in 2006. The tax information was due me prior to entry of the default. This is merely a narrative and jurors during my 2012 trial were asked to VOTE on whether or not I had the IRS required tax information. The answer is no and they were lied to. Kevin Prins declared that I was not entitled to my commissions if Cohen deposited the income into his personal account. This is farcical, a blatant lie, and I even have Cohen's personal confirmations re. commissions paid to me even when deposited into his personal account. My agreement was 15% of all gross income. There were no caveats and this is perjury in Prins' declaration. Therefore, they have also said I embezzled commissions for which I received tax forms for years. Attached to the Prins declaration is a meaningless list of hearsay numbers. It's not relevant to the federal tax returns that need to be filed and that includes corporate returns. Cohen testified that his lawyer, and people working with him, handled the corporate records and accountings. I handled nothing. They have willfully decided not to file tax returns which is illegal.

Cohen had me execute a power of attorney because he was buying homes from corporate assets for his girlfriend and son. Also, and I have this in writing, his lawyer wanted everyone to be clear that I had the authority to act on Cohen's behalf including re. monies Cohen requested which were deposited into his personal accounts. Cohen's bank statements went to his home and he routinely questioned them so he didn't see any irregularities.

I've explained that Cohen's tax lawyer - not I - wanted the SHL designation. The IRS can speak to him directly. I also gave them access to my emails with Cohen and his representatives so they confirm these types of things independently. Sometimes, Cohen authorized payments to me (and signed documents to Greenberg, etc.) and the checks were sent in his name. That's why they were endorsed. I have back-up documentation for this. Cohen must have forgotten what he wrote, emailed, etc. The corporation distributions to me are not commissions. Gianelli is lying.

As I've said, I am reviewing all documents at the Fact Check blog with a division of IRS. Cohen wanted scholars to study them so perhaps tax scholars will. In fact, tax, corporate and other attorneys have been reviewing the corporate records, pleadings, fabricated narrative, etc. They understand that Cohen and his representatives are lying.

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, one last point. I refused to mediate, or even accept the monies due me with caveats, because Cohen and his representatives wanted me to testify that Cohen was defrauded by his representatives. He was not. A law firm, dealing with Kory, advised me that they personally concluded that Cohen and Kory were attempting to engage me in criminal conduct. This was raised int he Natural Wealth lawsuit. Leonard Cohen personally advised me in October 2004 that he heard I was going to (or had already) to IRS with my concerns about tax fraud. In fact, he personally confirmed that someone informed him that they found this letter on the desk in my office. The letter was written to IRS Chief Trial Counsel's Office in July 2004 after Greenberg sent his second letter with "IRS Danger Warnings" to Cohen. I read these to Cohen personally and, as I've said, his response was not to let Greenberg know about any future income. I found that rather bizarre since Greenberg admonished him to repay his corporate loans. Gianelli is clearly working with Kory, Rice, et al. to advance their fabricated narrative. LA Superior Court permits people to lie, submit fraudulent and fabricated evidence, and provides default judgment based upon that conduct. That's not a legal basis for a default judgment. The judge has said I was served when I was not. Six people have submitted declarations. One cannot keep up with these people. As I've said, I have never seen anything like this Court who has also assigned me a "dating" relationship with Cohen. It is insane.

Here's my letter to IRS Chief Trial Counsel's Office from July 2004. It also raised concerns about lies being transmitted to that office by Cohen's representatives.

Rather than mediate, though, Lynch decide to play the tax fraud card, Cohen made his peace with the IRS, and then came after Lynch in court.

Truth-Teller said...

"The so-called checks, which are unauthenticated and taken out of context, conceivably represent corporate distributions for corporate taxes, distributions for promissory note repayments..."

"Conceivably"? You filled out the checks to yourself, you signed them, and you deposited them in your account. You would therefore know exactly what the payments represented. "Conceivably" sounds like you are trying out a story or are pretending you don't really know why the checks were written.

Note, however, that Traditional Holdings was not a "business". It's sole function was to hold Cohen's $6M share from the sale of Cohen's music catalog - at which point it was to be paid in small installments to Cohen as retirement income.

The idea that Lynch was taking out $100,000 a month, and putting it in her own account, to pay corporate expenses makes zero sense.

Kelley Lynch said...

In response to Truth Teller/Stephen Gianelli's ongoing defense of Leonard Cohen, Robert Kory, Michelle Rice and others:

Conceivably - as in - these are unauthenticated, hearsay alleged evidence. Furthermore, they are not corporate balance sheets, corporate K-1s, and are irrelevant and immaterial to the corporate federal tax matters re. the years 2004 and 2005. The business purpose of TH was to provide an annuity in return for Cohen's transfer of intellectual property into the corporation. I was asked to invest. I have many documents supporting this fact - including an indemnity agreement I requested up front. Cohen instructed his lawyer, Richard Westin, to prepare that document which he signed and it was notarized. Cohen failed to transfer anything into the entity, borrowed/expended over $7 million that he was obligated to repay with interest, and has embezzled royalty income from other entities as well. I didn't take $100K a month and it's irrelevant where it was put. There were legitimate corporate distributions - including for corporate taxes, promissory note distributions, distributions re. profit, etc. Cohen - again - took over $7 million from this entity. Furthermore, there are repaid loans and other utterly deranged items included in these meaningless checks. This is why Cohen and his representatives have lied repeatedly, including to jurors, that they provided me with the IRS required tax information, corporate accountings, and so forth. The jurors then VOTED on whether or not I received the information after being lied to. It is of interest to note that corporate and tax attorneys who have reviewed the valid corporate records, annuity agreement, tax returns, etc. understand what the business purpose was but I suppose Cohen was truly arguing that he was the alter ego, entitled to embezzle and raid corporate accounts, steal corporate assets, and treat them as his piggy bank. As his own representatives noted: his loans were dangerous to the structure and IRS could view him as someone engaged in self-dealing. Gianelli's arguments support this position. Therefore, Cohen and his representatives have acknowledged his role in the tax fraud that I was told is both civil and criminal in nature. The complaint filed against me is a defense to criminal tax fraud and the fraud restraining orders are tactics. This situation is far from over.

Kelley Lynch said...

Gianelli, the idea is that Cohen spent over $7 million in corporate assets, refused to repay them with interest, and seems to have concluded that he was entitled to "disguised" corporate income.

Rad said...

Somethings missing, and it isn't the money, it's truth about the reason for the 13 years of combat against enemies near and far. Why not tell the truth. Is it...."I can not get a job because my earnings will be garnished forever to the tune of 9 million." Or is it, "No one will hire me because my longest work history was with Cohen and I certainly have no reference from the job." "I've had a complete mental breakdown and receive SSDI. To continue to receive it I must affirm my "disability" by continuing to file court documents, therefore, keeping the judgment at bay for as long as possible". "I am still intelligent enough to manipulate the system, and a few others, to keep a roof over my head and a few friends in my corner. I am in survival mode."
There is nothing stopping you from creating a new and better reality. Hell, you can go to Nepal, Tibet, India and have someone send your SSDI money to you 'quietly'. Take some time to breathe, get away from the internet, and finally let it go. I would imagine you could do good work for a clinic or orphanage or school of social agency that helps those who truly suffer. You will never be at peace until you take steps to let it all go. No one is going to save you if you're drowning...if you kick and scream you will surely drown....embrace the water, relax and float to the surface, the sun will shine on your face. It's what you need. (It's the cliche of drinking poison and expecting others to die.)

Truth-Teller said...

"There were legitimate corporate distributions - including for corporate taxes, promissory note distributions, distributions re. profit, etc. Cohen - again - took over $7 million from this entity."

Traditional Holdings LLC was simply a holding company. An empty vessel that was created to hold $6M of Cohen's money from the Sony sale and to provide Cohen with an annuity income commencing 5-years later. For the tax dodge to work, someone other than Cohen or a close family member had to be the nominal shareholder. Cohen trusted Lynch and so she was chosen to be in change of the $6M and the annuity obligation.

To compensate Lynch for this responsibility, Cohen agreed that she would be paid $20,000 annually as a fee. This was the only expense of the "corporation". It was not an operating business in any meaningful sense, and a such had no "corporate expenses" - let alone the $3M in checks that Lynch made payable to herself.

Second, if this was Cohen taking the money out, the checks would have been payable to Cohen, not to Lynch.

Third, since this was Cohen's $6M from day-one, it would be legally impossible for Cohen to have "embezzled" the assets as Lynch now claims.

Rad is correct.

Kelley Lynch had many opportunities to reinvent herself. LA loves a comeback story. She could have gone through rehab, filed bankruptcy, found a new career, and in three or four years no one would even remember the controversy.

Or, Kelley Lynch could have left the area or even the country. Gone to Tibet for a few years.

Truth-Teller said...

Email posted on Kelley Lynch’s River Deep blog on 7/21/2017:

As you know, Gianelli has been harassing me, emailing fraudulent information to LAPD's TMU, lying to Ann Diamond, and posting online attacks. For example, at the Truth Sentinel site and on Ann Diamond's site. Here are the posts and my responses. Ann Diamond stumbled upon the website created to influence jurors, the news media, and which Cohen wanted "scholars" to study. The blog refers people to Michelle Rice. It is Cohen's defense to criminal tax fraud, entirely perjured and fraudulent, and the tactics - including the use of fraudulent restraining orders. The operative, Stephen Gianelli, is quite busy defending Leonard Cohen and his representatives, Kory & Rice, and farcically arguing that these matters will be before a jury in the retaliatory proceedings. I believe the IRS should have a representative at all proceedings from here on out. LAPD and the City Attorney are lying about federal tax matters. The City Attorney blatantly lied to jurors and had them VOTE on whether or not I had the corporate tax information, etc. I did not but the prosecutor advised them that I did. Clearly, the IRS should investigate all proceedings. See comments below. Gianelli, of course, is "Truth Teller." He is also a criminal and a psychopath who targets witnesses and others.


Sent via email to *IRS*, *FBI*, DOJ. Phil Spector’s former appellate attorney, *CIA*, CAA Talent Management, Rolling Stone, Radar On Line, Anderson Cooper, Los Angeles Times, biographer Mick Brown, Boulder, Colorado DA, US Treasury, *Homeland Security* – “ICE”, *US Senate*, Alan Hootnick, and former Phil Spector attorney Bruce Cutler (whom Lynch was previously ordered not to contract after Cutler wrote Lynch’s sentencing judge in 2012 saying her unsolicited emails and voice messages were profoundly disturbing and a negative impact on his life)

Ann Diamond said...

Thank you, all, for commenting. I'm reminded of those Tibetan sand paintings that can become incredibly complicated and meaningful, before they blow away and disappear forever.

I need to amend my earlier statement, that the case against Kelley Lynch has never been proved in a court of law. I should have said "I haven't seen the evidence."

The cheques, as Kelley says, are a 'narrative' -- meaning they tell a story. They certainly do. The first several memos refer to 'salary' , a 'payment' and 'loans'. The first "Shareholder Loan" memo appears on 1/29/2003 on a cheque Lynch wrote to herself for $100,000 -- this was only five days before Lana Clarkson was found dead at Phil Spector's home. A void must have opened up, with Leonard in India, following his new guru - a former banker who had also been accused of financial (and sexual) misconduct -- and his old nemesis, Spector, Kelley's old friend, up on murder charges. Who knows what went on behind the scenes with Clarkson, who was raised in a cult and therefore may have been acting under orders.

I can imagine these events affecting the various players in this saga. I can imagine Kelley feeling she had been given the power to right outstanding wrongs.

I see Leonard was studying the Baghavad Gita and made this pronouncement:

There is a beautiful moment in the Bhagavad Gita. Arjuna. The general. The great general. He’s standing in his chariot. And all the chariots are readied for war. And across the valley, he sees his opponents. And there he sees not just uncles and aunts and cousins, he sees gurus, he sees teachers that have taught him; and you know how the Indians revere that relationship. He sees them. And Krishna, one of the expressions of the deity, says to him, ‘You’ll never untangle the circumstances that brought you to this moment. You’re a warrior. Arise now, mighty warrior. With the full understanding, that they’ve already been killed, and so have you. This is just a play. This is my will. You’re caught up in the circumstances that I determine for you. That you did not determine for yourself. So, arise, you’re a noble warrior. Embrace your destiny, your fate, and stand up and do your duty."

I think, as always, Cohen was talking about himself: looking back at his life, he saw his own uncles, aunts and cousins -- the people who set him up -- including his gurus. He was realizing he's been influenced, from an early age, by people and events he had no control over, and almost no knowledge of. He was a patsy. He saw them all as his opponents on a vast illusory battlefield, and he finally felt ready to embrace it all and let it go.

At that very moment, back in Los Angeles, Kelley Lynch was ready to help him. And the next great battle was about to begin.

I felt Kelley's side of the story needed to be told.

Nevertheless, when the sand blows away, we can still end up in hell. As a consequence of being set up to be a warrior and many other things, Leonard harmed others - maybe as many as he helped -- that's still under review. If Leonard's fans (and enemies) don't wake up, they'll wake up in hell someday too. Not everything is an illusion: that's the law of Karma.

We can postpone our realizations but eventually they come after us with the reminder there is always more to realize.

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, I ha e no idea what this last post is about but the "salary" has to do with the $44,000 yearly distributions for promissory notes. The $100K is a corporate distribution. $240K/year for corporate taxes was set forth in the corporate records. I don't know what you're talking about but perhaps people should try this out on a male shareholder such as David Geffen. Leonard Cohen stole over $7 million from one corporation a lone, millions from another, etc. Phil Spector was set up. It doesn't have anything to do with the corporations apart from the fact that Cohen ended up in bed with the Spector prosecution who attempted to sabotage IRS and me. He had bullshit stories about Phil Spector that helped them. Cohen now has three contradictory versions of that alleged gun incident before LA Superior Court. Lana Clarkson was raised in a cult and, in fact, ate her childhood pony while there. I believe LSD was involved with some of the members re. that incident.

As for evidence, I haven't seen the corporate accountings, corporate balance sheets, tax forms, etc. They would tell the actual story here and prove that Leonard Cohen is a liar, with motive, who destroyed my life. Let me ask you this: why did he offer me millions of dollars? I have these offers in writing, confirmed in writing by people present, etc.

Kelley Lynch said...

Rad, I'll tell you what's missing - critical thinking on your part. I intend to find a remedy and have this fraud judgment vacated. Cohen has destroyed my reputation so a job is problematic. I haven't had a mental breakdown but I am clearly dealing with psychopaths. There was nothing stopping Cohen from repaying his loans and paying what was due me. Please take your advice if you run into a situation like this.

Kelley Lynch said...

Gianelli/Truth Teller, I see you are attempting to elicit information about what IRS may have advised me about the "business purpose." The business purpose was as follows: Leonard Cohen was obligated to transfer intellectual property into Traditional Holdings in exchange for an annuity payment that was to begin in 2011. He failed to do that and then borrowed/expended over $7 million that he was obligated to repay. Leonard Cohen didn't borrow his own money. And, this is why Cohen and his representatives offered me millions of dollars. As late as May 2005, Cohen was telling Betsy Superfon he would give me whatever I wanted and noted that I was the "love of his life." His story doesn't add up unless you are a misogynist, sycophant, and/or completely uninformed. I was asked to invest and also have an indemnity agreement that I requested up front. Corporate property is not Leonard Cohen's personal property. He has argued that he is the alter ego, engaged in self dealing, and someone who was permitted to embezzle corporate assets. The corporate accountings would show the "loans" made to Cohen, etc. as well as income, losses, etc. You continue to change numbers - first it is $5 million, then $6 million, in other places, it is $7 or $8 million. Rad is probably one of your alter egos. I don't need to go to rehab. Leonard Cohen was the individual with the lifelong history of drug and alcohol abuse, psychiatric problems, etc.

You forgot the other option: I could find ever legal remedy available to me and confront Leonard Cohen's fraudulent allegations. And you forgot one other item: you've been representing Cohen's interests for years while targeting my sons, sister, brother-in-law, elderly parents, friends, roommates, and witnesses. This your job.

Kelley Lynch said...

Gianelli, I see you're trying to find a way to phone Bruce Cutler and infiltrate Phil Spector's legal matters. You'll have to find a way on your own. I've suggested that you phone him up and ask him to marry you because of your obsession with him for years now. I have contacted CIA. The reason for that is I've asked CIA if they have any information, available through FOIA or otherwise, that Leonard Cohen participated in CIA's MK Ultra program, worked as CIA Recon during Bay of Pigs, etc. Also, as my alleged prosecutor viewed herself as a terrorist who was on the CIA's disposition matrix, I've asked CIA if they have any evidence that she's an actual enemy of the United States. As I mentioned to Detective Viramontes, she may have serious mental health issues. The person who has experienced profoundly disturbing experiences is Phil Spector, a man who witnessed a woman shoot herself in his home. Nevertheless, LA Superior Court's fabricated narratives, including regarding me and corporations, work beautifully for jurors.

Truth-Teller said...

Ms. Lynch,

1. You had no money - not one dime - invested in Traditional Holdings LLC. As the name implies, it was strictly a holding company to receive (and shelter from taxes)the net proceeds (after your $1.2M commission) from the sale of Cohen's music catalog to Sony.

2. All of you other assertions were all litigated in 2006, are barred by the declaratory judgment entered against you that year, and are belied by the checks that you made to yourself and deposited.

3. Your attempts at deflection from the focus of the more recent posts in this discussion from $3M in checks you made out to yourself 2003-2004 to anything but (including Lana Clarkson's pony) are par for the course as you "reporting" this discussion to the IRS, FBI, CIA, DOJ, the Boulder County DA, and others in your blog posted email dated 7/21 and quoted above.

I wish you the best of luck in your 17-count criminal case in August 1. Since you are acting as your own counsel, you will need it.

Ann, interesting observation about the fist SHL check lynch made payable to herself occurring on the date that Phil Spector was arrested for the murder of Lana Clarkson.

There is nothing more that I can add to this discussion.

Kelley Lynch said...

Gianelli, argue these matters in some court. I realize Cohen had difficulties paying his representatives. I do recall him ripping off Peter Lopez and others. For example, Marty and Steven Machat. He stole their share of a corporation, intellectual property, and withheld commissions due them. He also stole and sold Phil Spector's master tapes. Cohen borrowed/caused to be expended over $7 million from this one corporation alone and there are others.

Nothing has ever been litigated and that most certainly includes with respect to the federal corporate tax matters. I was included on federal tax returns. Kory can argue with the IRS that Cohen and his representatives intentionally submitted fraudulent tax returns to IRS and Cohen's "loans" were actually "disguised income" as his representatives believed.

Ann Diamond raised the fact that Lana Clarkson grew up on a commune. I believe it was an LSD commune where she ate her childhood pony. You don't control the narrative, Gianelli, regardless of what name you are currently writing under.

What interests you so much about CIA? Leonard Cohen's statements that he was a participant in CIA's MK Ultra Program, CIA recon during Bay of Pigs, or Streeter's position that she is a terrorist, on the CIA's threat disposition, and enemy of the US government?

Ann, Gianelli would like to discuss Phil Spector. After all, he is not only representing the legal interests of Leonard Cohen, he is affiliated with the Spector prosecution and has argued their inane theories online. For example, he argued that Clarkson's DNA was not on the ammunition when in fact it was. This was addressed in the Spector appeal. He has argued that Spector's lawyers never said the gun wasn't his. Bruce Cutler did argue that and discussed that directly with Mick Brown of the UK Telegraph who then repeated the conservation in one of his articles. Gianelli has also been consulted by Spector's estranged adopted sons over their father's estate. He worked with Michelle Blaine (a woman who stole over $ million from Phil Spector, went on a rampage to destroy him, and is the female Leonard Cohen) to target my blogs and email accounts. As I've said if you are actually interested in the Shareholder Loan designation, you'll have to contact Cohen's tax and corporate attorney. I believe it may have been to disguise Cohen's income from this corporation as a loan. Gianelli is not having a conversation. He is lying.

The prosecutors in my case lied to jurors that I was in possession of the IRS required tax documents and forced them to guess about these issues based upon their lies. I don't have the information and the jurors were lied to and guessed wrong. That however is not an IRS requirement - jurors guessing about whether or not someone received the IRS required tax and corporate information. I still do not have the corporate accountings, corporate balance sheets, and/or the K-1 tax forms. LAPD and the City Attorney are now once again all over a federal tax case and lying about the issues. They simply feel these issues are not legitimate. That should scare the hell out of US citizens. And let's not forget the SWAT incident, King Drew incident, and so forth. LAPD has targeted me for years now. Their celebrity unit routinely permits Leonard Cohen and his lawyers to summon and lie to them. The taxpayers should demand answers. Many, many residents have been criminally harassed due to the conduct of the local government of Los Angeles.

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, one other interesting point about Clarkson, the LSD commune she grew up on (where she was literally her childhood pony), etc. That commune was located in Napa Valley where Gianelli is from. I think your piece on Gianelli really summarizes who this individual is. In any event, LAPD can take the stand in my case and explain precisely where the corporate balance sheets, corporate accountings, and IRS required corporate K-1 tax forms are, and why they have made a determination that these matters are not legitimate - also where their authority to make such determination arises from. They are promoting non-compliance with federal tax laws. That's a very serious issue. We'll see if that's it for Gianelli. He's been harassing me over these issues for over eight years now while terrorizing people in my life. You are correct: Gianelli is precisely the type of clown Leonard Cohen used as an operative. In fact, Gianelli has written that Leonard Cohen personally approved of his conduct with me.

Ann Diamond on Stephen Gianelli
When Stephen Gianelli’s emails land in my inbox, mostly out of the blue and unsolicited, they are so overflowing with repetitive accusations, misinformation, threats, self-aggrandizing boasts, undiluted rage, and general nastiness that it's next to impossible to read to the end of one of them. My impulse is always to ignore them and tell him to stop sending them. That he seems to have unlimited energy and endless time to go over all these details with someone he does not know in an attempt to win me over, while at the same time he constantly accuses me of having an ancient axe to grind with Cohen (i.e. I'm a hopeless case, as far as he's concerned, so he's barking furiously up the wrong tree), would under normal circumstances be a sign of mental imbalance.

Ann Diamond on Stephen Gianelli
When Stephen Gianelli’s emails land in my inbox, mostly out of the blue and unsolicited, they are so overflowing with repetitive accusations, misinformation, threats, self-aggrandizing boasts, undiluted rage, and general nastiness that it's next to impossible to read to the end of one of them. My impulse is always to ignore them and tell him to stop sending them. That he seems to have unlimited energy and endless time to go over all these details with someone he does not know in an attempt to win me over, while at the same time he constantly accuses me of having an ancient axe to grind with Cohen (i.e. I'm a hopeless case, as far as he's concerned, so he's barking furiously up the wrong tree), would under normal circumstances be a sign of mental imbalance.

Truth-Teller said...

PS I forgot to include in my final comment the mention of the fact that Traditional Holdings was an LLC or "limited liability company". A limited liability company (LLC) is not a separate tax entity like a corporation; instead, it is what the IRS calls a "pass-through entity," like a partnership or sole proprietorship. ... The LLC itself does not pay federal income taxes.

Therefore, Traditional Holdings owed no "corporate taxes" at all, let alone in the amount of $3M during 2003-2004.

That's it.

Ann, I respect your open-mindedness regarding the evidence of Ms. Lynch's theft.

Kelley Lynch said...

Gianelli, none of this explains where the corporate accounts are, why Cohen and his representatives have refused to provide corporate balance sheets, corporate K-1s, and/or why I am included as a partner on federal tax returns. They will explain this on the witness stand. Robert Kory wrote that Cohen and his representatives failed to report $8 million in income on the 2001 corporate tax returns.

There has been no theft on my part. LA Superior Court illegally transferred the assets of corporate property and my property (including re. suspended corporations) to Leonard Cohen without jurisdiction - over me or the corporations.

I can assure you, Gianelli, that the federal tax matters are far from over and that includes Cohen's over $7 million in "disguised income" that he was warned by his own representatives to repay. Since you are not a shareholder, IRS, or anything other than a criminal defending Leonard Cohen, your arguments are utterly and thoroughly transparent. Furthermore, Leonard Cohen's fraudulent tax refunds have been challenged as such with IRS and other tax authorities.

Kelley Lynch said...

Gianelli, while defending Leonard Cohen re. the tax fraud case and lying, you are overlooking other entities that are actually corporations. Those matters, and all federal tax related issues, are far from over - whether or not you continue to criminally harass and publicly attack me. Cohen also stole from those entities. You are arguing that Leonard Cohen was the alter ego engaged in self-dealing. That's why people are wondering if Cohen actually paid Robert Kory, etc. for their legal advice.

Truth-Teller said...

"where the corporate accounts are"?

If you mean the funds of Traditional Holdings, as you are well aware by the time you were left Cohen's employ on October 20, 2004, there was only $150,000 left. After you were served with the Agile (Natural wealth) lawsuit pending in Colorado federal district court, you contacted the judge to say you would not be participating in the suit, and you disclaimed any entitlement to the remaining $150K.

In 2008 the federal district court ordered the $150,000 returned to Cohen, based on the 2006 declaration judgment against you stating (among other things) that Cohen at all times owned all of the money in TDLLC, ad that you have zero ownership interest in that or any Cohen related entity.

I believe you know all of this.

Kelley Lynch said...

What happened, Gianelli? That wasn't all you had to say? There wasn't only $150K left. See Leonard Cohen's loans totaling over $7 million that had to be repaid with interest. Those are corporate assets and not Cohen's personal property. I was served the Agile suit. I acknowledged this for Judge Babcock and informed him that I viewed the lawsuit as an attempt to cover up criminal tax fraud and obfuscate issues. Judge Babcock didn't even obtain jurisdiction over this or any other entity. I had an ownership interest in 2004 and 2005. The fraud default was not entered until May 2006. The TH issue wasn't resolved until 2008. You are arguing that corporate entities and LLCs do not have to file tax returns and/or provide K-1s to members, shareholders, etc. You are arguing non-compliance with federal tax laws. These arguments that you are making are preposterous. There are no corporate accountings, corporate balance sheets, and/or IRS required K-1s. LAPD and the City Attorney are not in a legal position to argue that corporations, LLCs, etc. should remain non-compliant with federal tax laws. That's true even though Sandra Jo Streeter lied about this to jurors in 2012 and they VOTED wrong about IRS required tax forms. These are arguments that Leonard Cohen relied on. They are arguments that Leonard Cohen viewed himself as an alter ego, was entitled to embezzle and raid corporate assets, took disguised income and fraudulent asserted they were loans, and used the situation to further defraud the US government when he submitted the entire fraudulent Los Angeles Superior Court complaint to IRS to obtain fraudulent tax refunds. Those refunds have been challenged as fraudulent. I advised Judge Babcock that I would not engage in what was essentially alter ego argument covering up criminal tax fraud.

Kelley Lynch said...

Gianelli, I believe the IRS has federal tax returns where Cohen and his representatives included me as a partner in accordance with my membership interest. $4 million was moved, by Cohen's tax lawyer, to the partners' capital account on the 2003 federal tax return. IRS has confirmed for me that this have this return. It was also noted that the 2003 K-1 I received (and paid taxes on) does not indicate - nor does the return - that these were final returns. And that's before we get into the tax returns related to other corporations. You continue to lie and I will continue to review all the fraudulent and perjured legal documents with IRS, etc. LAPD can take the witness stand, explain their expertise in federal taxes and why they are arguing that one should remain non-compliant with federal tax laws, and how a fraud DV order applies to corporate officers, etc.

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, since you like to review evidence, here are the IRS corporate forms due me for 2004 and 2005. A fabricated narrative, and fraudulent default judgment entered in 2006, did not alter these requirements regardless of the fact that Gianelli is lying about them and advancing Leonard Cohen's defense.

These forms were due me for the LLC by the first quarters of 2005 and 2006. That's well in advance of entry of the fraudulent default judgment. A state court has no authority to alter IRS reporting and filing requirements and that includes retroactively. Similar forms are owed me by other corporations. The corporate assets have to be valued. Leonard Cohen essentially used the fraud default to transfer corporate assets to himself. As those assets weren't valued, there are serious problems with unreported income related to Cohen and these entities. Cohen also was obligated to provide the balance sheets showing income, etc. for 2004 and 2005. There are issues with other years as well.

A fabricated narrative is not an alternative to IRS reporting and filing requirements. The alleged checks are a ruse. They have nothing whatsoever to do with these forms, balance sheets, etc. And that's before issues related to the actual returns are addressed. For example, Cohen's tax lawyer moved $4 million to the partners' capital account re. Traditional Holdings. I am on the federal tax returns. Therefore, Cohen has actually argued that he and his representatives prepared and transmitted fraudulent tax returns to IRS, provided me with fraudulent K-1s, and forced me to pay taxes on income.

Stephen Gianelli should be prosecuted for many things including his eight year harassment wherein he argues non-compliance with federal tax laws. The man is a criminal and a psychopath.

Louisa Ti said...

Leonard Cohen "set up Phil Spector?" :) But if he ruined one of his albums at a crucial moment (of crisis) in his career!

Kelley Lynch said...

Louisa, no one said Leonard Cohen set up Phil Spector. He has however spent years lying about a Phil Spector gun incident. That's why Leonard Cohen now has three contradictory versions of his gun story about Phil Spector before LA Superior Court. Leonard Cohen's own testimony about this alleged incident contradicted a version used by the Spector prosecutors. This can be verified through motions filed by the Spector DA in that case and Leonard Cohen's testimony in other LA Superior Court proceedings. And, Cohen has given even further contradictory versions to the news media. The versions now include an automatic, semi-automatic, crossbow held to the head, neck, and/or chest of Leonard Cohen, and the incident - depending on what version of Cohen's you believe - took place in the recording studio (according to the DA) or Cohen's home (according to one of Cohen's later versions). According to Mick Brown, UK Telegraph, Cohen's testimony or statements regarding this "incident" were presented to the Phil Spector Grand Jury. Mick Brown reviewed the Spector Grand Jury transcripts which the judge unsealed. Spector didn't ruin anything for Cohen. I worked as Cohen's personal manager for years. He liked some of the records. He was embarrassed that he wasn't invited to the mixing sessions. Leonard Cohen always had a crisis and told BBC and others that this was a dark period in time. People in the studio with Spector and Cohen, journalists in fact, noted that Phil Spector was focused and did not have a circus around him while Cohen was guzzling tequilla, and according to his own public statements, doing drugs. What's the issue? No one said Cohen set up Phil Spector. I said Phil Spector was set up. The forensic evidence concluded that the woman, Lana Clarkson, shot herself at Spector's home. LA Superior Court, and I have firsthand knowledge of this, prefers fabricated narratives. That's why jurors in a proceeding I was involved with were lied to about IRS required tax forms and forced to GUESS that I was in possession of them or not. I wasn't but the jurors were convinced I was. That's only one example. Another example is LA Superior Court's position that when a man, like Cohen, exposing his penis to his female colleague and sexually harasses her, that's her intent to annoy him. I have countless other examples of the type of insanity that takes place before LA Superior Court. Hopefully, this clarified your confusion.

Kelley Lynch said...

Louisa, I don't know if you're actually Stephen Gianelli or not. I see that you just created your You Tube account. Here are other lies Leonard Cohen has told about Phil Spector. He told the BBC that he spoke to Spector recently and Phil Spector wasn't mad at Cohen any longer. That interview took place sometime in 2001, I believe. He testified during an LA Superior Court proceeding that he hadn't heard from Phil Spector since 1977 when they worked together for three brief weeks. Leonard Cohen, and I know both Cohen and Phil Spector, never spoke to Phil Spector since recording with him in the 70s. Leonard Cohen lies and these lies go unchallenged. So, while he didn't set up Phil Spector, he appears to have been an "informant" of some sort, and ended up publicly aligned with the Spector DA in targeting me which led to his garbage testimony about Phil Spector. I don't know what version of this bullshit gun incident the LA government believes but I know for a fact that Cohen told me for 20 years that Spector never held a gun on him and these were good rock 'n roll stories. I wrote Dennis Riordan, Spector's appellate attorney, about that issue. My prosecutors used the email against me and Cohen testified that he was a recipient when he was not. Leonard Cohen was a habitual liar. Which version do you believe Louisa?


Streeter: Do you know Mr. Spector? Cohen: I knew him. He produced a record of songs that we wrote together. It was in 1977. Streeter: But you had no dealings with him since then; is that right? Cohen: No, I don’t believe – I haven’t seen him. I don’t remember if it was ’77 or ’78 that the record came out. But since then, no, I have had no contact with him. RT 56-57


Leonard Cohen: He’s [Phil Spector] not mad any longer, I’ve spoken to him on the phone recently, he’s really quite reasonable and calm, but we were, you know, I was flipped out at the time …

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, I hope I clarified that for "Louisa." By the way, I have sent you Cohen's testimony that I never "stole" from him. That testimony is from 2012. He also testified, under oath again, that we were in a "purely business relationship" which is correct. Sexual harassment and indecent exposure are not dating. This testimony undermines Cohen's lawsuit - as does the actual evidence - and the fraudulent domestic violence order I wasn't served. There was and remains no domestic violence or any findings of such. LA Superior Court loves liars and fabricated narratives. I have information that forensic experts are reviewing the Spector case. It will be interesting to see what they conclude without the testimony of people who weren't witnesses, had nothing to do with Clarkson's suicide, and weren't there. Thanks for bringing up these issues. I don't know about the invasion of privacy LAPD and the City Attorney have exposed me to, together with others, re. private federal tax matters. There are laws about these issues as the IRS well knows.

Truth-Teller said...

At Kelley Lynch's 2012 bail hearing her attorney asked Cohen on cross-examination when was the last time you saw Kelley Lynch? Cohen replied Sometime in late 2004 or in 2005. Lynch's defender then asked "did she harass you or steal from you *at that time*? Cohen replied, only my piece of mind. The Q and A referenced a specific time (the last time the two met) after the thefts were discovered. But Lynch hears what she wants to hear.

She also believes that every single person on the internet other than her is "Gianelli".

Truth-Teller said...

Ms. Lynch, as soon as Ann Diamond amends her initial opinion from "unproven" to "had not seen the evidence yet" you start spamming this site in an effort to district and deflect.

There is one person who has been to jail twice in CA (2012 and 2014) and is appearing August 1 on 17 new criminal harassment charges: You. No one else.

One person wrote $3M in checks to herself from Traditional Holdings. Again, you. So give it a rest.

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, Leonard Cohen was only asked if I stole from him. His answer was no - just his peace of mind. The fraud expense ledger included 2004 so Gianelli's fraud arguments fail in any event. I don't believe every person online is Gianelli. He's posted here as Truth Teller and then posted the identical post on the Truth Sentinel site. As everyone who has been harassed by Gianelli understands, he uses fake email accounts and fake monikers to post online, frequently engaged in a dialogue with himself. Furthermore, the corporations are not Cohen's personal property. Gianelli can argue that $400 billion was deposited elsewhere but that's not the issue. The issue is the fact that Cohen and Co. willfully disregarded my ownership interest in corporations, including after including me on federal tax returns, willfully disregarded corporate books and records related to distributions - including for corporate taxes, and have uploaded some checks that have not been authenticated. They are primarily corporate checks and were not submitted to LA Superior Court which is why you haven't seen them. The Court has no jurisdiction over the corporations and I can assure you that TH is a Kentucky entity with no ties at all to California. All of this being said, the fraud renewal of judgment is under appeal and LA Superior Court has a rampant problem with service issues, fraud restraining orders, and people who perjure themselves under oath. California generally has a rampant problem with prosecutorial misconduct. Until you see this scene up close and personal, you have no idea. The alleged checks are meaningless. The only picture that would tell a story is a corporate accounting for each entity, corporate balance sheets, and corporate tax forms. This is why Cohen and his representatives to now want to hand them over. Also, as a Senator's office confirmed with me recently, the withholding of same proves that Cohen committed criminal tax fraud. This Senator's office, and I spoke with one of the lawyers there when they called as well, also is convinced the fraud domestic violence order is not lawful at all.

Truth-Teller said...

See People v. Kelley Lynch; bail hearing transcript, March 23, 2012, page 20, line 13 to line 23:
Q: When was the last time that you saw Ms. Lynch before today?
A: The last time was – I think it was 2004 or 2005.
Q: Has she vandalized any of your property *during that time* or stolen anything?
A: Just my peace of mind.

Truth-Teller said...

Kelley lynch has send a second email to IRS, FBI, DOJ, US Senate, CIA (and many other law enforcers), the mayor of LA, the media, etc. dated 7/22, in which she “reports” the latest comments here “on Ann Diamond’s blog”.
Among other choice remarks she says: “Rad,’ who has posted some inane rant, is Gianelli.”
“As the saying goes, the system works beautifully for criminals especially in Cohen's case because he evidently had a bullshit Phil Spector gun story and ended up aligned with former DA Steve Cooley, the City Attorney of Los Angeles, LAPD, etc. […] Therefore, the IRS should investigate the LA Superior Court cases, my 2012 trial, and the ongoing interference (on the part of LAPD and the City Attorney) with federal corporate tax and related matters. Previously, the City Attorney lied to jurors about federal tax and corporate matters and had them VOTE on IRS required tax information and whether or not I have that information. I do not and people should arrested for those arguments.

See Gianelli posts on Ann Diamond's site, attached hereto.”

Obviously, in addition to being an embezzler, a serial criminal harasser, and a prevaricator, Ms. Lynch has a screw loose somewhere,,,

I mean, who in their right mind would report other blog commenters to the IRS and the FBI – or think the IRS et al would even have a clue what Ann Diamonds blog was, or care who was commenting there?

Ann Diamond said...

Truth-teller: I didn't say the cheque was written on the same day Phil Spector was arrested for the murder of Lana Clarkson. It was written 5 days earlier on January 29 2003. Spector's arrest upset many people in Hollywood. I'm not saying there was a causal relationship between these events - but afterwards, Lynch began withdrawing larger amounts much more frequently, in almost every case writing "Shareholder Loan" in the memo. It almost seems she hit her stride after that -- as if she had found a new sense of purpose, along with a strategy that seemed to work. I can't imagine how anyone would imagine getting away with something so blatant. So this makes me think that she was under some kind of external control, acting almost robotically, with no awareness of the consequences. That's also why I didn't believe it, until now.

Kelley: what's bafflinf to me is that, seeing these cheques reproduced on line, with your signature appearing twice on each one, you feel no sense of connection to them. You don't seem to remember writing them, depositing the money in your bank account, or converting them to cash. It seems you have a memory blank somewhere -- a big one. You're basing your self-defense on documents you don't have, and can't access. Blank IRS forms from the website aren't proof of anything - and you know it. You no longer worked for Cohen when those forms were due to be filed. So naturally, they were never sent to you -- why would they be? You were about to be charged with embezzlement.

I could add more crazy speculation. I wonder which "Buddhist friends" you were seeing at the time? Which Tibetan lamas?

Somewhere else I'll go into the strange world of Robert Kory, before he began working for Leonard Cohen, when his claim to fame was a failed attempt to build a "Wizard of Oz Theme Park" in Missouri. It's impossible not to connect him to the multi-faceted world of military mind control projects that have taken over the world of entertainment including the music business.

Hell, he and Allan Showalter have almost succeeded in turning Leonard Cohen into a Theme Park.

Kelley Lynch said...

The March 23, 2012 bail hearing has two separate questions - that Gianelli/Truth Teller - has set forth as one. The second question, in its entirety - asked Leonard Cohen: "Or stolen anything" [from you] and he answered "No." The fact of the matter is that I have not.

I have no idea what the situation with Phil Spector has to do with the fact that a woman shot herself at his house. Ann, I was advised that I hadn't taken the full $240K/year for taxes and/or profit distribution in earlier periods. This became a serious issue a couple of years after the deal closed in 2001. Guessing about these matters is not the answer. Making assumptions that lead to conclusions that there larger transactions after the Clarkson death is not an accurate explanation related to corporate finances. Let me repeat this: Leonard Cohen's tax lawyer, Richard Westin, wanted ALL DISTRIBUTIONS characterized as a SHAREHOLDER LOAN. He intended to recharacterize these items later. I have written here that I don't know why. My new sense of purpose was meetings and discussions between Cohen and his representatives, and myself, that distributions for promissory notes, profit, and so forth - including corporate taxes - had to be made.

What's baffling to me, Ann, is the lack of a corporate accountings, tax forms, etc. I didn't say I don't remember writing anything. I also said some of these items were actual loans that were repaid and other items I have no recollection of - whatsoever - and didn't deposit (according to the handwriting, etc.) into my account.

I sent you the blank IRS forms to show you what is due me and when it was due. Why would the forms be sent me by the first quarter of the following year - after Cohen and I parted ways? BECAUSE THAT IS THE LAW IN THE UNITED STATES. I wasn't about to be charged with embezzlement. I was offered millions of dollars by Cohen and have some of the offers in writing. The offer of 50% community property was memorialized by witnesses that included my representatives.

Robert Kory is, as Steven Machat noted, an evil liar.

Well, Cohen decided to work/tour so when he did he achieved success over the years. That had nothing to do with Robert Kory. He planned to tour .

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, let me know if you have any other questions about my personal finances or corporate ownership interests. The guesses and conclusions are truly out there. In any event, as Gianelli/Truth Teller continues to hysterically represent Cohen's interests assume Cohen's representatives are concerned about IRS and tax fraud. Kory has fiduciary duties and I can assure you that these corporations are not inside any Cohen family trust. The liars might be in for a big surprise.

Truth-Teller said...

Ann, what has always intrigued me about Kelley Lynch's studious avoidance of any point being made about the obvious evidence against her is whether all of this is a part of some conscious effort on her part, or whether her own mind is betraying her - to protect her from confronting a public truth that was (and is) simply too painful to deal with - including the disgrace of being caught with her hand in the till.

If she does believe that raising non-extant or long forgotten (by everyone but her) "tax issues" or Leonard Cohen's Phil Spector gun stories, or the bizarre allegation that Phil Spector's murder victim ate her childhood pony while on LSD (and that the IRS is really interested in reading about this drivel in daily mass emails) that does not speak well for her level of emotional maturity.

These are similar to the excuses and defenses of a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

They could give entire graduate school psychology seminar courses on Kelley Lynch 2003 2017 alone.

I wish I could learn the truth somehow, but I fear this is simply unknowable. Lynch herself may not even have any self-awareness of what I am even talking about.

I to noticed how her discussions of the $3M in checks she signed the front and back of appear as if she is speculating about things someone else did.

Ann Diamond said...

I'll just repeat myself: how can you expect anyone to believe that signing $3.5 million in cheques to the order of yourself, without naming any other recipient in the memo, is a legitimate practice? If this was money owed to you, why not label it "fees" or "commissions." If Westin wanted everything labeled SHL, then why was a cheque for $58,000" labelled "Profit"? Why did you not write "Shareholder Loan" on your annual $20,000 salary cheque? If these were distributions to a third party, who was that party? Or did you pay them in cash, without any accounting records - ? No receipts?

It's just beyond belief that you would do this. It's not an embezzlement strategy, it's personal suicide. Something convinced you you were invincible, i.e. you thought Leonard Cohen was not coming back from India -- or that the world as you knew it was coming to an end and nothing mattered anymore.

I think cults have a lot to do with why people in Hollywood suddenly go nuts and do irrational things, from which they never recover.

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, let me say this again: Leonard Cohen's tax and corporate lawyer advised us that all distributions, apart from those made specifically with respect to promissory note repayment related to my promissory note ($44,000/year) should be characterized as SHAREHOLDER LOANS. What was the reasoning? I do not know. He intended to recharacterize the nature of all ShAREHOLDER LOANS once there were corporate accountings related to all corporations, intellectual property asset valuations, etc. What are you talking about? Are there receipts? There is no embezzlement at all. Leonard Cohen is not the corporations. Why don't you take a look at the corporate records to confirm ownership percentages and how profit, losses, etc were to be distributed rather than coming up with some inane narrative. You can review the Articles of Incorporation rather than talking about Leonard Cohen and fraudulent allegations of embezzlement. Cohen was not entitled to take loans/expenditures of over $7 million. I have the evidence supporting these amounts that he had to repay with interest. Nothing was paid in cash including my $1 million commission for work I did for approximately ten years on these transactions. Why was the $20,000 check listed as a SHL? Call Richard Westin. When you get the answer, let me know. If you don't want to review the corporate records then there is no point in having a discussion - including some preposterous argument that corporate distributions, etc. had anything to do with the suicide at Spector's home.

Kelley Lynch said...

Truth Teller/Gianelli, the only avoidance in this situation is Cohen's refusal to provide me with corporate and other tax information that IRS requires. Leonard Cohen has lied about corporate assets and refused to repay his over $7 million in loans from one entity alone. When you make a statement such as "long forgotten(by everyone but her)" you are attempting to determine what the IRS has advised me about these tax matters. You also continue to desperately attempt to elicit information about what Phil Spector might be planning to do legally at this time. The woman who shot herself as a sordid past that includes eating her childhood pony on an LSD commune and, according to her Madam, being a prostitute who played with guns. Those are the facts of the situation. She was also high on vicodin and drank eight glasses of tequilla the night she was at Spector's. In other words, she was out of control. That's relevant.

I don't have to discuss anything with a criminal stalker. I have attempted to respond to Ann Diamond's questions - including about SHAREHOLDER LOAN DESIGNATIONS that were made at the instruction of Leonard Cohen's personal corporate/tax lawyer. There's no problem with that as all distributions were made in accordance with the corporate books and records.

Arguing that Leonard Cohen personally owned the corporate assets is simply preposterous. He was entitled to an annuity obligation in the approximate amount of $5 million. He borrowed/caused to be expended over $7 million. The annuity payments did not have to be made, per corporate records, until he repaid those loans with interest totaling millions. Having a one sided discussion about these matters only benefits Leonard Cohen.

I intend to sue for the corporate tax information, balance sheets, etc.

Kelley Lynch said...

As for the $58,000, Richard Westin wanted it labeled "profit." It coincides with a K-1 I received so you don't have to worry about my having paid the taxes on it either. All is cool on that front as well.

Ann Diamond said...

Kelley, I asked "Why did you NOT write "Shareholder Loan" on your annual $20,000 salary cheques?" You say Westin wanted everything labelled SHL - but in many instances you didn't follow that advice -- why not?

It's not "speculation" - it's just common sense. If I use my power of attorney to write unauthorized cheques to myself, I'm committing theft. Period.

Truth-teller: Kelley's memory blanks and other behaviour patterns are consistent with MKULTRA programming in early childhood, which leads to separate personalities operating within the same individual, often with no knowledge of one another. It's often called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) which has replaced Multiple Personality Disorder. Leonard Cohen was another MKULTRA victim. Robert Kory was likely a programmer - or connected to programmers. Everyone working for or around Leonard Cohen would be chosen on the basis of programming. That's how it works.

Cults - like the one Lana Clarkson grew up in - carry out trauma-based programming on children. A common technique (also used on me at age 4) is to give a child a pet, so the child bonds with it, and then force the child to kill the pet This causes irreparable trauma and dissociation - the child creates a new identity, and an amnesia barrier around the event. I created an amnesia barrier around the death of my puppy, which was so strong I "forgot" to ask what happened to Smokey, until I was in my mid-20s.

This kind of programming is extremely widespread, as we're now seeing.

Ann Diamond said...

A final comment before we shut this down:

MK-programmed individuals (the lucky ones who survive their early trauma conditioning) are often extremely high-functioning. They can out-perform ordinary people, and are therefore often chosen for responsible positions. They literally operate as slaves -- with compartmentalized alters carrying out various functions under the control of a central "core" personality. They will follow orders to the letter. That's probably why Leonard Cohen - himself a fragmented multiple with amnesia for parts of his own history -- trusted Kelley Lynch. He knew her programming, and believed it would continue to work for him as it had in the past, while he was away in India for extended periods.

However, in mid-life, the programming often starts to fail -- the system of alters can start to disintegrate. This can be brought on by a traumatic incident, or something else that triggers the process. That's when various alters can start to run wild -- in different ways -- i.e. a 'prostitute' alter might come to the fore, or an embezzler, or a Big Spender -- or another alter with suicide programming might surface and end the individual's life, which is what probably happened to Lana Clarkson.

Personal loss, the death (or arrest) of a close friend, or the absence of one's handler (in Kelley's case, her boss, Leonard Cohen) could trigger this process of disintegration. After that, anything is possible. It can be like 'possession' -- the controlled individuals goes out of control as various sub-personalities surface and start to act independently of any rational core.

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, read my comments. I labeled them as I was INSTRUCTED TO. Therefore, if the annual "salary" (also set forth in the corporate records) was labeled as such that is what I was told to do. I followed all instructions. When they are labeled SHL that is how I was instructed to label them. What is the issue? I have also repeatedly stated that Richard Westin, Leonard Cohen's personal tax and corporate attorney, intended to recharacterize the designations AFTER corporate accountings for all entities were prepared.

Corporations don't follow "common sense." They follow corporate records and I have provided you with a link to the Articles of Incorporation. If you do not want to read them, there is nothing to discuss. Leonard Cohen also signed (and it is notarized) the Annuity Agreement. If you read this CORPORATE DOCUMENT, rather than using "common sense" or speculating, you will understand the terms of his agreement with the CORPORATION.

As you can see, Cohen was entitled to an annuity totaling approximately $4.9 million beginning in January 2011. That is the date he and his representatives came up with so see them for further details. Leonard Cohen's tax and corporate lawyer prepared this document for Cohen's benefit. These payments were in EXCHANGE for PROPERTY Cohen was legally obligated to transfer to the CORPORATION. He failed to do that and the PROPERTY (intellectual property) was owned by Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc. I have the irrevocable assignments transferring the IP into BMT. Therefore, SHLs apply to distributions related to royalty income owned by BMT. That is part of the reason for the designation. The Annuity Agreement, which you should read, confirmed that Cohen could borrow money from Traditional Holdings but it had to be repaid within three years with interest. It goes onto confirm that if he didn't repay them, the annuity payments beginning in 2011 could be withheld until he repaid them. The agreement also states that Cohen's heirs were responsible for these loans. I didn't need to use a Power of Attorney re. Traditional Holdings, LLC. I had an ownership interest. If you do not want to read the Articles of Incorporation there is no point in having this discussion.

I don't have any memory blanks and I was not in MK Ultra. Leonard Cohen is the individual who informed me, my mother, and others that he was a participant in CIA's MK Ultra Program. He also publicly stated for years, and spoke to me endlessly about this, that he was viewed as CIA reconnaissance by Castro's forces during the Bay of Pigs.

As for Clarkson and cults, it is public knowledge that she grew upon on a commune in California. I believe the pony broke its leg and was put down. The individuals living on this commune, which has been referred to as an LSD commune, are the individuals who served Clarkson her deceased pony to eat. I cannot even imagine the type of trauma this cased a young girl. In fact, I've never heard anything as outrageous in my life.

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, let me know if you have any other questions about CORPORATE matters. I won't discuss them from the point of view of "common sense." I will discuss them from the point of view of what was agreed to per the corporate books and records. Cohen personally testified that his lawyer handled all corporate records. He also testified that corporate accountings were handled by his lawyer and those that worked under him. Therefore, once again, if you are interested in the SHAREHOLDER LOAN designation, you would have to speak to Leonard Cohen's personal tax and corporate lawyer, Richard Westin. Feel free to review two letters advising Cohen that his loans had to be repaid. They specifically address Leonard Cohen's SHAREHOLDER LOANS, urge him to repay them, and note that IRS could view them as "disguised income" if they were not repaid. According to one of these letters, the SHL designation was intended to show that Cohen's loans were corporate assets. He refused to repay them so I assume they were "disguised income" and his adviser's warning was factual: he could owe millions in penalties and interest on these "loans."

I hope this clarifies some of your confusion including with respect to corporate records and agreements that are not speculative or vague.

Truth-Teller said...

Lynch: Ann is not "confused". He is pointing out obvious holes and inconsistencies in your story.

Ann: Even if Robert Kory was assumed to be a "programmer", are you aware of any evidence that he had access to Kelley lynch when she was growing up in Philadelphia, working for Marty Machat in New York when she met Cohen and Spector, or during the 17-years that Lynch worked for Cohen, including the critical 2003-2004 time period with the $3.5M in checks were written?

If Lynch does suffer from dissociative disorder, certainly a psychologically overwhelming event (getting caught stealing and then Cohen going after her, her name in the world press...) might also cause it, not just MKULTRA programing.

As for feeling she was "invincible", her (for a time) close friend Betsy Superfon told that Lynch would tell her that Cohen was dependent on her as his "muse" for his very soul. Whether this is true or not, I do believe that Lynch assumed that Cohen's feelings for her ran deeper than was the case, and that when push came to shove they would simply work something out, but that Cohen would never throw her to the wolves. I think she was totally unprepared for his anger and dismay as well has his firing her then going after her in the media and in Court.

One final comment, I have represented a fair amount of embezzlers in criminal court and have discussed other cases with colleagues.

A common theme is becoming over extended financially mixed with some form of substance abuse, which facilitates a kind of denial. Also a sense of entitlement, as if their employer owes their success to them, and it is only fair that they "borrow" more.

Which I believe accounts for the "loans" designation on the checks. When Lynch took the first $100,000 I am sure she convinced herself she was going to pay it back. Then she realized how easy it was.

In addition, cash is unlimited quantities is a drug more powerful than cocaine. In embezzlement cases it can be addictive.

I know of one case where a wealthy man's bookkeeper (who was making a modest income) wrote checks to herself to buy a Bentley, a Porsche, a twin engine airplane, and a lake front condo at Tahoe - all without any attempt to hide the paper trail.

In another case I observed personally, a man employed as vice president of a construction company making $150,000 a year, wrote checks to himself out of the company account of $1M each. He drove a Rolls, had a 50% interest in a bar/restaurant, bought and renovated a boutique hotel in the wine country, and would go on shopping trips with his wife in Beverly Hills and drop $200,00 in one weekend. On one such trip his wife admired a vintage car on the street and he wrote a check to the owner on the spot.

He also gave $700,000 a year to the Democratic Party.

Every year before the annual audit, he would transfer several million back into the company for a week so the cash accounts would jive with the amount stated in the books.

He was only caught by being so audacious that he went to the company founder (no longer active in the business) told him the business was on the verge of bankruptcy and that he was going to take the company off his hands for $2M - that the owner was going to loan him, or all the key executives would walk out. The founder brought in the auditors, and the theft was discovered.

Note that he did not go to jail either.

Therefore, Lynch's "suicidal" behavior is not as unusual as you might think

Kelley Lynch said...

I didn't know Robert Kory and neither did Leonard Cohen for the entire 20 years I knew and/or worked with him. I don't think Kory could program his way out of a paper bag. I don't suffer from dissociative disorder and was not in CIA's MK Ultra Program. Leonard Cohen is the individual who stated that he was in MK Ultra.

I have stolen nothing and, Ann, find it disturbing that you want to speculate or use common sense with respect to corporate books, records, and agreements. Superfon never told me any such thing and Gianelli, who is Truth Teller, doesn't know Superfon. Superfon told me that she spoke to Leonard Cohen (someone she hardly knew) in the Spring of 2005 and he told her that I was the love of his life and he would give me anything I wanted. We were discussing her conversations with Robert Kory as well. Cohen agreed to pay me the commissions due me and value of my ownership interest in corporations and intellectual property. I was asked to testify against Neal Greenberg and Richard Westin. I was asked to testify that they defrauded Leonard Cohen and that was not my understanding. Superfon also confirmed, after asking Kory to fax me the deal they had in mind, that he told her "This is not the type of deal that can be faxed." She therefore concluded that the deal was illegal. This was addressed in the Natural Wealth suit. Leonard Cohen personally offered me millions of dollars AFTER we parted ways. I have these offers memorialized in writings, confirmed in writing by witnesses who were present, etc.

Gianelli is not in a position to discuss anything related to these corporations or agreements - including SHL designations - because he didn't know me or Cohen. He has criminally harassed me and everyone in my life for years.

Leonard Cohen embezzled corporate assets. Cohen - not I - was the individual with a long and publicly documented history of drug and alcohol abuse as well as psychiatric problems.

Leonard Cohen gave huge gifts to Roshi ($500,000), bought homes for his girlfriend and son, a building in Melrose for his daughter, and lived well beyond his means.

I am suing for corporate accountings and the IRS required tax documents. That information will not be speculative or based on "common sense."

Leonard Cohen's behavior is not all that unusual. He also stole Machat & Machat's share of a corporation and intellectual property, withheld commissions due them, stole and sold Phil Spector's master tapes, refused to pay legal fees for services rendered, and falsely accused his former managers of stealing copyrights such as Suzanne when this never occurred. I know. I was involved in the negotiations to buy back the copyright for Suzanne. Leonard Cohen was and remains a habitual liar. Stephen Gianelli is his operative. And, this narrative - including re. common sense and/or speculation about corporations - is full of shit. Leonard Cohen stole over $7 million from one corporation and there are others where he engaged in embezzlement. The fraud renewal of judgment is under appeal and the situation is far from over.

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, as I'm being falsely accused here and this narrative has gone nowhere, I think the comments should be shut down. Gianelli is arguing a fabricated narrative. Here's the law - when there's he said/she said situation, one looks at the corporate books and records and doesn't engage in common sense speculation. Leonard Cohen and the corporations he controlled were obligated to provide me with corporate tax and other information. Once I have that, I won't be providing you with links to blank IRS forms.

Kelley Lynch said...

Also, Ann, your speculation about these matters was transmitted to LAPD. I don't want to discuss federal corporate tax matters with LAPD via Stephen Gianelli's harassment. In fact, I have never heard anything as insane as this in my life. One thing is clear: Leonard Cohen doesn't have a defense to criminal tax fraud other than slandering me as a "drunken slut" when he was the individual with the lifelong history of drug and alcohol abuse. I'm sure if this were David Geffen, and it related to his ownership interest in Dreamworks, we wouldn't be having this insane discussion about corporations.

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, I want to address your comments about MK Ultra further. I didn't have to be mind controlled, including by the idiot liar Robert Kory, in order to 1) be properly compensated with intellectual property for services I rendered; and/or 2) invest in a corporation that would provide Cohen with an annuity obligation. Cohen, as Greenberg's letter confirmed, was potentially entitled to own $4.9 million in assets - that would depend on how long he lived. The annuity payments (approximately $500K/year) were to begin, as Cohen and his representatives agreed, in January 2011.

I also don't believe that Gianelli's deranged psycho-babble applies. As I've said, if I was David Geffen we wouldn't be discussing the slanderous manner in which I have been treated. That includes by LAPD whose report states that Cohen and I had a "sexual relationship" which we did not. Sexual harassment and indecent exposure, including exposing one's penis to a female colleague and businesswoman, are NOT dating. Leonard Cohen is the individual who spent lavishly regardless of public perception about his modest abode and so forth.

Gianelli is quoting an old acquaintance of mine, who he does not know, and that woman concluded that Cohen and Kory were attempting to offer me an illegal deal. She reviewed the corporate records and had no trouble understanding them whatsoever.

Leonard Cohen had the history of drug and alcohol abuse, psychiatric problems, and so forth. My stalker doesn't want to acknowledge that because he is also a sycophant and misogynist.

In any event, this situation is far from over; I am suing for corporate accountings and the K-1 tax forms I should have, and I intend to sue the State of California over their insane ongoing issuance of domestic violence and domestic violence related orders due to the fact that LA Superior Court assigned me a "dating" relationship with a man I never dated.

As for Phil Spector, I know precisely why he is in prison. I've seen LA Superior Court up close and personal. The Court condones the use of fraud and perjury to obtain judgments, verdicts, and convictions. It asserts jurisdiction over parties and corporations it has no jurisdiction over whatsoever. It fraudulently transfers corporate assets and other property to individuals such as Leonard Cohen and assigns millions in fraudulent financial interest. This is not a justice system. It resembles a criminal enterprise as this is technically nothing other than money laundering, corporate theft, and embezzlement. The fraud restraining orders are tools with which to engage in criminal witness tampering as they are used to discredit parties in litigation and publicly.

Kelley Lynch said...

I do not believe this forum should permit Gianelli/Truth Teller to relentlessly slander me, while defending Leonard Cohen legally, and promote non-compliance with federal tax laws. As I've said, when you want to read the corporate records and discuss them properly - not through speculation, conjecture, or common sense - I will have that dialogue. However, please refrain from preposterous suggestions that I was in MK Ultra or mind controlled because I had a professional working relationship with Leonard Cohen. Was he in CIA's MK Ultra program? That is precisely what he has stated to me and others but even that would not permit him to steal from me, withhold commissions due me, steal from corporations, and lie relentlessly about these and other matters.

Robert Kory and Michelle Rice, as an attorney recently noted after reviewing the corporate records and confirming that I am due the tax information, spend 24/7 making up lies for their clients. I assume they continue to bill the Cohen Family Trust and benefit from their conduct. They have made a living off of me. I don't believe for a moment, as stated on the Fact Check blog, that Cohen viewed Michelle Rice as brilliant. He understood that she is infatuated with him and would do whatever he needed done. Kory, Rice, Gianelli, et al. are ambulance chasers who know how to game the system. All you need: a fabricated narrative, perjuring witnesses, and a checkbook. It helps if you have a bullshit Phil Spector gun story because the local government of Los Angeles will have an expectation of affection for you.

I am not married to anyone at LAPD, fortunately, and therefore I find their invasion of privacy with respect to federal tax matters unconscionable. The City Attorney's arguments were and remain farcical. I have never seen so many pathological liars in my entire life. Imagine arguing that a man exposing his penis to his female colleague was her intent to annoy him. In any event, Leonard Cohen met his twin in prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter: they are both insane, habitual liars. She was gushing over him but I can assure you that he felt nothing but disdain for her.

Stay tuned for the next episode. And, by the way, Gianelli's not mind controlled either. He's in it for something and that will be uncovered. I can assure you of that. Many, many people see right through him and his extreme criminal harassment of me, my sons, family members, friends, and witnesses. The statements of yours he transmitted to LAPD's celebrity unit will now become part of the court record because they will exhibit the type of insanity I have been exposed to - including criminal conduct - due to ongoing federal tax matters.

Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Ann, evidently Cohen's dialogue doesn't include distributions to anyone - including with respect to further distributions that might have been made. Is there something you don't understand about this concept? There are checks in here representing loans that were repaid with interest? Why are they in there if they were repaid? Why don't you answer that question to begin with? Why should I have this dialogue with you without all information regarding corporate income, assets, liabilities, and ownership interests? Who are you to question corporate distributions pursuant to agreements? As I've said, I don't appreciate being slandered - including by lying Gianelli who is posting as Truth Teller - on this site. Why has a conversation about corporations dissembled into insanity about MK Ultra and psycho-babble? Entire clinics could study Cohen's psychiatric problems, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. Answer the question - why are checks that represent loans that were repaid part of this dialogue? Why is commission? Why are promissory note distributions? Do you have another way you wanted profit/loss distributions handled - other than according to the corporate records? Do you think Cohen signed documents acknowledging the annuity (his potential "assets" had he lived long enough) entitled him to take millions upon millions from this corporation? In any event, if you have a suggestion re. the corporate profit/loss handling (as opposed to what was agreed to), why don't you make the suggestion as opposed to engaging in frivolous discussions and fabricated narratives?

Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Ann, that was posted by me. I have a site called Stephen Gianelli: the Tale of a Stalker. I keep evidence related to his stalking there. Kelley

Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Once again, Ann, here is a corporate document. Take a look and tell me what you believe the distributions re. profit, loss, etc. should have been. Clearly, you don't agree with Cohen and his attorney who created these documents. On page two you will see confirmation that the corporation could loan money. That was reiterated in the Annuity Agreement Cohen signed. But he had to repay his loans. It didn't matter if I borrowed everything as long as there was money to pay out the annuity payments beginning in 2011. However, Cohen embezzled over $7 million. His loans weren't repaid at the time of his death so that means he used loan designations to disguise income. Our membership interests are set forth on page three. That's how profit/loss distributions are determined. Is there something about my commission that you want to discuss? Do you believe that Cohen should have not have paid me 15% on gross income? What do you think he should have paid me as that's what he agreed to pay me? Let me know and Gianelli may want to transmit your suggestions and preposterous questions to LAPD. They can then weigh in what they believe corporate distributions should have been, etc. Or maybe LAPD thought the so-called "sexual relationship" was compensation, no? After all, all female businesswomen are whores, right? Take a look and let me know what you feel would be appropriate distributions. Feel free to guess about what loans, related to checks you are questioning me over, were repaid? That's a good replacement for an actual corporate accounting. I look forward to your suggestions.

Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Feel free to weigh in on Michelle Rice's comment that she could make $2 million in six months over Gianelli's harassment of me. She also found it amusing that Gianelli was targeting my then minor son. I expressed my concerns since I do not know Gianelli and adult strangers could be sexual predators targeting minors online. Anyway, Ann, do you think Michelle Rice was entitled to make $2 million in six months due to the criminal harassment, etc?

From: Michelle Rice []
Sent: Saturday, July 25, 2015 11:35 AM
To: Stephen Gianelli
Subject: Re: So where is your oft threatened, but never quite filed "motion to vacate the fraud domestic violence matter"? (See 4/14/2015 email)

And who cannot control their emotions? Booo hooo Kelley Lynch called me a child molester in emails that no one ever reads....

Boooo fucking hoooooo...... man up and put on your big boy pants and shut the f*&k up.

Do me a favor and keep inciting her to file more motions, you are making me richer than f*&k. In fact, I think I can pay off my mortgage on my $2 million Hollywood Hills home with jetliner views by the end of this year.

Michelle L. Rice, Esq.
Kory & Rice LLP
9300 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 200
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone: (310) 285-1633
Fax: (310) 278-7641

Truth-Teller said...

Ms. Lynch, the alleged evil exhibited by third parties in no way effectively distracts from the evidentiary strength of $3.5M in Traditional Holdings account checks that you made payable to yourself, signed the front and back of, then deposited into your personal checking account.

Second, for you to be accusing others of electronic harassment or 'stalking' (given that you are the subject of at least six anti-harassment, anti-stalking, or criminal protection orders [in favor of Cohen, your ex-personal assistant, and your former landlord Ray Lawrence, Bruce Cutler, Michelle Rice and Robert Kory, have been sentenced to a total of 24 months in jail for criminal harassment, and are currently charged in criminal harassment cases pending in two different jurisdictions), means (among other things) that you have absolutely no sense of irony.

You also have the emotional maturity of a delinquent 14-year old girl.

Ann Diamond said...

MK programming is done on children, before they are 3 or 4 years old. The likely programmer in Kelley's case were Air Force colleagues of her parents - or their medical associates. I never said Robert Kory programmed Kelley - but he is most likely a product of the same network. Leonard Cohen, who was of an earlier generation, was programmed by the top psychiatrists in the MKULTRA program who worked out of McGill when he was a teenager and young adult. That's just a fact - which he even admitted to. Most of the programming exists behind amnesia walls which are reinforced by drugs, hypnosis, and other methods -- all of which were used on Cohen. MKULTRA psychiatrists in most cases had military backgrounds, especially with the Air Force or Naval Intelligence. This program was so massive, widespread and secretive, it's sometimes referred to as an Octopus. Most of the people who went through it as child subjects have little or no awareness that they were part of it - even though it often determines their entire life including career, whom they work for, whom they marry, etc. -- and also their later psychiatric profile since many will experience extreme anxiety, lifelong depression, substance abuse and dissociative behaviour. They often gravitate to cults which reinforce their programming. The New Age movement is one such cult - there are hundreds. Some are directly controlled by the CIA et al --

Hollywood is completely riddled with mind control cults.

You can look all this up and read about it - countless researchers are now going over the evidence. I'd recommend Dave McGowan's books as the place to start.


Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Gianelli/Truth Teller, there is no evidence re. Traditional Holdings and those alleged checks were not submitted to any Court. I've already discussed these and will once again state that Leonard Cohen is not the corporation; that's an alter ego argument; he was not entitled to raid over $7 million in corporate assets. Checks posted by Kory & Rice include items that were repaid, distributions made in accordance with corporate records, etc. We didn't know these two ambulance chasers when this entity was created so they are not in a position to argue retroactively that they didn't like the transaction Cohen demanded and/or the structure he wanted, etc.

I see you want to insert Bruce Cutler into this conversation. Whatever occurred between me and Bruce Cutler is our business. I have also heard from Phil Spector following that situation. I haven't harassed anyone and that includes the charlatans making a living by targeting me, etc. My former landlord wrote that he believes you're the 14th Sheepdog.

Don't worry, Gianelli. I intend to find out precisely how extensively you are working behind the scenes and with whom. I already have some evidence.

Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Ann, I have never been programmed and was not in CIA's MK Ultra. My family was in the military. Robert Kory is the product of deceit and a complete lack of morals. Leonard Cohen said he participated in CIA's MK Ultra program. Who knows if that's true. He also has spoken extensively about his psychiatric problems, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. I have no idea if Hollywood is riddled with mind control cults. I know Clarkson, from public accounts, grew up on an LSD commune in Napa Valley.

I wasn't programmed, Ann, do not appreciate your discursiveness regarding corporate entities, and the attack by Gianelli is as always unconscionable. If you believe you were in MK Ultra, speak for yourself and leave me out of it. Your weighing in on corporate books and records, without having any awareness of the agreements and formation documents, is absurd. Stephen Gianelli is simply a pathological liar who has harassed many people for years. The people he has harassed view him as a criminal and psychopath.

Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Gianelli, for the record, LAPD and the City Attorney are interfering in a federal tax matter that involves Cohen's refusal to provide IRS required tax and corporate information. They are also lying: all of my communications with Kory & Rice are legitimate. That includes cease and demands and statements that I will only communicate with attorneys of record, etc. Wish them luck. They could end up in prison over this.

Truth-Teller said...

I am curious, Ann. Why do you believe it likely that Robert Kory is a part of any kind of network, let alone one devoted to mind control? Do you know something about Kory that you have not mentioned, other than his prior entrepreneurship in the Midwest?

Long story, but I once represented a man whose estranged (but still amicable) wife was a former Manson girl. She left to do her own thing with my client before all of the notoriety occurred. In any event, he told me she was big on "mind control". I actually saw her speaking to a potential witness in the case I was handling in the courthouse hallway and it was quite striking.

At the time I attributed it to a very strong willed person speaking with another much weaker personality, but my client thought otherwise.

The ex Mansion girl started laughing in the courtroom when a government informant started testifying. As the bailiff escorted her out my client whispered to me "he has no idea who he just threw out". (By all appearances she was a very pretty and petite youthful 38 year old blonde, but my client assured me that she was quite physically formidable.)

By the time I met her, she was operating a good-sized residential cleaning service....

As for the informant, he turned up deceased, floating in a river 18-months later, but there were plenty of suspects, including a heroin dealer for the Mexican Mafia that he put behind bars with his testimony....

Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Ann, my father was in the Navy. His father was in the Navy. Other members of our family were in the Army or Marine Corps. Please stop arguing that I was mind controlled by CIA. Let me know, when you make your decision, what distributions you believe were actually, what they represent, which were repaid, which were paid out to others ultimately, and what parts of the corporate records you disapproved of. Cohen and his lawyers created the corporations, corporate records, annuity agreement, etc. I had nothing whatsoever to do with it. Feel free to speculate about corporate matters. In the meantime, I don't have the IRS required tax information and the promotion of non-compliance with tax laws is unlawful in the United States. If you don't understand why the IRS requires corporations to transmit K-1s, etc. then you shouldn't weigh in on this situation because it means you don't know what you are referring to.

Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Gianelli, maybe Kory mind-controlled himself with his extraordinary powers of deception. Did he pick those powers up from TM? Did allow Robert Kory, who couldn't mind control his way out of a paper bag, to arise above and ignore his own corruption? You're now representing Robert Kory, I see. That figures: two dishonest ambulance chasers advancing fabricate narratives and fraud. Did you have a client? If you had a client, I'm sure someone was defrauded and there's fraud upon the court wherever that took place. You seem to understand how to game the system. Of course, if the Court ever held anyone accountable, people such as you, Kory & Rice would be disbarred.

Truth-Teller said...

Ms. Lynch, your interpretation of your current 17-count criminal prosecution as "LAPD and the City Attorney are interfering in a federal tax matter that involves Cohen's refusal to provide IRS required tax and corporate information" is the product of an alternate reality that you have constructed for your self that (unfortunately for you) the decision makers in your case (judge, jurors) are unlikely to share.

As for your believe that the investigating LAPD detective and your trial prosecutor "may wind up in prison over this" (presumably referring to the alleged "IRS interference"), the only one who is likely to wind up behind bars in connection with your pending Los Angeles criminal case is named Kelley Lynch, all the more so since your perceptions seem so divorced from reality that you may find it difficult to act effectively as your own trial counsel.

Ann Diamond said...

Kelley, you once told me your family was in the Air Force. If they were in the Navy, there's no real difference - they were military, and military families of your parents' generation were frequently involved, wittingly or not, in the programming of their children. It was "the thing to do" in the 1950s. There are millions of us. We are like wallpaper -- and our lives have been controlled all along by agreements made by our governments and military in conjunction with scientific programs that embraced totalitarian mind control after the Second World War. The military-industrial complex, if you will.

Truth-teller: "Ms. Lynch, the alleged evil exhibited by third parties in no way effectively distracts from the evidentiary strength of $3.5M in Traditional Holdings account checks that you made payable to yourself, signed the front and back of, then deposited into your personal checking account."

This is as close to a sane summary as we will get to. If I had seen these cheques, I would never have entertained the alternate theory that Kelley was caught up in a multi-sided plot to blame her for Cohen's financial troubles.

I apologize for my oversight. This doesn't exonerate Cohen from any other possible financial misdealing, or explain his whole corporate history - but I'll leave that to the "scholars" and Kelley Lynch to pick apart.

I'm not blaming Kelley or turning against her. I think she was used. By whom, for what purpose -- I have a few theories, but that's another story.

I'm done. Truth-teller, in this instance, you win. I think you should now leave Kelley Lynch alone.

Truth-Teller said...

Fair enough, agreed. And thank you for being open minded.

Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Ann, I have never said my family was in the Air Force. They were in the Navy. We weren't programmed and I am not a CIA MK Ultra participant. I am asking you to speak for yourself if you believe you were in this program. And, since you do not want to address the corporations, there is simply no point in having a discussion with you. It doesn't what you saw or didn't see. I didn't blame Cohen for any financial problems because I didn't have any. Truth Teller, who is Gianelli, did not win unless you believe engaging in criminal harassing and unconscionable conduct for years is winning.

Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Gianelli/Truth Teller, I just explained that I view the retaliatory proceedings as interference with federal tax and related matters. Also obstruction of justice. You, on the other hand, are arguing that people and corporations should not comply with federal tax laws and are further lying about corporate matters. I said Kory & Rice may end up on prison. Last I heard, they weren't LAPD's detective and/or the prosecutor. I don't think it's a good idea for local government actors to lie about federal tax matters however. But they have. See my 2012 trial. This is an issue before the Court at this time.

Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Ann, maybe you and Gianelli/Truth Teller can start dating next. Who knows? Maybe LA Superior Court could assign you two a dating relationship. I didn't engage in financial misconduct with Cohen. Let me know what part of - Leonard Cohen is not the corporation confuses you, Ann. Give it some thought.

Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Ann, when you make statements that I had financial problems, do you believe you need evidence to support that? I didn't have financial difficulties. I was in excellent financial shape. Carry on your fantasies and this deranged encounter with Gianelli/Truth Teller. I think your positions re. MK Ultra are undermining your arguments. People weren't in this program simply because you say they were. I can assure you that I was never mind controlled by the CIA. It is however symbolic a particularly ironic way particularly with all the so-called CIA agents all over this story. And, of course, TM practitioners who think they're above the laws of karma.

Ann Diamond said...

Truth-Teller: that's an interesting story about the ex-Manson girl. As far as Robert Kory, I looked into his history briefly a while back. Early in his career, he was writing TM manuals. The Wizard of Oz theme park is a very peculiar red flag -- google "MKULTRA Wizard of Oz programming". I don't claim to have all the answers: people are still analyzing who Manson was, who programmed him (I think it was the Office of Naval Intelligence but I need to look that up), who he was connected to in Hollywood, the whys and hows. Isn't it a generally accepted fact that Manson didn't commit the murders -- others did, who were never convicted. Among other things, MKULTRA programs were an attempt to spread chaos using every possible method from drugs to mass murder to 'weaponized cults' to black magic including some forms of Tibetan buddhism. We've all been exposed to these things -- they permeate our culture.

I think it's a mistake to think that Kelley Lynch willfully lied about the cheques, or her own actions. I think it's more accurate to say her memory and thought processes are compartmentalized. This was also my experience, at one stage, with Leonard Cohen - he literally did not remember from one day to the next what he had said or done the day before - and he had "handlers" who covered up for him, and other ways of dealing with this condition. I believe his breakdown was extensive and mainly due to his early programming and all the things he had to do to maintain it --

It's complex.

Ann Diamond said...

Kelley: if you worked in media and entertainment, and for a high-profile MKed entertainer like Leonard Cohen, you were mind controlled. Everyone around you was also mind controlled. These may sound like conspiracy theories, but when you're swimming in it, you can't see it. I worked in media, I knew Leonard, and I've done a lot of research. I could talk for days on how all this works. If you don't see it, it's because you are not meant to see it. That's the programming. Otherwise, it would not be programming. It's obvious to outside observers, but not to the person who is programmed.

This programming is now practically universal. Music and entertainment are the major vectors. Your whole life, you have been in it. Welcome to the Matrix.

Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Ann, I am asking you to stop your defamatory attack on me. I didn't willfully lie about anything. It would impossible because we have never discussed these checks. Why are you lying about corporate matters? What right do you have to lie about corporate records, corporation distributions, and IRS tax requirements - and/or Leonard Cohen's financial problems that involve what appears to be serious tax fraud and includes raiding corporate assets, including those belonging to Traditional Holdings, LLC to the tune of over $7 million. There's a reason Cohen and his lying lawyers don't want me to have the corporate tax information for 2004 and 2005. It would prove that they are lying and it would further prove that tax refunds Cohen obtained, using his fabricated complaint narrative, were fraudulent. It's not a lack of memory on my part. I don't know why items that were repaid, corporate distributions, promissory note payments, etc. are being argued as embezzlement from Leonard Cohen. That's a blatant lie. What handlers did Leonard Cohen have? I worked with and knew him for 20 years. I was privy to his phone messages, emails, etc. I sat with him frequently while he reviewed them. He had connections with CIA. What happened? Did the CIA activate him and force him to engage in financial misconduct that probably includes funneling income off-shore beginning in 1970? I didn't meet him until 1984 or so. Did CIA activate him and force him to have residence and tax problems in Canada? Did CIA force Cohen to steal Machat & Machat's share of a corporation, intellectual property, bearer bonds (payment to R&M Productions, the name of the Machat firm's publishing company), and withhold commissions due them? Did CIA force Cohen to steal Phil Spector's masters and sell them to Sony as Sony confirmed for Machat?

I believe Cohen had a lifelong history and struggle, as he publicly ad nauseum, with psychiatric problems, drug and alcohol abuse, and a fascination with violence. It's not that complex. The tax fraud is however.

Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Ann, I was not mind controlled and/or in CIA's MK Ultra program. You're also talking inanely about corporations and lying publicly about me, finances, etc. so your arguments aren't persuasive.

Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Ann, Gianelli raised Charles Manson because he wants to talk about Phil Spector who is incarcerated at the same facilities. I see right through the lying Truth Teller/Criminal Stalker.

Kelley Lynch said...

Correction: Leonard Cohen had no connections to CIA that I was aware of.

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, some people do believe Katy Perry has been mind controlled however. I've seen quite a bit about that talk online. Do you think CIA is promoting this song?

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, one other point. I didn't lie about any of this including distributions, etc. Take a listen to my interview with Truth Sentinel. You're the one lying about corporate matters. You should reconsider that position.

Louisa Ti said...

I feel very sympathetic towards Philip Spector, because I love eccentric people. In fact, I do believe he is innocent.
But had the police questioned John Lennon or George Harrison they'd have stated exactly the same...Let alone his ex wife! It was/is a shared view among the musicians who have worked with him after 1969-1970, that he was mentally unstable. To put it mildly.

Louisa Ti said...

Kelly, you say that LC was not connected to CIA. Well, Anne won't be pleased about that!

Kelley Lynch said...

Louisa, for some reason, you sound familiar. You remind me of someone else who is interested in Phil Spector. What musicians specifically said Phil Spector was mentally unstable to work with? It wasn't legendary musician and/or songwriter, John Barry, for example. He was in the studio with him for years.

Kelley Lynch said...

I didn't say that, Louisa. I said Leonard Cohen had no connections to CIA that I was aware of. Those are two distinctly different statements. I've discussed with Ann previously. I've spoken to people who know the John Lennon story that Lennon himself refuted about Phil Spector. The police might be surprised by what they found if they actually spoke to people and questioned them properly. For instance, the Ramones recanted their story and confirmed that they even had a key to get out of Phil Spector's Beverly Hills house. Leonard Cohen has many, many contradictory versions of his so-called Spector gun story. I'm sure there is a reason Veronica Spector was not on the stand and I assume that's because she wouldn't hold up on cross-examination or the DA would have thrown her on the stand. I'm sure Mr. Spector would appreciate your position that he's innocent since he is.

Kelley Lynch said...

Louisa, I have been in the studio with Phillip. The latest time was when he recorded Celine Dion. He was extraordinary and so were the tracks. A well known journalist was present at the Cohen/Spector sessions and noted that Spector didn't have a circus atmosphere around him and was quite focused and happy to be in the studio. Hal Blaine never saw him with a gun in the studio for the 37 years he worked with him. I assume if he did, he would have informed the detectives since his daughter was ultimately caught stealing from Mr. Spector. My former employer, who was Phillip's attorney and manager, felt that Veronica Spector should have been in prison for extortion re. her lawsuits. That's because she signed agreements, and acknowledged them again during the divorce, re. the royalties she claimed were due her. I don't really believe what I read in the news media. A friend of mine worked for a news gathering agency in Canada and advised me that editors understood Spector was innocent but the bullshit gun stories sell. Leonard Cohen's bullshit stories sell also. It's far more salacious to lie about me then to acknowledge a business dispute, that involves corporate ownership interests, and allegations related to his tax fraud. The stories have been helped along by awe inspired groupie journalists, and assorted sycophants and misogynists. Also people who do not review actual evidence and understand what they are talking to. That's why I have asked Ann Diamond to review the corporate records and explain what part of the distributions she disagreed with because Cohen signed the documents and the corporate records and agreements were prepared by his tax and corporate lawyer - as were the federal tax returns. And, his own representatives admonished him about raiding corporate assets, taking huge loans, and failing to repay them because, as the minutes his lawyer prepared noted, Leonard Cohen's loans were dangerous to the structure and IRS could overturn it. Therefore, Cohen was continually advised to repay his over $7 million in loans with interest. Instead, Cohen concocted a farcical narrative and used it to further defraud the US government and others. I'm not into narratives told by people who do not pay attention to evidence, are unformed, have no idea what they are talking about, and don't the people who were involved.

Louisa Ti said...

Kelly you used to work for Marty Machat, I believe.
In his very interesting book: "Magical Mistery Tours: My Life with the Beatles" Tony Bramwell a teenage pal of the Beatles' says that he lost quite a bit of money together with Leonard Cohen and other people managed by Marty Machat, who died suddenly without leaving any info about their secret current accounts numbers.
Is that true? And why did Leonard choose to appoint you his manager?

Kelley Lynch said...

I never read Tony Bramwell's book. I did know him years ago however. I'm sure it was entertaining. As I recall, he was quite a lot of fun. Cohen has said he hired me, immediately following Mr. Machat's death, because I was familiar with his recording contracts, worldwide publishing, and handled quite a lot of issues related to Cohen while working for Machat & Machat. Of course, Marty Machat was the attorney and manager. I don't have any details about the story you mentioned.

Kelley Lynch said...

And, Cohen has said he found me to be extremely intelligent and capable. Those are probably some of the reasons he hired me as his personal manager. Phil Spector might know about some of the issues Tony Bramwell wrote about. I know Tony Bramwell was ripped off numerous times. I recall discussing that with him distinctly years ago. I had a rather friendly relationship with him. Sorry I cannot help with details re. a failed business deal. I have seen comments about Tony Bramwell criticizing Leonard Cohen online. I don't know anything about their relationship because, when I knew Tony Bramwell, we didn't discuss Leonard Cohen.

Louisa Ti said...

I've alwayws synpathised with Phil Spector even before the murder case. Actually I'm grateful to him, for having done such a splendid job for G. Harrison's "All Things Must Pass". And I'm sorry and angry that he wasn't able to help George along on his next album: "Living in the Material World", he is credited co-production but apart from a song or 2 George was left to fend for himself and kept taking him to the hospital or visiting him there because he was in a bad way. That was a great pity because George was greatly talented but his voice needed some boost...
I've read some music biographies and they all tell the same tale, then of course, when someone ends up in trouble you try to help him out, play it down. But he certainly went through some bad spells, probably because of the bad accident he had.
I've visited Phil's Facebook page and let some support messages around. It's incredible what's happened to him. Most of all that he wasn't given permission to be operated on, and was unable to speak becausse of a bad throat lynphoma or something. We Italians are too soft, but when I read this news I believe there might be a bit of a nazi streak in some Americans.

Kelley Lynch said...

I love George Harrison's album. A friend of mine traveled with Phil Spector to Europe when he recorded that. I admonished Phillip over the years to sue some of the journalists trashing him in books. I thought it was a dangerous precedent to allow people to set without defending oneself. Everyone goes through bad spells and Phil Spector became incredibly famous at a young age. Also, people like John Lennon had lively entourages. I haven't seen any new Spector Facebook page. What page? Yes, it's well known that he has had serious problems with his health. The justice system in this country is a literal joke. Innocent people are routinely trapped there for 20-30-40 years. I don't seen many judges out attempting to do anything about it however. I'm Italian as well.

Louisa Ti said...

The book I've told you about is a most entertaining and interesting book. It is available in digital form through Google. Yes, apparently T.B. was ripped off twice. The first one very badly, together with Sean Connery and Albert Broccoli the James Bond films' producer. They lost everything, Broccoli had to sell the movie production house and Sean Connery start playing in any kind of films.
As for Mr. Machat he says that he was on the phone with him just before he died. Mr. Machat was at the Caymans, I believe, on a business trip, and at the same time he was trying to relax playing tennis. He told him he was tired, though...
The chapters about the true story of the John Lennon vs Yoko Ono's affairs is incredible, but very credible!

Louisa Ti said...

Philip Spector had a page on Facebook, I think it was kept by his last wife, the one who piloted....most of his money away. I can't find it anymore, it must've be taken down.
As for Leonard Cohen I am ambivalent. I've always liked his music & his voice.
I was a fan up to 1976 when I happened to see him twice in London. He delivered, quite perfectly in fact. However he looked 10 years older than he appears in the videos of the same period in other parts of Europe. And when I saw him the second night, at Victoria Theatre he was like a zombie on stage. No connection at all with the public. Also, I would have expected something different from the words & things he did at the Albert Hall. That disappointed me a bit and I turned corners, musically...for 40 years in fact. I though of going to his Venicer or Verona concert, but the thought of going on my own wasn't pleasant. Still when I saw his concerts on Youtube I was very very sorry. A music shop manager told me that I'd missed "the concert of my life", not going to Venice. I hadn't realised that time is a limited resource. Some tour at 92 like Charles Aznavour....some other get ill.

Kelley Lynch said...

I'll pick Bramwell's book up one day and, as I said, I'm aware that he was ripped off. Marty Machat was not in the Cayman Islands prior to his death. He was in New York. In January, he was diagnosed with lung cancer, never left New York, and died by April. Marty was tired and quite ill. I don't know what TB wrote about John Lennon and/or Yoko Ono. The book sounds interesting. I haven't read many entertainment books although I did read Veronica Spector's. She made quite a lot of unfounded allegations. Well, Bramwell had a lot of connections. He grew up with many of the Beatles, was the head of Apple Records/Films, and knew Phil Spector quite well.

Kelley Lynch said...

I wasn't a big Cohen fan in terms of his music. I was very familiar with it and administered his music and literary works in many territories throughout the world. I'm certainly no fan of his personal conduct which I find appalling towards Phil Spector, me, Machat & Machat, and others. I've seen Cohen perform throughout Europe. He knew how to put together a good band, always had good band leaders, and was quite particular about background singers, and so forth.

Anyway, I haven't seen any Facebook pages on Phil Spector of late. Not following them however. I have no idea what Phil Spector's wife did with his finances. That's their business.

Kelley Lynch said...

Ann, my mother passed away a few minutes ago. I would appreciate it if you would stop lying about me for a spell. I also have no interest in your shabby corporate forensic accounting and tax skills because you have none.

Kelley Lynch said...

Gianelli is now on Truth Sentinel gloating about winning. He has won nothing. He has however threatened me previously after assuming I might inherit money. A true criminal.

Truth-Teller said...

That is not a fair characterization. Lynch tried to engage me on another discussion (following her You Tube podcast on Truth Sentinel) and I informed her that inasmuch as Ann Diamond said "you won, no you should leave Kelley Lynch alone" and I agreed, I would not be responding to her further until after her criminal case was concluded, so she would have to find another foil for her discussions on the site.

Lynch then tried to provoke me further with several more comments including "Gianelli, I was just told you are under investigation."

As I said Ann, I will not be responding to her until her criminal case is concluded.

Ann Diamond said...

My sympathy for your mother, Kelley. She was a strong, intelligent woman with a big heart.

Ann Diamond said...

Louisa Ti:

Leonard's CIA connections included Cork Smith, his publisher - but long before that, he was part of the CIA-MKULTRA program in its early days at McGill University in Montreal where he participated in a number of mind control experiments that involved drugs like LSD and sodium pentathol, sensory isolation, and hypnosis. In 1961 he travelled to the Bay of Pigs with a brigade organized by CIA director Allen Dulles, who also funded the McGill MKULTRA experiments and oversaw the program. Leonard even confided in someone, who later told me, that he was a "CIA agent and 33rd degree Mason." The "hummingbird" logo that he began using in 1979 designates a high-level intelligence operative. His song "Field Commander Cohen" is a semi-confession about hi involvement in espionage. He also joined the Israeli army in 1973 at the time of the Yom Kippur War. I'm really just scratching the surface here. Cohen was an outstanding example of a pop star who pursued a secret career working for intelligence services - but there is a long tradition of this in the English speaking world going back to Elizabethan times.

There is a vetting process that ensures that people in the world of entertainment and media follow directives from the CIA and military. During the 1950s and 60s, the CIA famously went about taking over the media and publishing industries across North America, under a project known as Operation MOCKINGBIRD. The CIA director at the time boasted that every journalist and newsroom in America was under Agency control.

Louisa Ti said...
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Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Thank you, Ann. In memory of my mother, I'll post her declaration.

Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Ann, for the record, I didn't attempt to engage Gianelli - who acknowledged that he is Truth Teller on another site - in a conversation. He posted there noting that Cohen's default judgment is final. It is under appeal so I clarified that. Gianelli is not my foil. He has relentlessly harassed and targeted me, my sons, elderly parents, sister, brother-in-law, friends, colleagues, and witnesses for over eight years now. The man is clearly representing the interests of Leonard Cohen and has been for years now.

Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Ann, just a note about Gianelli's actions at this point. He has now written LAPD's TMU this morning with your comments. Gianelli has also posted, on Truth Sentinel, the IRS Tax Crime Manual and is attempting to argue why Cohen (and the corporations he controlled) were legally permitted to withhold the 1099 and K-1s. Gianelli used your comments to advise LAPD's stalking unit that he won the argument re. corporate tax matters, corporate accountings, corporate balance sheets, and corporate tax forms for the entities I have none of this information for. I've advised Marc Madero/LAPD's TMU that you are not a forensic accountant, corporate and/or tax lawyer, or someone in a position to advise anyone that Leonard Cohen was not obligated to provide this information and/or address his loans (totaling over $7 million from one entity alone) on those documents. That includes the federal tax returns have not been filed for these entities. I've also explained to Madero that he should review the corporate records, take a look at membership interests and distribution determinations, and keep in mind that the so-called checks include loans that were repaid years ago with interest, distributions for corporate tax issues, distributions for promissory note (as confirmed by Cohen personally), and so forth - and Cohen's personal tax and corporate lawyer prepared all of these documents. If you have a problem with corporations, membership interests, distributions in accordance with corporate records, deal with them when you have an ownership interest in a corporation. I will now remove the retaliatory proceedings re. the fraud domestic violence order to federal court as I am being threatened once again over federal tax compliance.

Stephen G

Stephen G

The IRS tax crimes handbook makes explicit that even IF someone owed you a 2004 tax year 1099, the statute of limitations for NOT providing it is 3-years from the date the 1099 (or other informational return) was due. That means by 2008 you had not right to demand it, let alone to vex, nettle, and harass Cohen/Kory for it, let alone by 2012, let alone in 2016 or 2017. For this and a multitude of additional reasons that you have closed your mind to, you will be convicted of all charges in the 17-count pending criminal complaint and be in jail (for a very long time) by Christmas. And yes, I know, you predict that me, and/or Kory or Rice will go to jail instead. HOWEVER, you and you alone are charged with 10-years worth of jail offenses and therefore you and you alone have that downside.

Kelley Lynch said...

The IRS didn't make it explicit. They advised me otherwise. You are lying online and elsewhere about these issues while continuing to harass me with your deranged emails. The case is being removed to federal court. You continue to quote Ann Diamond to LAPD's stalking unit. Be sure to mention Cohen's statements that he participated in CIA's MK Ultra but I was never mind controlled even if my family was in the military.

Louisa Ti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louisa Ti said...

can you explain this statement of yours?
" Leonard Cohen.....stole and sold Phil Spector's master tapes.."
Are you referring to the "Death of a Lady's Man"'s tapes? Or to tapes recorded by other artists? Did Leonard steal from Phil Spector's house? What for?
Honestly, I wish he had stolen the "Death of a Lady's Man" tapes to rearrange/remix the songs where his voice is DROWNED OUT BY SPECTOR'S WALL OF SOUND! Most of those on the album. If his estate had them, something could still be done about it.
Had he stolen the tapes I'm sure he would've re-recorded "Paper thin Hotel", where he sounds drunk and off key. By the way, the tune seems copied from an Italian song.
Only "Iodine" is up to standards: impressive arrangement and fabulous instrumentation.

Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

Hi Louisa, I can try to explain a statement of mine. Leonard Cohen and Phil Spector recorded "Death of A Lady's Man" in 1977. The contract required that all royalty payments be made to Phil Spector, not used to recoup Leonard Cohen's royalty account with CBS, and confirmed that Spector had ownership interest in the master tapes. I don't know how Cohen ended up coming in to possession of these master tapes. I can confirm that he did. I have Iron Mountain Storage inventories proving that which I have transmitted to certain authorities. And, I personally arranged for them to be baked and restored. At that time, I was unaware that Phil Spector owned the masters. A while back, Steven Machat spoke to Sony who confirmed that Cohen sold Phil Spector's masters. Machat negotiated the contract. Feel free to read this transcript of Steven Machat and my conversation about this and other matters. Machat confirmed that this transcript was accurate but noted that he wasn't clear that the "gardener" at Cohen's home, when he visited, was Robert Kory hiding in the bedroom. He met him years later and drew that conclusion.

I cannot explain why Leonard Cohen did anything. Obviously, he felt a sense of entitlement. I don't believe he would have re-recorded anything. As I've said, Cohen personally informed me that he grew to appreciate the Spector recordings. He was upset that Spector didn't invite to the mixing sessions. Cohen was drunken. Harvey Kubernik and others noted that Phil Spector was calm, focused and happy - no circus around him - and Cohen was guzzling tequilla from a bottle. Cohen in interviews confirmed that this was a dark period, he was flipped out, and also taking many types of elicit drugs. You can research that online yourself. I don't know about the tune being copied from anything.

Cohen actually loved "Memories." To each their own I suppose. In any event, this is all I know.

Ann Diamond said...

I think Cohen felt that, in the music business, he was dealing with gangsters - and therefore had to adopt their tactics. Which, in a way, makes as much sense as anything else.

Steven Gianelli, the Tale of A Stalker said...

I don't know about that, Ann. Those were the individuals I worked with for 20 years. I also worked on Cohen matters while with Machat & Machat. I found them to be entirely professional individuals and hard working. Cohen complained about not selling enough albums but one must tour, which he rarely did until the end, and promote one's work. It's a two way street.

Louisa Ti said...

He toured quite a lot, in Europe, from the period 1968 up to 1979 every year or every two years. He always promoted his albums extensively here in Europe. Where from what I'ver read from bios and others writings in the USA he did small clubs. I supopose that had to do with the audiences' demand.

Louisa Ti said...


Louisa Ti said...

I know I should ask Kelley these questions, but...
From the "Mistery Magical Tours" by Tony Bramwell, one can gather that Mr. Machat held Cohen in great esteem (while his son positively disliked him). Marty died without leaving any written documents to trace the Caymans secret current accounts of the people he managed (i.e. c/c numbers). Cohen apparently lost all his money, yet after a while he seemed to take his financial loss more philosophically. "What else is there to do?"
Yet, I'm inclined to think that, given the special rapport he enjoyed with Machat, Marty must have taken special provisions for him. His appointment of Kelley confirms me in this assumption. She might have been in the know about such financial details. What do you think?

Kelley Lynch said...

Louisa, are you referring to the bearer bonds Steven Machat has raised publicly? Why are you interested in these matters? What interests you about the Cayman Islands? Leonard Cohen had off-shore accounts in the Dutch Antilles. In any event, I don't see the relevance of these questions. Leonard Cohen didn't lose all his money from what I can tell. He has routinely lied about his finances and that includes the so-called retirement account that he borrowed/caused to be expended over $7 million that had to be repaid. Ann Diamond is not a forensic accountant, tax and/or corporate attorney, and is not in a position to assess anything - including Stephen Gianelli's fraudulent assertions - while willfully disregarding corporate books and records, agreements, membership interests, etc. It's not Ann Diamond's place to elect to disregard them.

I don't want to speak about Marty Machat's views on Leonard Cohen at the time of his death. I believe Steven Machat addressed that in the transcript I provided you of our conversation about many of these issues.

Kelley Lynch said...

I do believe Steven Machat has been clear publicly that he disliked Leonard Cohen. In fact, he has publicly stated that Leonard Cohen stole their share of Stranger Music, Inc., the intellectual property that entity owned, and withheld commissions do them. Machat has been quite clear about this fact which has nothing to do with me. Stephen Gianelli, who is Truth Teller, doesn't anything about these issues.

Kelley Lynch said...

Louisa, Leonard Cohen didn't hire me to assist him in unraveling his off-shore accounts, etc. He and Herschel Weinberg, his personal family lawyer, handled those matters. I handled the publishing contract elements, obtained new publishing deals, and that type of thing. In fact, Cohen told Billboard Magazine I was a blessing to him and his family and put his house in order which is factual. The rest is his defense to the allegations that he committed criminal tax fraud and the tactics he elected to employ. Are you alluding to the possibility that Machat has documents and/or Tony Bramwell? Is that your interest? It seems odd that a complete stranger would want information about off-shore accounts in the Cayman Islands.

Kelley Lynch said...

Louisa, are you getting your information from this interview with Devra Robaitaille where she mentions Apple Records and Bramwell? In any event, why would these issues - dating back decades - interest you and particularly about the Cayman Islands?


In his book ‘Magical Mystery Tours’, Tony Bramwell who oversaw Warner-Spector from the UK, claims that Spector wanted to set up the label to release everything. According to the book, Bramwell went to LA to crate Spector’s tapes up personally in his mansion and later ran them through tests in London, preparing a reissue campaign.

I hung out with Tony a lot during this and other visits. I also spent a lot of time on the phone with him once he was back in England on Phil’s behalf setting all this up. Tony was a really great guy. I feel privileged to have known him. There was another guy too, Malcolm. I don’t remember his last name. They were both gentlemen and the real deal. I hope they remember me kindly.

Li Lise said...

I'm a fan of Leonard's. An artist should enjoy the fruits of his work. Especially one like him, who was a "niche product" most of his life and never enjoyed huge record sales. I've always felt sorry that he had signed away "Suzanne" - his big hit -and a couple other songs and was only able to buy them back in 1987. Then, just after his comeback he goes and sell the rights to his songs again. Not a brilliant move! I know there are different type of publishing copyrights, so I only hope he didn't have to pay for playing "his" own songs during the 2008-2013 tours.

Li Lise said...

I have no "professional" interests or knowledge in these matters. I just find it shocking for someone like Marty Machat to die without leaving any means for his clients to trace their money. Most of them were able to do easily some more -in those days music was a huge business-but L.C. never had a huge market. Hopefully he wasn't hit by that incident.

Kelley Lynch said...

Li Lise, I assume you're Louisa. I never heard that Marty Machat died without people being able to trace their money. Cohen certainly traced his. He had it in off-shore accounts in the Dutch Antilles and a legal escrow account in NY. Therefore, I have no idea what you are referring to. I know Marty's clients and obviously spoke to them routinely after his death. You must have some other type of information. Don't be too shocked as I think you're mistaken. Cohen never signed away the rights to "Suzanne." He has publicly lied about this. I am familiar with all paperwork, ownership interests, and negotiated the buy-back. At no time was this mentioned by Cohen. As Machat noted, Cohen falsely accuses his representatives of ripping him to breach contracts and for other self-serving purposes. That's why Cohen elected to sell right to intellectual property. He had a comeback, realized the IP was more valuable, and was concerned about the future of the music industry. Didn't your mother ever tell you not to believe everything you read? That's particularly true when it comes to people with motive.

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