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Reportedly the now-famous photo of the little girl strapped down to a table under a sign saying STRAIN ALL URINE, first surfaced on a Japanese blog in 2008. I first saw it at Aangirfan blog, where it has been used repeatedly as an illustration of classified experiments done on children in the MKULTRA project.

When I first came across it in around 2010, I was shocked, as most people would be. I know children were subjected to this, and worse, by scientists funded by the CIA and governments. However I also questioned its authenticity. Where was the photo taken, and in what year? Who found it and how did they get hold of it? Does anyone know? Is it a real photo, from a real experiment, and if so, from which which program or MKULTRA subproject.

It's important to note that all records of experiments on children were destroyed by CIA chief Richard Helms in 1973. Although many victims have come forward recounting their experiences as children in this program, a huge effort has been made by all the institutions involved to hide or destroy any evidence, for obvious reasons. The biggest being, the possibility of a massive class action suit on behalf of the estimated hundreds of thousands of survivors.

Blogger and aerial photographer Ellen Atkin recently posted this image at her blog, alongside a photo of herself, possibly a school photo, in which she appears at "about eight years old in 1969 I  think there is no denying a certain physical resemblance. What's lacking are details to back it up, e.g. details about when and where this disturbing photo was taken.

The girl in the "Strain All Urine" photo appears to be eight to ten years old. MKULTRA ran from 1953-64..

Like several other survivors, Ellen grew up on the Canada-US border, an area where many similar classified programs operated in the 1950s and 60s. I have met women from that area of southern Ontario who claim they were trafficked across the border to laboratories and facilities in upstate New York, e.g. military bases with connections to Cornell University in Ithaca.

Joan Baez is a famous survivor of the Cornell mind control program. Another is the late Lynne Moss Sharman, whom I had the privilege of meeting and knowing briefly -- featured in a video posted at Aangirfan blog in 2008.

This is what a real survivor sounds like. She's not vying to be 'MKULTRA Girrrrl" -- the poster child in the photo.


The typewritten caption pasted in next to the STRAIN ALL URINE sign reads: "Unidentified white female between the age of 8 and 10 years old. The subject underwent 6 months of treatment using heavy doses of LSD, electroshock and sensory deprivation. Experiments under codename MKULTRA about early 60s. Subjects memory was erased and her brain is that of a newborn baby."

I don't know the source of the typewritten information, and I haven't tried analyzing the typeface to see if it is from a typewriter of the period, but the last line ("her brain is that of a newborn baby") suggests it could be from her 1960s medical file. If it is from written records, why would her name and date of birth not be included, along with the nature of the treatment? Why would she be called an "unidentified white female between the ages of 8 and 10." Why would her country of origin also be a mystery?

To me, this is reason to question the authenticity of this photo, or at least it raises the same issues mentioned above, re: its original source. Another problem is that the angle of the photo and the mask covering the lower part of the face, make it difficult to accurately compare the two faces.

Who took the photo? My best guess is, it was snapped by a nurse or orderly. Reportedly, temporary workers were hired to feed the laboratory children -- and ordered never to speak about what they saw. Some were forced to flee for their own safety.

Finally, what happens to an 8 year old child after her mind is wiped to that of a newborn baby? In the case of adult patients of Dr Cameron and others, they returned home unable to function, needing to be retrained to eat and use a toilet. So, where did that little girl go with her newborn brain? She would not have returned to her Grade Three class, or posed for a normal-looking school photo, and her school records would show an absence of many months. More than likely that brain-wiped child would have need 24/7 care in an institution.

Many children in these experiments ended up dead. Some, allegedly, went on to become 'mind controlled operatives', 'sleeper agents' and 'super soldiers.' Chances are, things did not turn well for the anonymous girl in the photo, but we will probably never know.


At about the same time this photo surfaced on the internet, I came into possession of a photo of a man in what appears to be a similar kind of experiment. This photo was captioned "McGill Hebb experiment, McGill 1951" and featured a man I suspect is Leonard Cohen. Some people disagree with me on that, but since Cohen also told me (and others including his ex-manager Kelley Lynch and her mother) he was in sensory isolation tanks in the MKULTRA program, and was an undergraduate at McGill in 1951, I think I'm justified in arguing it could very well be him.

I have another photo which someone sent me, which I believe is of Dr. Josef Mengele, in 1949, taken at a notorious Quebec City mental hospital where Duplessis orphans were incarcerated, abused, tortured and even killed in heinous medical experiments. For several reasons, I think it's Mengele -- but people at the Montreal Holocaust Centre laughed and shrugged when I showed them the image. In the first place it's too small for clear identification.

One person's photographic proof is someone else's cause for skepticism, or even ridicule.

In trying to prove that I, as a child, was taken to military bases and used in secret Cold War experiments, I've had to rely on all kinds of sources including:

my own fragmentary childhood memories

things I was told (and not told) by parents, relatives, and family friends as I was growing up

historical records that place my family and me at the centre of the MKULTRA project at McGill and around Montreal in the 1950s and 60s

a single file card (obtained with great difficulty from McGill's patient records department) stating my father was a Cameron patient in 1962

an emptied 'Psychiatry' file for me, dated 1955, i.e. age 3-4 which I was shown by McGill Records, but not allowed to keep. I was definitely hospitalized for 'Pneumonia' that winter, but no records exist for that hospitalisation during which my parents were told I 'nearly died.' By far the likeliest explanation is that my bout of pneumonia was the cover for slipping me into Dr. Cameron's secret LSD experiments on children, for which all records were later emptied, hidden, or destroyed.

my school records from 1958-59 (when I was in Second Grade) show I was absent for exactly 100 out of 200 school days) -- which was remarked on but never explained at the time. That was exactly when Cameron's subproject 68, involving drugs, hypnosis, ECT, and sensory isolation was at its height -- and there are CIA records to show that, which allude to "new research tools" he was using, probably children.

The following photos from our family album would appear to be about a year apart, possibly snapped en route to some kind of 'annual checkup.' I have been told that the destination was always a military base outside Montreal. It seems to me my parents were documenting these trips for some reason that they certainly never talked about to us while we were growing up.

I would be the first person to admit that the above list doesn't constitute proof in the legal sense and would probably not get me past the first interview with a lawyer -- and I have spoken about my case with Allan Stein, of Stein and Stein, who has successfully represented other survivors. He advised me not to pursue compensation, and showed me a thick file of letters he has received from dozens of people across Canada who were in programs similar to the most infamous one at McGill, as he explained why he was unable to help them.

It would be wonderful, in a way I suppose, if I had photos of myself lying on a table in a McGill experiment. I'm not 'MKULTRA Girl' but I have had flashbacks of being electro-shocked by a team of white-coated men. MKULTRA doctors and their military colleagues worked in secrecy and didn't leave many traces -- just scars on those who survived. The other children lie in unmarked graves.

I recently looked more closely at another photo of me, below -- taken in 1954 (the colour of the license plate is proof of the year). It's one of the series showing my brother and me at different ages, wearing different clothes, at various locations: always, apparently, in springtime in deserted roadside locations.

The interesting thing about this photo -- apart from my cute outfit (sturdy pants, probably overalls, worn under a spring coat) and innocent smile -- are the reflections clearly visible on the hood of the Ford Consul -- my dad was always a "Ford" man. On the left, a square-shouldered male figure in a fedora, which must be my father. On the right, not so visible, the photographer (probably my mother) who is getting me to pose. And also on the right, clear reflections of a flag flying in the wind, and some buildings: one of them low to the ground, the other with two storeys.

Yes, it definitely looks as if we've just arrived at the military base and are about to go inside, and my parents are recording the moment when I begin my career as a Cold War soldier, age three.

Meanwhile in 2004-6, while I was piecing together my family's story I was contacted by a group of psychics who , while knowing nothing about MKULTRA, demonstrated an astonishing ability to explore the program, via remote viewing. With no prompting from me, they described those long country drives from my childhood that ended at a military base south of Montreal. Then they went onto locate and talk to murdered children in the spiritual world, interview them, and in one session even read their 1960 files hidden in the catacombs under the Allan Memorial Institute. In the case of one little girl, strapped for months in a chair with electrodes in her skull, I was able later to find birth and death records for her in the Montreal archives. She also appears in a drawing by survivor Carol Rutz who was in experiments at the Allan that same year, 1960. Her dates of birth and death corresponded exactly with the information she provided to my team of remote viewers, and her death in 1963 at age 19 coincided exactly with the close of the program.

It's another piece of the puzzle. But proof? Proof is elusive, unless the missing records surface -- probably not in our lifetime.


The real MKULTRA girl is still alive and - even more interesting - has the proof including childhood school photos which demonstrate with no shadow of a doubt that her facial features and even clothing perfectly match that of the child in the photo down to the smallest detail.

Not only that, but the other woman - who wants to remain anonymous - knows real facts about this photo, including exactly where and when it was taken. Perhaps a more disturbing detail is that the real MKULTRA girl was born into an elite American extended family with all the pedigrees connecting them to Deep State military interests and also US government reaching all the way to the State Department, powerful generals, and the White House.

Ellen Atkin aka MkultraGirl has a blog at where she continues claiming to be the child in the photo.She also has a page devoted to outing me as her main Cyberstalking troll.  She disallows comments so there is nowhere to respond. Meanwhile. anyone can comment on my blog -- in fact I would welcome a response from Ellen.
I truly wish she and the REAL MkUltraGirl would exchange emails and photos and come to a consensus based on real evidence.

Meanwhile, recently hospital records have surfaced proving that both Ellen's parents were patients of Dr Cameron at the Allan Memorial in the 1960s - making her eligible for compensation if the class action lawsuit is successful.

Since my family were also targeted by the monstrous Allan Memorial MKULTRA program, I completely sympathize with what it must have been like for Ellen to grow up (in Ontario) with two Cameron patients as parents.  We're now familiar with the stories of Montreal families who went through this nightmare, but much less is known about other families across Canada.

Facts matter. Details matter. Stories matter. There were thousands of victims. We all need to come together and make this horror story known to the world.


Ann Diamond said...

I was hoping to get a discussion going with blogger Ellen Atkin, but instead today I got an email demanding that I take her image down from my blog or face having my entire blog deleted. In her email she also stipulated that I not mention her name anywhere, but in an apparent contradiction, demanded that I post a link to her blog (which I already had, right at the top there.)

Meanwhile I've edited the text, which I hope makes it clearer.

While searching for a replacement of the "Strain All Urine" photo (which I was unable to find the other day, so I ended up using Ellen's), I came across this interesting post from Aangirfan:

If you scroll down to the comments section, you'll see some posts by Zoompad, who says that the girl in the photo looks just like HER and describes her spooky memories of growing up in Birmingham, England.

I would guess she and Ellen are not alone.

I want to reiterate that I am persuaded by Ellen's recent interview at Wolf Spirit Radio, and by details she has told me, that she was part of some MKULTRA-like program as a child. I'd like her to write about that, sometime. I think it would be helpful, not just to her, but to others whose childhoods were marred by these secrets. The Aangirfan article above provides a good overview. As we sift through the circumstances, we're getting closer to an understanding of how All This Worked.

Sharing information is the key to freeing ourselves, and the world, from the rule of Secrecy.

Ann Diamond said...


I must admit, this is getting weirder. According to Ellen, I'm now a "self-proclaimed survivor" and in the interview I can be caught making "Masonic hand signals" as I constantly interrupt Ellen's profound revelations with my boring information and story telling.

Ellen is taking centre stage by calling on all Targeted Individuals to unite and use their "fire hose" to eliminate "the bats" -- dark forces in our world which were revealed to her by the Holy Spirit which she is channeling.

She and her soul sister, Laura Cross, have taken control of the US military and ordered all alphabet agencies to stand down in preparation for a major revelation which is coming this week.

It sounds like these two female warriors are about to overthrow the Matrix. I can't wait for their movement to grow - last time I looked, their video podcast had 37 views.

You can read all about the coming shift at

Ann Diamond said...

TEXT as of February 6, 2016 chez Ellen's blog

I'm quoting it here as it appears to be changing:


Decoding Disclosure, Ascension and the 2nd Coming: outing the fraudsters
(from rawtravelling)

After assimilating the awareness of MK ultra girl into my life, it should be no surprise to anyone who knows me. People who don't know me and want to accuse me of defaming the girl in the picture should really be looking at their own words and whom they are defaming and why.

My mother was in the sleep program in Montreal at the Allen Memorial hospital at McGill in the 50's. Her video clip showed up in a movie called State of Mind- the psychology of control. How did the producers get the footage? I don't know. They would not respond to me. That includes James Lane, several other writers, Alex Jones and his office through several means and several attempts.

My father was schizophrenic at 16, my brother died in an unverified outdoor accident when he was 19 and my sister went crazy at 16 and wound up spending 10 years in a mental hospital. I mean, hello? What kind of person would stifle my story as I am trying to uncover it? No no, nothing to see here, keep moving on...

So how do we expose the numerous disinfo fraudsters? Who is aware of what they are doing? Who is programmed and unaware? Who is programmed and aware? ....

The internet is a sham. It will end by the end of this shut down. I am declaring it. One of the differences between my information and the nutters' (and the well intended softly programmed) is that I have a goal and I state it. If there is no goal, no identification and no copyright on the material on the web just toss it out.
I, Ellen Atkin am a photographer. ....If I can stand out and speak out against the entire establishment and all alternative news providers, then anyone can. So whomever is hiding now is not worth reading. We can help you decode. Learn to hear the truth. Learn how to recognize a lie. It is so easy, you will wonder why you were so easily taken in before.

For example, here we have an article that has been reprinted uncredited 3 times (discovered with a few minutes of minor sleuthing) within the last 3 years. Where did it come from? Who wrote it? Why is it being tossed around the internet by bloggers on the subject of mkultra? What does that say about the validity of the information?"


Ann Diamond said...


The blogger, Ellen Atkin, goes on to list three very good sites that have published articles exposing MKULTRA. What's wrong with these sites, or these articles? Apparently, the fact that these sites are publishing valuable information which is being shared over the internet, makes them them suspect. She refers to them and others as "nutters"

If we try to 'decode' Ellen's own claims, we run into a serious reality disconnect.

She offers two photos, taken from the internet, as 'proof' that her family were 'poster children' for MKULTRA. I've already explained why the 'Strain all Urine" photo dates back to a time before Ellen was born - therefore cannot be Ellen. The still photo from the documentary could be of any screaming, dark-haired woman and in fact does not even resemble the photo of Ellen's mother from her blog.

The facts that her father was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 16, her brother died mysteriously outdoors at age 19, while and her sister has been a life-long mental patient with a history of violence -- suggest a life of extreme tragedy, but are not proof that the family was in MKULTRA. All these events happened outside the period when the project was running (1953-64) --

Only her mother's (documented) history as a patient of Dr. Cameron, really connects the family to MKULTRA, along with thousands of other Canadians.

To be fair, MKULTRA did likely move from Montreal to southern Ontario (Toronto, London, Hamilton, Guelph) in the early 1960s, but I'm the main source of that theory, which I based on anecdotal evidence. I havent even written about it anywhere because it's so anecdotal -- nevertheless I'm convinced it's true.

So Ellen's belief that she and her family were MKULTRA, or involved in a program that came to Ontario later, i.e. mid-60s, is unproven but may be true.

Her photographic evidence, on the other hand, is not just flimsy -- it's bogus.

As I've said elsewhere, why would anyone WANT to be the child in that photo, who likely ended up a vegetable for the rest of her life?

I'm still waiting for Ellen to explain that.

Unknown said...

well that was something

London Barracks said...

Stop trying to use your blogs to become famous or as a means of self-promotion. Both of you should be ashamed of yourselves for so selfishly attempting to lay claim as sole experts in regards to such a serious problem, a problem that still exists to this very day.

Look, these type of experimental practices are being employed by numerous psychiatric institutions in southern Ontario. 2013 is when the new type of mind control operation began to hit on all cylinders here in southern Ontario. Windsor and London are being used for complex operations aimed at programming human minds, it has been since the end of the mk ultra project at McGill university in Montreal Quebec.

No, some self-proclaimed survivor/expert is not the only person who has knowledge of the happenings here in southern Ontario. Anyways, who cares if you're the first person to expose this? Are you people actually survivors of mind control? Sorry, but as a REAL survivor of this current operation, I have to question your motive here.

Ann Diamond said...

Dear London Barracks
I'm sorry you went through this torture. I know Windsor and London are programming centres, since the end of the McGill MKULTRA project. York University and also the University of Guelph became centres as well. There are many survivors, and many have no idea they were even in these programs. If you were in the current operation, feel free to share. 'Self-promotion' is a side effect of blogging, not the 'motive' --

Ontario, with its Masonic infrastructure, has been the ideal environment for mind control experimentation to continue and proliferate under the radar. Before that can change, people like you need to come forward with their true stories.

Unfortunately in Canada many seem to be afraid.

Terry Parker Jr. said...

Still under damage control and concealment, is the exploitation of epileptic children for unauthorized covert lobotomy and brain implant experimentation at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children. I was there in 1969, when my mother and other parents of epileptic children were only informed of "scar tissue removal", as to treat epilepsy. After the operation, seizures are worst, and one discovers that their child was exploited for unauthorized lobotomy and brain implant research. All which adds up to covert Manchurian Candidate developmental research, according to The Mind Stealers by Samuel Chavkin and The Mind Manipulators by Alan Scheflin. Neurosurgeon Dr. Harold Joseph Hoffman is noted fro having 15,741 children under his care between 1964-1998. It would be fair to suggest that anywhere between 20-75%, were subjected to covert top secret brain surgical research. (3-10,000 children) In a just and humane country, brain surgery for epilepsy, should be illegal. Brain surgery is no church picnic, it's nothing more than life time torture and suffering.

Ann Diamond said...

Thanks, Terry -- you and thousands of other children who were subjected to torture in hospitals deserve compensation. Because there are actual records of these experiments, naming patients, procedures and doctors, you should have a much better chance at getting recognition - but the medical establishment operates as a law unto itself.

And then there are the ultra-classified programs for which there are no existing records -- and in which child subjects' memories were erased by various drugs and electroshock -- leaving a blank and sometimes even the semblance of "normal life" --

I have heard the CIA recently released documents on its secret experiments on "gifted children" including those with clairvoyance and other special abilities. I have yet to see any of these documents. I do know that massive funding and effort went into covering up the program, over decades, and that also is ongoing. McGill University hired a fulltime professor whose main job is obfuscating the records and possibly even helping to find and remove whatever remains of proof.

It can be damaging to one's reputation even to claim that this program existed, or could have existed. So survivors have an uphill battle to fight, without also in-fighting -- but there has to be evidence to back up claims.

Oddly, I received an email recently from another woman who claims to be the little girl in the "Strain All Urine" photo. She wants her story to be confidential, so I can't reveal details, except to say that she has shown convincing photographic evidence that would probably convince a forensic team. At the same time, like many MKULTRA victims, she has no memory, just a missing year from the time when she was about the same age as the little girl in the photo. She comes from a highly-placed military family and also has relatives who are practicing Satanists, and her family has ostracized her since she began recovering memories and asking questions. I tend to believe her, because her stories are consistent and detailed, and fit the profile of an American MKULTRA survivor with connections to the aerospace community.

There were hundreds of thousands of children who were involved, in one way or the other, and each story is important. Maybe one day the weight of evidence will be enough to change the minds of the public!

AJ said...

Your ID of the girl is incorrect. The nose and lips and age are different. Location is also wrong

Ann Diamond said...

I haven't ID'ed the girl in the "Strain All Urine" photo -- who I don't think is Ellen Atkin, although there's a resemblance but I agree, the nose and lips are different, and Ellen's face appears to be longer. Someone else claiming to be that child recently contacted me, but wants to remain anonymous.

Zoompad said...


I just want to clear up, I wasn't claiming to be the little girl, I simply said the little girl looked like me, as I did at that age.

I was put into a Pindown home Chadswell Assessment Centre, it was being run by pimps, I was there for running away from being abused by my brother.

My brother told me a few years later - I thought at the time he was trying to make excuses for what he had done,he told me hed been abducted by aliens, and that I had too, and that they did experiments on him, he called them greys, that really upset me, I told him I'd have remembered something like that happening, I was really upset at the time, I thought he was making up a ridiculous story. But now I've changed my mind and believe he was trying to tell me the truth.

When I was very young I remember having really horrific dreams and headaches. It was as if the walls were racing towards me, and the cute little animals on the wallpaper were coming to life. I must have been 3 or 4 years old. It was as if I was having an LSD trip. My dad was in the RAF, he did his National Service, and we lived about 4 miles from a military base in Beaconside, Stafford, 16 MU.

Like you, I'm still trying to find out the full truth of what happened to me as a child. The police have tried to pressurise me into taking my brother to court for abusing me but I never will, as I think my brother was also abused, and although that doesn't excuse what he did to me, it means I'm not going to scapegoat my brother, that wouldn't be right.

I hope that clears things up. I know that's not a photo of me, I never pretended it was, it just reminds me of myself, and there's some crafty people trying to cover all these things up, my God, please don't let them!

Zoompad said...

My dad told me that there were Satanists in the RAF, and they tried to get him to join in an occult awakening of the dead, and Dad refused, he said he didn't want anything to do with any of that creepy stuff. Dad didn't like churches, it wasn't that he hated Jesus, he just didn't like religion, and he never told me why. It's funny, it's like there was a kind of innocence when I was growing up, yet there was filthy stuff going on all round and we were being mocked. For example, we had the radio on on Sundays, Round the Horne, I've listened to some of it recently, they were actually talking about gay sex on Sunday afternoons, this stuff was heard by children all over the UK, yet it went right over our heads because it was in gay sailor language. It's like they were laughing at our naivety. My dad didn't understand it, he would have been furious if he'd realised what they were saying.

Keep searching for the truth, keep putting the jigsaw pieces together, Jesus said the truth will set us free, the wicked ones hate the truth. I'm not that little girl in the photo, I'm a similar girl, how many of us were hurt as children? My dad had some creepy colleagues in the RAF, and Satanism was being practiced in the RAF in the late 40s early 50s.

Ann Diamond said...

Hi Zoompad - glad to see you here. I didn't mean to say you were claiming to be the little girl in the photo - only that many probably identify with her. The woman who wrote to me a while back had a US Air Force background with some highly-placed family members in the military and government. This is one of the repeating patterns, when you listen to survivors' stories -- with "alien abduction" experiences also coming up often. This was one way to trick and confuse children and deflect responsibility onto non-human actors. I suppose Satanism could also be a screen memory of some sort -- although I believe Satanic ritual abuse is real and widespread. I also think cults use all kinds of threats and incentives to induce people to join and cooperate - including the threat of death or harm to loved ones.

My Air Force father also became a resister and did his best to protect his family -- or so I believe. I think he felt he was risking his life, at times, because many of his colleagues were involved in this tangled web which never made sense to me until I started reading about MKULTRA - then all the pieces came into focus and I understood my life as an adult living under a form of surveillance that was necessary so the perps could preserve the "secrets of their success" -- We live in a corrupt world where blackmail rules.

I also had LSD-like hallucinations as a child, and I now think my father was unwittingly giving us a special "tonic" at night that brought on these terrifying experiences, including distortions of time, space, and sound. My twin brother also had them, but we were afraid to tell our parents.

I also have memories of a special "summer school" we attended in Toronto in July of 1959 -- we drove there from Montreal. I remember arriving at the home of relatives who offered us their house while they vacationed in the UK. I also remember the night we drove home, with my dad in a paranoid state. The rest of that month, including the 'summer school" is a total blank, except for one morning when I woke up with blood-stained panties, and my mother took me to see a doctor who suggested i might be menstruating early (I was 8). My brother remembered going to see Disney's SNOW WHITE - a programming film - during that trip. I think the summer school had to be about mind control.

AJ said...

It was at Aberdeen PG not Canada

Ann Diamond said...


APG is the U.S. Army's oldest active proving ground, established on October 20, 1917, six months after the U.S. entered World War I.[1][2] Its location allowed design and testing of ordnance materiel to take place near contemporary industrial and shipping centers. The proving ground was created as a successor to the Sandy Hook Proving Ground, which was too small for some of the larger weapons being tested. At the peak of World War II, APG had billeting space for 2,348 officers and 24,189 enlisted personnel.
Edgewood Arsenal

Although civilian contractors produced the major fraction of conventional munitions for World War I, the United States government built federally owned plants on Aberdeen Proving Ground for the manufacture of toxic gas. These poison gas manufacturing facilities came to be known as Edgewood Arsenal. Edgewood Arsenal included plants to manufacture mustard gas, chloropicrin and phosgene, and separate facilities to fill artillery shells with these chemicals. Production began in 1918, reached 2,756 tons per month, and totaled 10,817 tons of toxic gas manufactured at Edgewood Arsenal before the November 1918 armistice. Some of this gas was shipped overseas for use in French and British artillery shells.[3]

The Edgewood area of Aberdeen Proving Ground is approximately 13,000 acres (5,300 ha). The Edgewood area was used for the development and testing of chemical agent munitions. From 1917 to the present, the Edgewood area conducted chemical research programs, manufactured chemical agents, and tested, stored, and disposed of toxic materials.[4]
Main article: Edgewood Arsenal human experiments

From 1955 to 1975, the U.S. Army Chemical Corps conducted classified medical studies at Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland. The purpose was to evaluate the impact of low-dose chemical warfare agents on military personnel and to test protective clothing and pharmaceuticals. About 7,000 soldiers took part in these experiments that involved exposures to more than 250 different chemicals, according to the Department of Defense (DoD). Some of the volunteers exhibited symptoms at the time of exposure to these agents but long-term follow-up was not planned as part of the DoD studies.[5]

The agents tested included chemical warfare agents and other related agents:[5]

Anticholinesterase nerve agents (Agent VX, sarin, and common organophosphorus (OP) and carbamate pesticides)
Mustard agent
Nerve agent antidotes atropine and scopolamine
Nerve agent reactivators (e.g., the common OP antidote 2-PAM chloride)
Psychoactive agents (LSD, PCP, cannabinoids, and Agent BZ)
Irritants and riot control agents
Alcohol and caffeine

During the week of July 14, 1969, personnel from Naval Applied Science Laboratory in conjunction with personnel from Limited War Laboratory conducted a defoliation test along the shoreline of Poole's Island, Aberdeen Proving Ground using Agent Orange and Agent Orange Plus foam.[6]

The Gunpowder Meetinghouse and Presbury Meetinghouse located within the grounds of Edgewood Arsenal are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[7]

AJ said...

Right track now.

Ann Diamond said...

A class action suit has been launched in Montreal (subject to court approval) by families and victims of government brainwashing during the Cameron years (1943-1964) at McGill University's Allan Memorial Institute.Anyone interested in joining the class action suit for victims of Canadian government brainwashing, can apply for patient records by emailing

theindividual21 said...

High profile targeted individual reveals all by exposing FBI and U.S. Government misdeeds…

Terry Parker Jr. said...

Just a update on my previous comment. While these 43 unauthorized metallic implants in the cerebral cortex, correlate with various theories, this diagram of a left temporal lobe brain tissue in my medical records, raises further question of being a unwitting recipient of unauthorized covert brain tissue transplant, when my Cat scan X-rays demonstrate foreign brain tissue in the resected areas, secured by 43 metallic implants in the cerebral cortex. Here's the kicker, as to why all the secrecy and concealment, surrounding this experiment Dec.9,1969. The only person on the planet, whose left temporal lobe brain tissue is unaccounted for, is former President, Mr. JFK. This adds up, considering the secrecy, and weird dreams that correlate with JFK's memories.

alphadog1 said...

Hi. The photo of the girl in the mkultra program was part of the documents released to the US Senate in the 1970s, during hearings. They are genuine records of the disgusting human experiments performed by the cia on innocents. It is a genuine photograph, and was published in both publicly released congressional records and freedom of information act requests by an author who penned a book about this vile program.

Ann Diamond said...

Thanks, alphadog1 -- yes, I believe the photo is genuine. I didnt know its original source in the released congressional records. Was the author who made the FOIA request John Marks (The Making of the Manchurian Candidate)?

Ann Diamond said...

Ellen Atkin has a new blog at

She writes: "Since I went public with my finding in 2016, with my first radio interview with Laura Cross on Wolf Spirit Radio on January 10th, I have helped steer this public discourse in a firmer direction.

In Dec. of 2017 a class action lawsuit got public attention and my story also got more attention. This lawsuit involves compensating the families of the victims of the Allan Memorial Division of the Royal Victoria Hospital at the University of McGill in Montreal Canada. My mother was a patient of the famous Dr. Ewan Cameron who headed up the whole human guinea pig operation."

There are several problems with Ellen's campaign, which is all about self-promotion and turning herself into the poster girl for MKULTRA survivors:

1. There are no records for Emma Jane Crunican at the McGill University Hospital Centre archives, i.e. no proof she was ever a Cameron patient.

2. Ellen's father is not the crippled boy in the wheelchair shown talking with doctors in a Quebec hospital ca. 1948 -- even if he was living in Quebec at the time, he would have been sent to an English hospital. Ellen lifted this photo from my blog.

3. Ellen Atkin is NOT the girl in the photo captioned "STRAIN ALL URINE" - this photo was taken in the US, not Canada. I have forensic photographic proof that the girl was an American child from a military family.

Ellen Atkin has to stop masquerading as a MKULTRA survivor on borrowed evidence and a stolen identity.

Ann Diamond said...


I think Ellen truly believes she is the girl in the photo she uses at her site- and which has gone viral. It was widespread even before she attached her name to it. I never went along with her fantasy based on what I knew of the MKULTRA program and the thousands of children involved in it across North America - which reduced Ellen's chances of being that child to what? Maybe 1 in 1000 even without taking into account the extremely low angle of the photo, and some clear differences in facial structure that eliminated her from the get go...

But Ellen thinks she is that girl, and believes it so much she has a whole website and career based on it. Which is what I call "going out on a limb" -

However Ellen has some interesting friends who took up her cause without asking for proof, and one podcast led to another, so here we are.

Unfortunately for just about everyone who goes along with this story, the real MKULTRA girl is still alive and - even more interesting - has the proof including childhood school photos which demonstrate with no shadow of a doubt that her facial features and even clothing perfectly match that of the child in the photo down to the smallest detail.

Not only that, but the other woman - who understandably wants to remain anonymous - knows real facts about this photo, including exactly where and when it was taken. Which Ellen Atkin does not since she was nowhere near these secret military locations in Maryland.

Perhaps a more disturbing detail is that the real MKULTRA girl was born into an elite American extended family with all the pedigrees connecting them to Deep State military interests and also US government reaching all the way to the State Department, powerful generals, and the White House...

So these are not people you want to toy with imho. You don't want to annoy these kinds of powerful folks by pretending to be their daughter or auntie or second cousin who was sold by members of their family to be drugged and abused in a classified experiment from the 1960s -

Unless you're Ellen Atkin. Then you do.

I've shared the proof with Julie Gold whose only comment was "If Ellen believes she is that girl, then why not just let her think so?"

What could possibly go wrong?

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Unknown said...

Hi, I just ran across your article after discovering mkultragirl while researching an extortion ring that seems to be running inside the mkultra conspiracy world. My family has been affected by this extortion ring, thus my interest.

Now let me tell you what I found. I found o e of the ringmembers has a Blogtalk podcast show where she does "forensic psychic readings" on open murder cases. Classic pulp-fiction grifter stuff. But when I put this grifter's name in search, a string of links to came up with a Blogtalk show about the death of Isaac Kappy in the Google listing for that domain. But it was even in domain pages from 2017, and Kappy died just recently in 2019. The grifter attacks people by making outlandish SRA claims and she chooses people from the news of unresolved deaths: suspicious suicides, murders, etc. Again, typical grifter activity. But there was also the name of a notorious Youtube conspiracy personality in the listings and the mkultragirl articles, which had nothing to do with the Kappy Death headline, were all about other known cohorts of this notorious Youtube conspiracy-pusher. I want to post a link to the video I did, but I don't want to be rude. My email now is truthconvoy at gmail. Please get in touch with me.

Ann Diamond said...

Hi Truth Convoy

Posting your link here for now
I have already shared it with a few people and at my Facebook group.

Someone else told me about your video re: this "grifter scam" -- I dont understand all the background or the real estate angle, but I can see it's a cult and at the moment they are trying to drive traffic to Mkultragirl -- who recently boasted "I am the AI" -- they're attempting to discredit and drown out real survivors and truth tellers with this bullshit fake MKULTRA scam (as you say) and so far it seems to be working. Even the class action lawsuit group has bought into it.

Ann Diamond said...

Unknown: please check your FB Messenger for new messages from me (Ann Diamond)

Ann Diamond said...

Ellen Atkin continues to solicit donations for her new dedicated Mkultragirl website based on a stolen photograph, false information and manipulated Google placement. The "proof on the table" reveals she is a fraud.

She also has posted false statements about Ann Diamond (you need a password to read them - I'll bet she's swamped with requests).

She claims to have "organic hits" on Google but most come from fraudulent links posted by lightwarrior73 who runs an internet-based extortion ring according to Denise Matteau at Truth Convoy.

Using another person's image for financial gain is close to identity theft and therefore a felony.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your link to my video. What is going on in Youtube is that more and more people are able to freely examine and discard the mkultra urban legends while confronting the grifter scams. There are new developments, so I hope you don't mind me posting a link to a more recent video in which I get into the dynamic of this grifter group.

Unknown said...

Well, the link is not working. My channel is Truth Convoy and the video is "Deep Web Marketing..." and it goes into the way this grouo uses blogs and social interactions to pull people into direct participation with the grifter business. The way the real estate thing works is that they get someone angry enough to make "mkultra" style accusations and then they put liens on the person's asserts while they fight in Court.

Unknown said...

I Don't use Facebook anymore. I stick completely to my youtube channel and email.